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Awe Your Guest with Premium Serving Platters 

Whether you believe it or not, it's a fact that the type of serveware used is the first thing that gets our attention  when you sit at a dinner party's dining table  while the meal is yet to be served. This is especially true for sit-down and formal dinners where the course continues from entree to dessert. To make the food you're presenting feel more festive and special, a platter should excite the senses and entice the diner in the same way as a painting does to the observer.

A perfect dinner or lunch party is a longstanding combination of hosts who make it unique and guests who infuse the party with their presence. Everything from the appearance of your table to the décor to the music played during the evening will affect your experience. Consider your tablescape more than just serving utensils for food and beverages. The goodness of handcrafted serving plates and platters are visual cues to your visitors. 

Make Your Tea-Time  special with EK’s ceramic serving platters.

A tea aficionado will always know that teaware can create the taste and flavour of their tea, much as a sommelier will tell you that the form, structure, and material of a wine glass can alter wine's taste, aromatics, and flavour.

For ages and traditions, tea is our favourite excuse to gather together for hours of chit-chat with friends and family. Every sip of tea is said to be consumed slowly and deliberately till your tea-time chat is finished. As a result, a cup and saucer set along with deep-fried fritters and light munchies in attractive platters foster an emotional bond between you and tea. 

For that matter, an elegant and best-quality spiral ceramic serving platter from EK is the perfect serveware to pick when you are hosting guests at home. The light green colour of the chip and dip platter adds regal charm to your tea sessions. The finely handcrafted brass and ceramic plates and platters will complement your kitchenware and elevate even the most routine tea session. The beautiful leaf-shaped brassware serving platter adorned with goldfinch from EK is also a must have in your exclusive serveware collection as its wonderful design spreads joy, persistence and positivity in your space. 

So, if you don't have one yet, now is the time to get one! 

Explore Mandala Print Serving Plates

Depicting a Circle, Mandala art is a symbol of wholeness, fullness and integrity. The design of Mandala art relaxes the mind and spreads peace in the surroundings. Being a popular and wide choice of people in home decor for a long time, the art has significantly set its foot in serveware designs too. 

EK’s Mandala Print ceramic serving plates handcrafted by gifted artisans help you serve and present your cuisine elegantly. The earthy look of the handmade mandala print glazed ceramic plate elevates your overall wellness while bringing an unforgettable experience to your dining table. Available in various colours and patterns, the glazed ceramics infuses beauty and elegance into your space. Not only can our serving plates hold your delectable meals, but they can also make eating a pleasurable experience. The intriguing designs and distinctive serving platter shapes add flare to any group gathering.

Why Choose EK

The kitchen is the hub of your family's daily activities, and serveware makes one of the most useful kitchen items.. Nearly everyone starts a day in the kitchen with a cup of coffee or breakfast. It's the place where everyone congregates. Memories are created in kitchens (in addition to appetising meals). So, why not illuminate your cooking haven with one of the finest home decor products from EK.

EK aims to bring the best of India right to your door. Everything serves a purpose starting from materials, colors, designs, and objects. The brand's essence is developed by aesthetic sensibilities combined with India's exquisite wellness knowledge. Everything has a strong sense of rootedness in this place. Apart from showcasing India's unique handicrafts, each item on this page has been carefully made to bring pleasant energy into your home. So if you are looking for some elegant and exclusive serving platters online, we are the best online platform to shop at!

Along with the exquisite serving platters and stylish serving plate collection, EK has a calming and soothing range of mandala, jharokha, bagh journal printed bedsheets online, home linens, dohars, curtains and cushion covers to add to make your living space lively and full of positivity. We also have a unique collection of rakhi gifts online to celebrate rakhi this year.  Also, our unique collection of home decor items online, such as dining, lanterns, spiritual jewellery, Incense, evil eye pendant, evil eye bracelet, and multicolour blue pottery, gives your home a stylish and elegant look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are ceramic products good for kitchenware?

Every time you cook, the silicone oil on the surface of Ceramic Cookware is released, resulting in a nonstick cooking surface. This coating may eliminate the need for cooking sprays, butter, or oil to keep meals from sticking during the start of their existence. Ceramic cookware's nonstick surface is easy to clean, just like other nonstick pans. Ceramic cookware has an unrivalled visual look. It instantly improves the appearance of your kitchen and table. This cookware will beautifully suit your goal of cooking and serving from a burner to your dining table.

A ceramic serving platter and cookware's thick body composition allows for a swift, even, and efficient heat transfer, which means you'll use less fuel and energy to cook your food.

Are ceramic plates safe for eating?

These days, ceramic crockery is all the rage. Many people have also begun to cook with ceramic cookware. Clay is burned at a high temperature to make ceramic. Ceramic has been used for millions of years and has been proved to be healthy and food-safe. The chemicals that make up ceramic plates and other utensils are non-toxic, so they are considered safe for eating. Buy the best quality ceramic plate online at EK.
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