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Mandala Collection

We bring you the collection of Mandala home linens made of 100% cotton and natural dyes that are good for your skin. The Mandala motifs are a universal spiritual symbol that give a deeper sense of balance and fill your space with positivity and serenity.

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Jharokha Collection

Our elegant collection of Jharokha (window), has been inspired from traditional architecture of Rajasthan. It is made of pure cotton and is naturally dyed with ethnic embroidery to bring Indian royalty to your space.

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Hamsa Jewellery Collection

What is Hamsa Jewellery?

One of history's most recognizable symbols is the Hamsa Hand. Its earliest known use was in prehistoric Mesopotamia. The Hamsa has religious and cultural importance in most of the world.  People wore this energetic amulet as a talisman and believed it to stave off evil. There are numerous versions of the Hamsa symbol, but an eye enclosed in a hand is the most common. Distinct groups of people associate different meanings with the Hamsa. It is assumed to serve as a protective emblem that attracts luck, health, happiness, and good fortune while fending off evil and negative emotions is its universality. 

The Hamsa hand is an upright/down hand with three fingers joined in the middle and what appear to be two thumbs pointing in opposite directions. One of its most prominent characteristics and a significant component of the Hamsa emblem is the enormous eye on the palm. Several swirls and diagonal lines surround the eye symbol and the fingers. Each type of Hamsa has a significant meaning. The hand pointing upwards is a warning against evil. It is a symbol of protection since it is believed to keep out other people's negativity and protects you from your own, including ideas of enmity, hatred, and greed. The fingers stretched apart to oppose evil. If the hand is facing downwards, the Hamsa denotes abundance and goodness. It turns into a favourable invitation for great things to enter your life. The finger's interlocked position is a gesture of request for luck. Regardless of the type, Hamsa jewellery is something that wishes good and brings positivity.

Explore a wide range of Hamsa and Evil Eye bracelets from EK by Ektaa Kapoor

Bringing the finest collection of India to your home is EK’s goal. There is a strong sense of rootedness throughout the collections available at EK. Each item is designed to brighten your environment and honor the diverse Indian handicrafts.

And talking about our carefully crafted Hamsa Hand and Hamsa Eye jewellery, we hope to excite and revitalize your mind, body, and soul while bringing you good health, abundance, and warding off bad energy. 

The hamsa jewellery piece is an ancient ornament, and there is still a widespread belief in many cultures that if someone with negative ideas in their heart looks at you, their "evil eye" will bring about horrible things in your life. The iconic evil eye emblem is embedded into a simple bracelet in soothing colors. A bracelet with an evil eye is a priceless relic that, in its unique manner, provides healing and beauty. An evil eye bracelet helps to fend off negativity and restore harmony and balance in your surroundings. 

The Hamsa, regarded as the hand of God, represents the five chakras, which work in harmony with the five senses to clear the mind and body. EK's hamsa hand jewellery is designed to bestow the user with luck, power, and protection.

You can choose from various bracelets, some of which include numerous gold-plated evil eye charms, while others have beads, exquisite colors, and distinctive shapes.

Hamsa Jewellery is a Perfect Gift Option

It's your wife's, sister’s, or mother’s birthday, and you're still perplexed about what to get her? Then don't be worried since Hamsa jewellery makes the perfect present for any occasion. Health, wealth, happiness, and good fortune are all represented by the Hamsa in its broadest sense, making it a special gift for your loved ones. Hamsa jewellery makes a special gift, be it a birthday or anniversary. It demonstrates your genuine concern for the receiver by providing them with a trendy yet timeless piece of jewellery that matches any outfit and occasion. We got a hamsa hand pendant with an evil eye necklace and an evil eye bracelet. We also have a collection of evil eye pendantAll these spiritual Jewellery pieces are for you to give as a gift to yourself and your loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a hamsa symbolize?

An ancient Middle Eastern emblem with several culturally distinct connotations is the Hamsa. However, it is considered a protective talisman that bestows riches, health, and happiness in all major religions. The primary purpose of the Hamsa is to shield its possessor from the "Evil Eye" or "Ayin Hara."

Can anybody wear a hamsa?

Hamsa has such a sophisticated appearance that you could feel tempted to put it on immediately. It can be worn by anyone as long as you like its aesthetics! 

How does hamsa jewellery protect you?

It is believed by many that the eye symbol found on a few Hamsa hands is not the evil eye but rather a watchful eye that protects the wearer from the evil eye's destructive power. It functions as a kind of "anti-evil eye," thus, bringing good vibes and protecting the user from negative energy. There is no scientific proof for the same.

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Bagh Journal Collection

What are Bagh Journal Prints?

An Indian handicraft practiced in Bagh, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, India, Bagh Print is a traditional hand-block print with natural colors. Its name is derived from the Bagh River's nearby settlement of the same name. A well-liked textile printing product is a bagh print cloth, which features geometric and floral arrangements. 

On their journey from Sindh to Manawar, the Ajrak Printers noticed the earliest signs when they came across the river "Baghini," which flowed through the copper-rich Manavar landscape. This copper concentration was an undiscovered reserve that could be used extensively to dye clothes with outstanding color quality. In 1962, these printers created the groundwork for their profession, and since then, the voyage has beautifully advanced. A craft initially just an experiment now holds a significant position in the fashion world.

The blocks, primarily made by hand, are delicately etched with motifs drawn from plants and other crafts, such as leheriya, jaali, bush, and mushroom work. Additionally, geometric shapes and sceneries served as design inspiration. The motifs elicit various emotions, reflecting the tranquillity of the prints and lending Bagh prints their individuality.

We at EK have added Bagh Prints' lovely spirit to our assortment of Bedsheets and Cushion Covers. These prints will transport you to the time of bagh printers creating a distinctive touch in your home decor. Intricate designs and delicate hues inspire our collection. Check out a wide range of Bagh print bedsheets and Bagh Print Cushion Covers online at EK and lend a serene look to your home decor!

Collection of Bagh Print Bedsheets at EK

The presence of beautiful bedsheets on the house's bed completely changes the ambiance. The room will flourish if you use pretty bedsheets in the kids' or seniors' rooms. The mind is happy when viewing bed linens that are vividly colored. The Bagh print bedsheet online from EK evokes the very best of Indian culture. Also, the tiny motifs and floral patterns demonstrate how expert Indian painters created the bedsheet.

Great color combinations and prints in the Off White Jharokha Double Bedsheet Set, Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set, and Mughal Jaal Beige Printed 100% Cotton Bedsheet. The hand printed brown rusty woodblock pattern on the Bagh bedsheet gives off a retro vibe. You will experience optimism and a great mood when you use the Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set.

You get a vintage historical atmosphere from the one with the Mughal Jaal Beige Print. Your bed stands out because of the exquisite color choices and the meticulous effort that went into it. These unique and classic hand-block print floral bedsheet online sets will add style to your bedroom.

Bagh Print Cushion Covers

You can never discover an elegant sofa without a fashionable, traditional, or stylish cushion arrangement, isn’t it? Since we're talking about your living area, pillows can be much more than just a comfort item. They brighten your room and give it a more colorful appearance. To be more exact, they exhibit your style by completely altering the aura that your room emits.

Additionally, it would be fair to describe it as a novel way to periodically add small finishing touches to your home's design and furniture. Don't undervalue the influence of these uncommon yet endearing little squares or other shaped pillows packed with cotton. Add a new life to your surroundings with colorful and hand-crafted cushion covers.

Our Bagh print cushion covers will add bling to your home decor with subtle and intricate motifs. Each piece is handmade by traditional and skilled craftsmen. 

Why Choose EK?

EK by Ekta aims to bring the best of India into our homes. The materials, designs, and patterns utilized have significant cultural importance in India. They are included after considering their impact on a person's wellbeing. Most of the products are hand-made by artisans in India to encourage Indian craftsmanship. The items at EK are manufactured with the Indian culture to improve your life.

In addition to highlighting the distinctive handicrafts of India, each piece at EK has been thoughtfully designed to infuse your house with a calming vibe. Along with outstanding Bagh print cushion covers and bedsheets online we have a staggering selection of premium home décor products to give your house a trendy appearance, such as organic incense sticks, copperware, wooden serving bowls, dohar, brassware, ceramic, wooden, jewellery, blue pottery, curtains, and more.

If you are looking for aesthetic, spiritual jewellery such as Evil Eye Pendant, Evil Eye Bracelet, and Hamsa Necklace, then we have stocked them up for you. Our spiritual jewellery is trusted and loved by many celebrities. 

Having adored your bedroom and living room, why leave yourself behind? Infuse in the calmness and serenity in your attire with our pure cotton dupatta online and pure cotton kurta online.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these bed sheets durable?

EK bedsheets are made with natural 100% cotton. The bedsheet has a high thread count and feels naturally light. In addition to being made entirely of cotton, our customers thought it was exceptionally soothing and breathable. Additionally, the breezy fabric and Indian texture contribute to it.

What type of bedsheets are considered best?

Cotton is airy, strong, and good for more delicate skin. Additionally, cotton keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Nothing can completely replace cotton's advantages as a material for bed linens. The traditional Bagh printing on cotton complements both traditional and contemporary tastes.

What fabric is used for these bedsheets?

We at EK employ 100% cotton in all our bedsheet set collections. Cotton is the most liked and more comfortable fabric when buying bedsheets online. 

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Neel Collection

Let’s celebrate India’s own indigo colour with our Neel collection of home linens. Designed specially by Indian artists and made with 100% cotton and natural dyes, this beautiful collection is here to spread a sense of calm and delight to your space.

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Blue Pottery Collection

Everything You Need to Know About Blue Pottery

Mughal craftsmen brought the stunning art of blue pottery to India in the 14th Century, but it flourished under Mughal domination. Originally, this traditional art has Turko-Persian roots. The cobalt blue dye, frequently used to give the items a beautiful tint, gives blue pottery its name. 

What makes it special?

The absence of clay is what distinguishes blue pottery from conventional pottery. Borax, gum, Multani mitti (fuller's earth), borax powder, quartz stone powder, powdered glass, and water are all properly combined to create the dough. Bicarbonate of soda is another ingredient in the combination. Chinese glazing technology is used for glazing the finished object delicately.

The pieces are then burned for many hours at a temperature between 800 to 900 degrees Celsius in a closed kiln powered by charcoal. Being crack resistant and hygienic to use, blue art pottery stands out among handmade objects. Pottery has always served both practical and artistic purposes. It has been passed down through generations over centuries and amassed by collectors. Made by skilled artisans in various forms and sizes, Blue Pottery online is a perfect antidote to your home decor needs. Whether sparingly used or strewn across a mantelpiece, the calm hues of blue color and surreal vibes of the geometrical and flower motifs are sure to spruce up your living space! 

Infuse your home with a mystic charm of royal blue color and vibrant designs of Blue Pottery online from World of EK!

EK’s Blue Pottery Collection for Your Home Decor 

The color tones of our home significantly impact how we feel about the world around us. The blue color symbolizes peace, tranquility, faith, wisdom, and peacefulness, thus spreading calmness in the atmosphere. Blue-colored home decor essentials increase your productivity, help you stay focussed, and maintain your heart rate. Hence, with so many benefits, add a contemporary vibe to your home decor with traditional blue pottery online from EK and freshen up your living space.

This pottery type gives corners in our homes, kitchen countertops, and even bathrooms that extra something, whether it be the intricate designs, serene blue color, or brilliant yellows – odd, we know for something called Blue Pottery!

Blue Pottery Vases 

Vases work well as a, centrepiece and a decorative element in a corner. Blue ceramic vases are renowned for their bold designs and vivid hues. Brighten your area with colourful Blue pottery vases, trays, and accessory holders for your house. It's remarkable how much a few aesthetic home decor accents can transform your room. EK’s vivid yellow colour vase can shine in any nook of the space. It will radiate inspiring good vibes when combined with lovely flowers.

Blue Pottery Bowls

Drinking soup from a beautiful Blue pottery bowl tastes better! These bowls retain their heat for a longer period; thus, they are also useful in addition to being fashionable. A blue pottery bowl is significantly nicer in terms of weight, texture, handles, and general quality. You can choose one that is just the right size, ergonomics, and aesthetic for you. The vintage artwork of blue pottery bowls at EK will brighten your room with its enticing colour and uplifting message. Set it in the middle of the table or place it on any open shelf.

Blue Pottery Wall Plates 

Our lovely hand-painted decorative wall plate instantly brightens up plain wall space. These Blue Pottery wall plates can be used as a festive dish in addition to being a traditional piece of wall art.

Why Choose EK by Ektaa Kapoor?

Undoubtedly, blue pottery can enliven any space and add timeless beauty to the decor. The setup can attract anyone and everyone because it is clear, tidy, and beautiful. EK’s Blue Pottery’s online collection sets your home's aura apart with a touch of sophistication.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enliven up your living space for any occasion with the soothing hues of blue pottery online. In addition to Blue Pottery, lift your home with impressive home decor products such as bed sheets online, home linen, incense, dohars, cushion covers, and curtains. Every home decor item online at EK serves a purpose starting from materials, colours, designs, and objects. 

You can also check out our wellness and calmness infused mandala, jharokha and bagh journal print ceramic items along with premium ethnic wear like kurtas, dupatta and pants. Also, check out our rakhi gifts online collection to make this Rakshabandhan more special and memorable. EK also have the perfect collection of evil eye pendantevil eye bracelets and many more, you can check that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is special about blue pottery?

The key advantage of blue pottery is that it never cracks. It is also impervious, hygienic, and appropriate for daily usage. Its beautiful colors and hand painted designs can leave anyone in awe of the artistry.

Is Blue pottery suitable for decoration as well?

Yes, Blue Pottery is suitable for decoration as well. Spruce up your living room and dining space with aesthetic and pleasing blue pottery wall plates, flower vases, and bowls from EK.

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Brass Ware Collection

The Beauty of Brassware Collection in Home Decor 

Brass is the most adaptable metal for handcrafted design pieces that go well with classic and modern home décor trends.

We all enjoy modifying or beautifying our homes. The way our home looks is an extension of our styles and perspectives. Designing a home with lovely showpieces and miniatures gives it a luxurious appearance. Antique and cultural home décor objects show your culture and values while making your home look more opulent and inviting.

Brass has always been a crucial component of Indian dwellings and has existed since the beginning of existence. Brass was a staple in every home in the past and was used extensively for cooking, food storage, and even water heating.

Nevertheless, they are an essential component of contemporary design because most designers utilize brass accents liberally to offer the ideal amount of glitz and an ethnic touch. The metal brings style and sophistication to any room while also conjuring feelings of coziness and serenity. EK brings you a wide collection of Brassware.

Brassware Collection at EK

In Indian tradition, brass is considered one of the most auspicious metals. It's not just used to serve sweets, flowers, and fruits at different Indian festivities, but it also lends beauty to them all. Brass is a staple of every ritual, from large Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan to smaller havans and poojas. It is in the shape of Dhoop Dhanis, incense holders, Pooja thalis, Diyas, etc. Let’s have a look at EK’s Brassware collection: 

Brass Golden Diya Set

Our leaf-shaped brass Diya set is a decorative fixture constructed of metal in a golden color used for lighting in rooms like living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and offices. It is used both inside and outside for lighting and occasionally for your home or place of business. Also, check out Brassware Diya Hanging

Brass Gold Diya Stand 

Available in two shapes and sizes, our Brass Gold Diya stand is a beautiful piece to decorate your living space and pooja room. In general, Diya represents the triumph of good over evil.

The illumination of brass votives promotes people's health. Brass is a good conductor of positive energy. It will send out vibrations that will help to erase negativity from one's mind and soul. 

Brassware Platter

In India, metal utensils have been used for centuries. The utensils made of copper, brass, and bronze are recommended in Ayurveda. These metals are said to be an excellent treatment for illnesses like anemia, diarrhea, inflammation, etc. Using brass utensils is still a habit in India today. We use brassware for water storage, cooking, serving, and utensils. Our brassware platter will enhance your home with elegance and is a virtue of positivity. A flower completes it, giving the conventional dish a modern twist.

Brassware Lantern 

Brass lanterns are used in homes and temples around the world. With the benefits of brass, this lantern infuses your space with a feeling of grace and serenity. It is the ideal technique to improve your home's overall appearance and atmosphere.

Brassware Wall Art 

Your plain walls need a burst of gold, silver, or bronze. Metal wall art is the perfect way to add life to your drab walls. Brassware wall art has the power to change the mood of the space. You can also hang canvas wall art to infuse the space with vitality. Metal wall art is the ideal choice for giving a sense of elegance. 

Pooja Plate 

Our gorgeous Brass Golden Pooja Plate is considered a lucky metal that has a beneficial effect on our health and is known for its well being. Our brassware candle stands are a must-have in your brassware collection. 

Brassware Bowl Set

After copper, brass is one of the metals that offers several health advantages. In addition, brass is frequently used to make pooja items and home décor and is thus present in every household. Our traditional bowl set is constructed of brass and features a beautiful pattern. Enhance the elegance and wellness of your house with our Brassware Bowl set.

Why Choose EK

Bringing the best of India into our homes is the aim of EK by Ektaa R. Kapoor. The product's materials, designs, and patterns consider how they will influence a person's welfare and have cultural significance in India. EK promotes Indian handicrafts.

Each item implants your home with a peaceful vibe in addition to highlighting the different handicrafts of India. Along with amazing bed sheets online  and cushion covers with Bagh journal prints, we also offer an incredible array of high-quality home décor items to make your house look fashionable. We also have an exclusive collection of organic incense sticks, copperware, wooden serving bowls, dohar, brassware, ceramic & wooden, spiritual jewellery, blue pottery, window curtains online, and more.

If you're seeking aesthetically pleasing, spiritual jewellery, such as an evil eye pendant, an evil eye bracelet, or a hamsa necklace, we have them in store. Why leave yourself behind when you love your living room and bedroom? With our pure cotton kurta and dupatta online, you may add a sense of calm and elegance to your clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is brass harmful to humans?

Pure brass is not hazardous and has no associations with health problems compared to other metals. The brass item was created to assist everyone during the rituals and is not just lovely but secure to use.

Why do we keep brass at home?

Brass has the potential and capacity to evoke the sight and feel of nature and heighten the pleasantness of your surroundings. It's not just their aesthetic appeal that makes brass décor a good choice for your home. Additionally, it is a strong metal with positive energy. The natural frequency of brass is innate, just like every other thing or being. This natural frequency has a calming effect on people's minds. Any negative energy in the area gets absorbed by water in a brass Uruli. It purifies the space. It creates an efficient and stress-free environment. It also serves as an excellent protective barrier.

What is so special about brass?

Brass has a more appealing appearance than pure copper and bronze. Because of how closely its natural colour resembles that of gold, it is frequently employed as a decorative feature and as an accessory in home decor items.

What are some of the best brassware home decor items?

Urli or serving bowls, brass Hanging diya, brass oil lamps, designer Copper water pots, brass planters, etc. are some of the best brassware home decor items. 

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Ceramic Collection

Made with immense skill and mastery of Indian artisans, we bring the ceramic serveware collection. For sure, its soothing colors and chic designs are going to bring in elegance to your dining table. What’s more, it is a healthier choice too!

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