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What is Lotus Jewellery 

Jewellery with the lotus flower motif is symbolic of awakening, beauty, and fresh starts. Many cultures around the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Ancient Egypt, hold it in high regard as sacred. This is based on the background and surroundings of the daily growth and blooming of the Lotus Flower. It is acknowledged as the ideal companion for you to have on your life's journey.

Significance of Lotus Jewellery in Ancient Times

In Buddhism Lotus is regarded as the symbol of purity, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment. They are thought to help in meditation by concentrating the mind. A lotus with a closed bud symbolises the period before enlightenment, while one in full bloom symbolises someone who has completed their road to self-realisation and enlightenment.

Numerous Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu religion are seen holding a lotus flower; they represent riches, wealth, eternity, enlightenment, and purity. Because its petals never come into contact with the murky waters that lie underneath them, the lotus flower is revered as a symbol of purity in numerous civilizations.

The Lotus Flower was one of the most significant religious emblems in ancient Egypt. It was thought to represent the sun, new beginnings, and rejuvenation. Due to their ability to heal and regenerate, lotus flowers are frequently employed in Egyptian art and by pharaohs.

Importance of Lotus Jewellery

The lovely lotus flower is a revered flower with significant spiritual importance all across the world. Here is why Lotus jewellery is considered important:


Even though the lotus flower grows in mud and dirt, it never appears unclean or muddy. Regardless of where it came from, it is still capable of rising and carving out a place for itself. Thus, the Lotus Necklace you wear serves as a continual reminder of your dedication to your principles.


The lotus blossom serves as a reminder to uphold your morals and stick to the things you cherish. Holding onto your principles is worthwhile even though the route may be challenging and you might be alone yourself. Hence, the lotus jewellery you put on reflects your personality and the ethics you might be following in your life.


Even though this bloom appears tiny and frail, its hardy roots are deep in the dirt. This entails grit, persistence, and never giving up. No matter how challenging life gets, it's critical to persist in thriving.


The lotus is raised above the mud, but it doesn't move from where it is rooted. It remains sturdy as a result. Lotus jewellery serves as a constant reminder of the value of your origins, no matter what or where they may be.

The trend of Lotus Jewellery in 2022 and Beyond

Who doesn't feel transported into a realm of elegance and beauty when they look at a lotus? It is one of those blooms that immediately captures our attention. With its long stems and unwavering honesty and purity, as well as indicators of self-regeneration and enlightenment, the lotus plant gives the impression that it is floating in the water. 

Because of its tenacious quality of staying firm and rooted, it is frequently used in jewellery making. Additionally, it is one of the motifs that people can identify and relate to, which helps the design stand out. The lotus symbol can be used to create jewellery that perfectly embodies femininity and grace. From a lotus necklace to a lotus bracelet and a lotus pendant there are various types of statement jewellery you can pick from World of EK to enhance your look. From casual to ethnic, these jewellery pieces look stunning on every outfit. 

The lotus flower may have a straightforward shape, but the skill it takes to make jewellery with a few extra details can help draw attention to the lotus and its colours. Lotus can be worn by women of all ages around their necks, wrists, or ears. It is also one of the few patterns that have endured across many different periods and generations.

Consequently, because of the innate meaning attached to it, it is no surprise that Lotus jewellery is popular right now, in 2022 and will begin to remain the desired jewellery piece in the years to come. The wearer receives the same symbols of beauty and purity, whether she wants to wear a lotus bracelet or a lotus gold chain

What makes lotus Jewellery different from others?

One of our planet's oldest and most profound symbols is the lotus flower. It develops under murky water before rising to the surface where it blooms with extraordinary beauty. The Lotus flower shuts at night and submerges; by dawn, it rises and reopens. The Lotus represents the purity of the heart and intellect since it is unaffected by impurities. The lotus blossom is a symbol of honour, good fortune, and long life.

EK’s lotus jewellery collection consisting of a lotus necklace, lotus pendant and lotus bracelet draws inspiration from various civilizations around the world; each piece represents beauty and purity and serves as a constant reminder to see the beauty in everything. Buy Lotus Gold Chain Online from EK!

The deep meaning attached to the lotus flower and the timeless treasure it offers makes it a different and meaningful piece of jewellery as compared to other jewellery pieces.

Gift a unique Lotus Necklace, Pendant and Bracelet to your loved ones

A lotus blossom jewel is a perfect gift due to its symbolism and adaptability. Whatever the occasion, Lotus jewellery makes a perfect gift. 

Bracelets are incredibly popular with people of all ages. With or without gemstones, a straightforward lotus bracelet can be worn as a charm throughout one's entire life. The Lotus bracelet at EK is ideal as a present for any occasion, including birthdays. Sustainably handcrafted with 22k gold, the bracelet channels the wearer’s inner strength and goes perfectly well with all outfits. 

Not just bracelets, but a Lotus pendant, too is a wonderful way to carry the meaning of the flower, wherever the receiver goes. There are different ways the flower is portrayed in jewellery, whether dramatic or delicate, therefore there are many alternatives to choosing the gift from. If the receiver is very fond of silver jewellery you can consider gifting, EK’s stunning collection of stylish silver Lotus necklace pieces, which creates a very calming presence and is perfect to add grace to any outfit. 

Gold Lotus necklace as a gift for anniversaries or special dates with loved ones might represent your endurance and commitment to the union.

Although the open lotus is the most popular option for pendants, you can also select a lotus bud for a distinctive piece of lotus jewellery. The bud represents the desire and motivation to grow, which may be interpreted in a variety of ways, including being prepared to be independent, learn, travel, and follow your own path.

As it doesn't require any additional ornamentation, a lotus pendant like this can be worn on a thin chain. Every neckline can wear the lotus pendant gold, which will hang perfectly below the collarbone.

Last but not least, how about combining the goodness of an evil eye and lotus in a single lotus gold chain? It will make the receiver go aww with a surprise. EK’s 22k Gold plated Evil Eye and Lotus Gold chain is the one you have been wishing for and looking for the receiver. 

Buy the best Lotus Jewellery online from EK!

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Jewellery serves as more than just a crucial fashion element; it is commonly known to provide astrological and spiritual benefits to the wearer. Each piece of jewellery is intended to be worn on a certain body area, and different parts of the body represent different chakras. When an ornament is worn, the chakra connected to that body part is activated, releasing the spiritual energy of the jewellery worn. 

Particularly gold Lotus necklaces for ladies can invoke the heart chakra and a person's spiritual connection to God and the cosmos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is lotus jewellery spiritual jewellery?

The lotus blossom is a representation of spiritual enlightenment with various connotations across various religions and cultures. Its unopened bud is a metaphor for the pristine, folded soul that is poised to reveal divine truth. This flower is indicative of many things. The flower is connected to a wide range of spiritual disciplines, such as yoga, meditation, and prayer. Hence, giving Lotus Jewellery a spiritual statement. Order an impressive Lotus necklace online from EK.

Is there any symbolic meaning in Lotus jewellery?

The lotus flower represents rebirth. The sun's rays cause the petals of lotus flowers to open; after dusk. The flower's symbolic connotation is one of rebirth and resurrection. The lotus' routine activities are related to the rebirth of life.

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