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What is a Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is a representation of our growth as individuals, individuality, and beauty. As we progress through life, we strengthen and expand like the limbs of a tree, reaching for deeper understanding, wisdom, and novel experiences.

History of Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life has been a symbol since ancient times. The earliest known instance, which dates to around 7000 BC, was discovered in the Domuztepe excavations in Turkey. From there, the symbol is thought to have propagated in a number of ways.

The Tree of Life appears in various mythology from many cultures. The emblem has been mentioned in a number of ancient cultures, including Urartu, Mesopotamia, Iran, and Egypt. It is challenging to identify the symbol's precise beginnings and the manner in which it travelled throughout the world because it was well-known and widely utilised in ancient societies.

The idea and design behind the beautiful and symbolic jewellery known as the tree of life necklace and tree of life pendants have been adored for millennia. Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, and Persians all held a deep reverence for tree imagery, which artists excelled in expressing in silver and gold jewellery.

Significance of the Tree of Life in Various Spheres


The roots and branches of Tree of Life stand in for how a family develops and stays united over time.

New Beginnings

The annual cycle of leaf change on trees represents life's stages and fresh starts. New beginnings are important times to consider the past. Recognizing them paves the way for development and sustained transformation.

Stability & Strength 

Because they can endure seasons of heat, cold, drought, and flooding, trees represent the epitome of unwavering strength. Even in the worst conditions, they may grow and survive while adapting to the passing of the years.


A real sensation of tranquillity is evoked by trees. If you've ever meditated outside, you're familiar with the peaceful sensation that results from the activity.

Choose from a Wide Range of Premium Tree of Life Necklace and Pendants for your Loved Ones

The meaning of the Tree of Life symbol is astounding and it has a long history and cultural significance. Because of this, jewellery from the Tree of Life becomes the ideal present for your loved ones. 

You can instantly improve your life by donning a Tree of Life necklace or pendant. Such a piece of jewellery can increase your courage and inner fortitude. Additionally, it can assist you in achieving greater life stability, particularly if you have recently been going through a lot of strife and discord.

A pure and potent symbol like the Tree of Life can help you balance your life and smooth out any kinks. Another benefit of wearing a Tree of Life necklace or pendant is that it can increase your level of motivation and self-assurance. Additionally, it can support your ability to sustain a keen interest in life's creative endeavours and passion projects.

Numerous things are represented by the Tree of Life, but one of the most intriguing connections is its ties to immortality. Because symbols have magical properties associated with them and those who wear such symbols will benefit from them, it can be said that the more often you wear a Tree of Life symbol, the safer and healthier you will be.

The Tree of Life has a fascinating past and stands for power, life, and family. This makes it the ideal piece of jewellery to give as a present to your beloved ones. For various wearers, fashions, and preferences, there are numerous distinct Tree of Life jewellery collections available at EK.

The meticulously handcrafted tree of life bracelet is perfect to style with any casual wear outfit and fills in the positivity in the receiver's life. A special gift for that special someone that is exquisitely crafted to turn a wonderful moment into one that is truly amazing.

This piece will simply reflect the inherent beauty that your loved one already possesses in a stylish and elegant way.

Complement Your Ethnic Look with Embellishing Tree of Life Bracelets and Pendants

The best thing about the tree of life jewellery is its versatility and its flexibility to complement almost any ethnic dress. It would be a good idea to choose something such as a tree of life necklace if you are wearing intricate silhouettes or extensive apparel detailing. Statement jewellery should look best when worn with lighter, planer fabrics and simpler forms. Balance is the key. Speaking of modern fine jewellery, there are some classic pieces that are always in vogue and mix well with ethnic clothing such as Tree of life pendants and bracelets.

Ethnic wear is without a doubt the most favoured piece of clothing among Indian women over the years. Cotton Kurti Online paired with flare pants online and handcrafted cotton chunnis online is a magnificent outfit that may instantly transform you into a princess and unquestionably bring out your best features. 

Want to attract more attention? 

Make a statement at the forthcoming wedding or family gathering by pairing your fashionable ethnic wear with complementary 22k gold plated tree of life jewellery from EK such as a tree of life necklace, tree of life pendant and a tree of life bracelet. 

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Celebrate both you and the world around you. With the Tree of Life Jewellery collection of EK, your spirituality will soar. The Tree of Life is a representation of how everything is interconnected and how our ability to develop and flourish depends on the environment we live in. Our stunning tree of life bracelet and tree of life pendant is ideal for making a fashion statement because they are both modern and timeless. With this set, you may show off your spiritual side. It makes a lovely present for girls and ladies of all ages! 

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Our home decor collection comprises bed sheets online, ethnic table runner, dohar online, cotton curtains online, serving plates, wooden bowl, ceramic serveware, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can one wear a gold tree of life necklace on a daily basis?

Yes, one can definitely wear a tree of life jewellery pieces on a daily basis. Along with emitting positive vibes, these statement pieces will uplift your ethnic and casual look very well. 

What is the symbolic meaning of the tree of life jewellery?

It represents the family tree and the relationships between generations with its elongated branches and roots. The intricate branches demonstrate our interconnectedness through our ever-expanding family trees, which is similar to interconnectedness. It also symbolises fertility in various cultures and religions. Get yourself the most unique and stylish tree of life bracelet from EK!

Is it lucky to wear a tree of life bracelet?

A simple yet stylish tree of life bracelet will serve to inspire and motivate you. It also represents endless possibilities and success in your life because of its fruit-bearing roots and branches. It is a trend that will never go away and serves as a constant reminder to enlighten yourself.

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