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Handpicked wellness gifts that your brother would love


Handpicked wellness gifts that your sister would love

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Rakhi : A Celebration of Sacred Brother-Sister Bond

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with considerable grandeur among Hindu families, especially in India, as a token of protection and affection between siblings. The celebration, also known as Rakhi, is very similar to Bhai Dooj in terms of its spirit and feeling, with the exception that during Raksha Bandhan, the ceremonial Rakhi is tied on the wrists of the siblings.

It's a time-honoured protective ritual, the best present siblings can offer to each other, and it honours the unbreakable tie that exists between them.

Interesting Stories behind Rakshabandhan

India is a country with a rich legacy and diverse culture, and it is proud of its several festivals held throughout the year to commemorate its heritage and culture. Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that honours brothers and sisters' affection. The festival takes place in the month of August and is observed with equal love and piety worldwide.

There are several legends surrounding the origins of Raksha Bandhan. However, the festival's true origins are unknown.

One such anecdote dates back to the Mahabharata period. According to legend, Lord Krishna sliced his finger on the string while flying a kite. Draupadi, standing nearby, promptly tore a piece of her saree and wrapped it around his injured finger. Lord Krishna was moved by Draupadi's gesture and promised her that she would be protected from all evil during her lifetime. And everyone knows how he kept his word when Draupadi needed it the most, during her cheer-haran after the Pandavas had lost her to the Kauravas.

Raksha Bandhan Muhurat

On Raksha Bandhan, the optimal time to do the Rakhi tying ceremony is during the Aparahna muhurat, which is late afternoon. If this muhurat is not available, the next best choice for performing Raksha Bandhan ceremonies is at Pardosh time.

  • Shubh muhurat to tie the rakhi - 6:07 AM to 5:59 PM
  • Aparahan timing - 1:48 PM to 4:22 PM
  • Shubh time Purnima tithi - 6:55 PM to 9:10 PM

Rakhi Celebration has changed with changing times

Siblings traditionally gather to celebrate Rakhi where the sister puts Tilak on her brother's forehead and wraps a Rakhi around his wrist. The Festival of Rakhi ensures the brother's safety, andhe promises her the same in return. Rakhi bands come in many forms and sizes nowadays, and you can choose the one that best depicts your sibling bond.

The roles can be reversed in a modern interpretation of this rite. For a day, the focus turns away from the religious side towards a warm gathering between families where members find a chance to gather, celebrate and where sisters buy rakhi gifts for brothers and brothers buy rakhi gifts for their sisters. If one does not have an older brother, rakhis are occasionally attached to friends and distant relatives, especially in the case of single children. Whatever method is used, the spirit of the Rakhi stays the same: it is tied to someone who has been kind and nurturing to you, always looking out for you; gender and connections are secondary.

Variation of Rituals in Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in many ways throughout India and the world. There may be some differences in the rites, but they are generally the same globally. These Raksha Bandhan customs are strictly observed in the spirit of festivity and pleasure. All of the Raksha Bandhan ceremonies are formed around this thread tying event. Raksha Bandhan falls on the Hindu month of Shravan's Purnima, or Full Moon day. Many rituals are conducted during the function, which is common in practically all Hindu families.

Normally, the day begins with Lord Krishna's adoration. To detoxify the mind and body, the family members take a bath. Sisters create a Pooja thali. Kumkum, roli, rice, diyas, sweets, and other things are used to embellish the thali for the brother's tikka. After the Pooja is performed at the temple, the sister takes arti of her brother and presents him with sweets. She then wraps a rakhi around her wrist, and her brother promises to look after her. Are you looking for online rakhi gifts for brothers? We have sorted it for you with EK. 

EK for perfect rakhi gifts online for brothers and sisters

EK by Ektaa Kapoor is a brand dedicated to bringing India's authentic and handcrafted treasures to your doorstep. All the designs, colours, objects, and materials used in making a product have a particular purpose, a purpose to bring to you products that are good for you and do no harm to you. Aesthetic sensibilities are merged with India's unique knowledge on wellness and this makes the brand's backbone. Everything about this has a strong sense of rootedness. Each item at EK is meticulously crafted to bring positive energy into your home and highlight India's unique handicrafts.

EK has an incredible collection of home décor accessories, copperware, bedsheets, table linens, dohar, cushion covers, jewellery, Incense, ceramic, wooden, brassware, blue pottery, etc. If you are looking for some out of the box rakhi gift for your sister, then the collection at EK is sure to amaze your sister. From authentic handcrafted jewellery to amazing home decor, you can choose an amazing gift anytime to surprise her and make her feel special. With free shipping, sending rakhi gifts online has become easy with EK. 

Make Rakhi Special with EK by Ektaa Kapoor

This festival too is spiced with gifts, just like any other happy occasion. On this occasion, both brothers usually purchase rakhi gifts for their sisters. But with the change in times, sisters, too, have started purchasing rakhi gifts for brothers to offer them while tying the knot. With a diverse assortment of rakhi gifts online, we at EK endeavour to make our customers' celebrations of any playful event more exciting. For various reasons, purchasing rakhi gifts online is a more convenient option in today's society. You have more time to decide and a wider selection of options to choose from. The best part about internet gifting is that you can order online rakhi gifts for your sister or brother with only a few clicks.

EK is an authentic online store that brings the best of India to choose from as a Raksha Bandhan brother gift and guarantees you a happy and joyous occasion. Whatever the distance between you and your sibling, we've figured out how to make the separation as bearable as possible. Check out the lovely Rakhi online for your brother. Purchase a rakhi online that best suits your brother's personality and taste preferences. You must look through a few specific sections, such as evil eye pendants, aromatic incense sticks, mugs, etc., to give distinctive gifts this rakhi season. 

You can also choose a personalised gift set combo as a rakhi gift for brother and sister like cushions, photo frames, mugs, and wall art if your sister/ brother enjoys decorating her room and collecting some traditional stuff. These gifts are just as important as tying the thread, so you should send rakhi gifts online to your sister or brother. Those deeply involved in the fashion business should be given something related to their passion. So, get set and start shopping for Raksha Bandhan.

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