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Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)
Zoom Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)

Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)

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Invoke the blessings of the nine celestial bodies by lighting EK's all-natural navagraha dhoop cones, as prescribed in the scriptures of Indian tradition. These are made with 100% organic ingredients and hand-rolled by women artisans for your wellness.

Ektaa R Kapoor

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Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)

Product Highlights

Experience the positive impact of the nine celestial bodies in your life with EK's navagraha dhoop cones. Each cone is hand-rolled by women artisans using 100% natural ingredients. This pack of 9 contains 135 charcoal-free cones. There are specific dhoop cones to be lit on specific days to invoke the goodness of the 9 celestial bodies.

  1. Ravi (Sunday) dhoop
    Made of organic ingredients such as lotus, red sandalwood, and rose, the Ravi dhoop gives you clarity of thought and positive vibes.
  2. Chandra (Monday) dhoop
    It is made of white lotus, white chandan, honey, and other organic materials. The Chandra dhoop aids the treatment of several ailments and boost overall wellbeing.
  3. Mangal (Tuesday) dhoop
    This dhoop helps alleviate several illnesses and stress. It is made of 100% natural ingredients such as deodar, red sandalwood, natural herbs, and more.
  4. Budha (Wednesday) dhoop
    The Budha dhoop boosts overall health & wellbeing and especially improves respiratory function. It is made from a combination of kesar kasturi, sandalwood, halmandi, and other organic ingredients.
  5. Guru (Thursday) dhoop
    This dhoop is made from cinnamon, turmeric, mogra, champa, and other natural ingredients. It is known to reduce conflicts and promote peace.
  6. Shukra (Friday) dhoop
    Known to invoke creativity, this dhoop is crafted using white chandan, lotus, mogra, jasmine, and several other organic ingredients.
  7. Shani (Saturday) dhoop
    This dhoop aids your spiritual journey and helps you focus better. It is crafted using urad, mustard oil, iron powder, jaggery, and other natural materials.
  8. Rahu (daily) dhoop
    This dhoop helps reduce the negative effects of the planet Rahu and brings in positive energy. It is crafted using turmeric, red sandalwood, honey, anant mool root, natural herbs, and other organic ingredients.
  9. Ketu (daily) dhoop
    This dhoop is made from mustard oil, white chandan, madaar samidha, camphor, and several other organic ingredients. It is known to enhance productivity and promote a meditative state of being.

  1. Content- Dhoop Sticks Pack of 9 (5 Pcs Per Pack)
  2. Colour- Lt.Brown
  3. Material- Home Fragrance
  4. Dimensions - 28 cm x 16 cm x 2.5 cm
  5. Weight - gm

Care Instructions

1. Keep away from abrasives
2. Wipe them with a wet cloth to clean them
3. Keep under the sun for drying if required

Navagrah Dhoop

Navagraha are the nine celestial bodies in the Cosmos that are believed to have a significant impact in our lives. They are Ravi (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Buddha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu, and Ketu.  Each graha or planet affects us differently, and Indian Vedic scriptures have recommended a lifestyle that is aligned with the movement of the celestial bodies. The Navagraha Dhoop from EK includes Dhoop sticks for specific days, so you can invoke the goodness of the 9 celestial bodies to elevate your life and to boost your overall health and wellness.  

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Gaura Sharma (Mumbai, IN)

Loved the fragrances.

Dipali Kapoor (Gurgaon, IN)


Shrestha Rath

Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)

Anuradha Karale (Pune, IN)

Navagraha Wellness Pack - 100% Natural Dhoop Pack of 9 (1 month)

Navjot Sandhu (Jalandhar, IN)
Very good product

The fregrance is very good

Significance of Navagraha in our lives

As per Vedic Astrology, 9 celestial bodies Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn,  Rahu and Ketu are combinedly known as Navagrahas. Rahu and Ketu are referred to as Chaya Grahas or Shadow Planets, whereas the previous seven are tangible forms. According to its placement on our birth charts, each planet has an impact on our life. The great rishis, sages, and saints even worship the navagraha, who are also regarded as demi-gods. The zodiac sign that each of these planets is in has an impact on their effects.

The fundamental tenet of astrology is that everything in the universe, from the smallest particles to the greatest, is affected by celestial beings, including human beings. For instance, earth's oceans experience tides as a result of the Moon's gravitational attraction.

Each Navagraha affects our lives in various ways such as:

Sun (Surya)

It is the most supreme and powerful among all Navagrahas. The Sun-god Surya, also known as Ravi, is positioned in the centre facing east alongside the other planets and is regarded as the ruler of other planets (Grahapati). It represents paternal relationships, soul, top officials, willpower, or a king. 

Moon (Chandra)

As Sun is the King of the Navagrahas, Moon is considered as the Queen. The placement of the Moon in the horoscope has a significant impact on a person's mental stability and well-being. It is known to represent the mind, feminine nature, beauty, and happiness.

Mars (Mangal) 

Considered as the commander in astrology, the planet stands for vitality, bravery, younger siblings, the armed services, leaders and men in high positions, as well as for metallurgy, and surgery. The planet is in charge of the body's circulatory, muscular, and nose-and-forehead systems.

Mercury (Buddha)

Known as the Prince of among all Navagrahas, Mercury or Budh influences things like logic, fast actions, and intelligence. As a result, someone with a strong mercury influence is known to be knowledgeable and skilled in areas such as research, communication, poetry, logic, statistics, and mathematics.

Jupiter (Guru)

The planet has its relations with children, also known as the Guru of Gods, this Navagraha stands for wisdom, knowledge and spirituality, integrity, restraint, tradition, and culture. The unfortunate placement of Jupiter can result in diabetes, piles, tumours, liver dysfunction, blood cancer, gout, and other conditions. The planet is in charge of the arteries, kidney, liver fat, thighs, and flesh (1).

Venus (Shukra) 

Unlike Jupiter being the Guru of Gods, Venus is known as the Guru of Demons. He is the source of material prosperity and fortune which impacts on pleasure, potency and happiness.

Saturn (Shani) 

Saturn, also known as Shani Graha, is a chaotic and problematic deity who is always dreaded. By virtue of his influence and place in the planetary system, he can make or ruin fortunes. He represents suffering, loss, and ageing.

Rahu and Ketu both are not physical planets but they depict powerful energies. 


Also called the northern lunar node, the earth and the universe are represented by this planet, which stands for expansiveness. Rahu can therefore have an impact on one’s activities like travelling and learning new languages.


Known as the southern lunar node, this Navagraha stands for penance, seclusion, abstinence, and austerity. Ketu is a symbol for karmic collections, both good and negative, spirituality, and paranormal forces in Vedic astrology.

How to Seek the Blessings of Navagraha

The Havan Shanti and Navagraha Pooja are performed to counteract any unfavourable astrological effects caused by the above-mentioned nine planets. 

If the placement of the Grahas (planets) in your Kundali or horoscope is unfavourable, then to please the Nine grahas, or planetary deities, the Navagraha puja is performed.

By performing Navagraha Pooja, a person might gain the necessary power to get over his challenges and find relief. Additionally, this Navagraha Pooja fosters advancement, success in endeavours, happiness in life, riches, and other positive traits.

Invoke the Blessings of all Navagrahas with EK’s Navagraha Wellness Pack 

EK’s 100% natural Navgrah Shanti Incense Cones pack of 9 is traditionally handmade by rural women artisans with ancient Vedic herbs to bring you wellness. Lightning these navgraha dhoop on specific days i.e. (Monday to Sunday) has a great impact on your mental and physical well-being. The aroma of organic dhoop works wonders in de-stressing and rejuvenating the atmosphere in your house. The soothing fragrance of EK’s natural dhoop cones lets you perform yoga and meditation with a calm and relaxed mind. Buy dhoop online from EK and bring in the positivity and invoke the blessings of all the Navagraha’s. 

Why Choose EK

EK by Ekta R Kapoor brings you the authentic and original collection of the best home decor, ethnic wear, dining, copperware, brassware, and incense, all having its roots from traditional India. 

Just as our Navagraha Shanti incense cones bring in positivity to your space by relaxing mind, body and soul, our home decor essentials such as bedsheets, cushion covers, linen and dohar online fill your home with euphoria and delight. 

Our amazing ethnic wear collection comprises of kurta, dupatta and pants for women who love to lift themselves with grace on every occasion. Available in various prints such as Charbagh, Keri and Siyahi, our 100% cotton ethnic wear lets you slay your look everytime you wear them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Nava Graha affect your life?

Yes, the placement of each navagraha in our horoscope either has positive or negative effects on our lives. Performing Navagraha puja can bring your health, happiness, wellness and prosperity. 

What is the difference between dhoop and agarbatti?

The fundamental distinction between dhoop sticks and incense sticks is that the former emits a more lingering smell while the latter produces more potent smoke.

Does Dhoop purify air?

Dhoop is also recognised for refreshing and purifying the air, which calms the surroundings. Dhoop burning is thought to bring luck, wealth, and happiness.

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