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Dazzle in Your Ethnic Avatar with Kurtis from EK

Women love to dress in something unique, stylish and comfortable. And what can be more comfortable and yet appealing than ethnic wear – beautiful Kurtis, Dupattas and stylish pants. More often than not, we’ve all found ourselves searching for the latest Kurtis for women. Your search ends here with EK!

Beautiful Indian Kurtis for daily wear, special occasion and parties can put you in the mood to let your ethnic style statement flow. Keeping your traditional side alive different types of Kurtis all have their importance and create a noticeable change in your appearance. So keep at it! This season, dress up in ethnic attire and buy beautiful Kurtis online. 

Cotton Kurtis for women gives you a versatile and sophisticated ethnic wear look, and EK is all about that. You may find multiple varieties for ladies' cotton Kurtis ranging from A-Line, Straight Cut, Anarkali, Angarakha, Gathered style, Kalidar, and many more at EK. Kurtis at EK is made up of 100% cotton with meticulous attention to detail to give you all-day comfort and a dazzling look.

Our designer collection of cotton Kurtis online includes something for everyone, whether it is for a casual office day or a special gathering with close relatives. Pair cotton Kurtis for women with flared fit, straight fit, and tapered fit bottom wears for an enhanced look. 

So, if you intend to dress up in ethnic attire the next time you’re heading out, here's something that will help you seem fashionable yet rooted! Below is a list of the top 8 styles of new Kurtis for women that can be elegantly styled for your next event.

EK’s Kurti Collection Categories 

EK offers a wide collection of Kurti’s classified into the following subcategories. These categories include kurtas for every season, mood, and occasion. 


Our Charbagh Kurti category showcases the rich and soothing pattern while celebrating nature’s flora and fauna motifs. Traditionally renowned for its geometric pattern, this collection features block-printed floral themes. This Kurti collection takes your appearance to the next level in calming blue, mustard, and green hues, accented with pastel orange and pinks while adding a touch of serenity to your mood.


As the name suggests, Keri celebrates our national fruit, mango, or paisley patterns. Throughout history, Paisley or Keri has always been a well-liked collection among kings and queens due to exceptional versatility in addition to their attractive appearance. These patterns are revered as a Zoroastrian emblem of life and eternity and represent fertility in Hinduism. 

Our Keri Kurti collection transports you to regal splendor and puts you in the desire to unwind and rest. The warm element of maroon, pink, beige, and off-white Kurtis in this collection elevates your appearance every time you style them. 


Siyahi collection of EK celebrates the vivid, happy, and carefree qualities of Indigo. To dye and preserve the tranquil beauty of indigo colour, every ensemble goes through a thorough process. The collection features geometric, floral, and paisley patterns that make them suitable for any occasion and a must-have statement piece in your wardrobe.

We all know Kurtis are simple to style and pair, but with a detailed understanding of how to pair them perfectly for every occasion, you can elevate these marvels of Indian fashion to a new level. C’mon, let’s check them out!

Explore a Wide Collection of Cotton Kurti Styles  Online

A-Line Kurtis 

Long Kurtis, known as A-Line Kurtis, is most popular among women. It has an 'A' shape with a flare from the waist. It appears to be elegant and beautiful. You can choose an A-line cotton Kurti for women by considering many criteria such as type, sleeve, collar, fit, length, color, and other personal preferences. 

EK has a fantastic collection of well-designed A-Line cotton long Kurtis for ladies at affordable costs to choose from, whether for formal events or casual outings. Available in short-sleeves, flared-sleeves, and three-quarter sleeves, you can choose a neck type you want, such as round with a V Notch or a simple V-neck. An A-line ladies cotton Kurti might suffice if you're searching for something light and airy. Straight paints are one of the most excellent methods to style this long cotton Kurtis for ladies so that your outfit has a decent bright casual, and formal look. 

Straight Style

These lovely long straight cotton Kurtis for girls are the most popular fashion trend. One of the best features of straight ladies cotton Kurti is that they can be worn for professional and informal occasions. If you prefer to dress in the most basic way possible, buy straight cotton Kurtis online from EK for an ideal look. This straight ladies' cotton Kurti pattern is available in long and short styles with multiple colors such as light green, indigo, dark purple, navy blue, and yellow. 

Pair them with colored jeggings, leggings, or jeans for a contrasting look. Whenever in doubt regarding what to wear, pick these block printed pure cotton Kurtis online from EK blindly to get a perfect look. 

Gathered Style Kurti

Gathered style ladies cotton Kurti at EK comes in Bagh and screen prints with choices of neck styles such as the round neck, lapel collar, v-neck, and round with v-notch. Choose the latest Kurti for women from ankle-length to above knee, which looks perfect on you.

Confidently couple these cotton Kurtis for women with Straight palazzo, elating the complete ensemble. The gathered style is the traditional ethnic fraternity that flatters every body shape.

Angarakha Kurtis

The Angrakha Kurti highlights the ethnic style of Indian fashion apparel. This cotton Kurti for women  got its inspiration from the outfits worn by musicians in the past. This long cotton Kurtis for ladies flaps from one side to the other as part of the pattern, and it can be adorned with tassels or any other embellishment to complete the Kurti. 

This cotton Kurti for women is suitable for all body shapes, but the embroidery and fabric utilized to make it are ideal for a wedding ceremony. The beautiful long cotton Kurtis online in Indigo Angarakha pattern at EK comes in V-neck and three-quarter sleeves to intensify the look.  

Kalidar Style 

You all want to wear those floor-length Anarkalis, but the unfortunate truth is that long flowy styles with bunched-up fabric make you appear shorter. But don't be disheartened, ladies! There's no need to lose hope! Short Kalidar Kurtis for women online is available. The Kalidar’s broad vertical lines give the illusion of height and make you appear taller. 

If you're wearing a Kalidar Kurti, match it with palazzo trousers, which are in trend currently.

Anarkali Style 

The Anarkali Kurti is a style seen by celebrities for a long time and models on the runway as recently as 2018! The design for these pure cotton Kurtis online is so adaptable that it can be worn to a large fat Indian wedding and a quiet lunch with friends. This flared, long cotton Kurtis online can also be worn as a dress — speak about versatility!

Because such Kurtis flatter all body shapes, you can pleasantly stock your closet with Anarkali-style Kurtis. An Anarkali cotton long Kurti for ladies can be worn with cigarette pants or as a stand-alone dress. Wearing heels can help you look taller.

Anarkali-inspired frock-style designed cotton long Kurtis for ladies will never go out of vogue. These round-neck Kurtis with solid block prints give you a feminine and classy appearance. To add a touch of glitz, pair it with a patterned palazzo. Anarkali-designed pure cotton Kurtis online are considered the most comfortable and relaxing Kurtis for an old woman.

Layered Style

The Layered style pure cotton Kurti online Style is trendy and gives tall women an exquisite appearance. Combining multiple panels to create a layered effect provides a good fall to the Kurti. Because this form of long cotton Kurtis online lacks darts, it offers your body a more fitting and elegant appearance.

This style of Kurti looks well with indo-western skirts and palazzos, giving the entire ensemble a layered and multi-coloured appeal. This trendy and new Kurti for women is suitable for any formal occasion.

Shirt Style 

The shirt-styled Kurti is a great blend of Indian traditional wear and Western eccentricities and comes in the latest Kurtis for women. The shirt-styled cotton Kurti online at EK, which comes in screen and block prints with three-quarter sleeves, looks great with a pair of jeans. This outfit is ideal for a 9-to-5 office look. Still, such Kurtis for women online may also be worn with alternative bottoms such as leggings, palazzos, and other outfits with minimal jewellery.

DIY Tips to Take Care of your Ethnic Print Cotton Kurtis for Women

When the weather soars, cotton Kurtis is a need for everyone looking for the coolest and newest trendy clothing. You can wear them as-is or accessorise them with edgy necklaces and dangling earrings. 

Not only do cotton Kurtis for women a thing to wear in summer, but they can also prove to be an excellent piece of clothing when the weather turns cool. You can go creative by layering it up with coats and cardigans. 

But, before you buy cotton Kurtis online, you must be aware of how to care for your cotton Kurtis regardless of how you want to wear them. Cotton is a resilient fabric, but a lot depends on how well it is taken care of. Without further ado, here are some pointers for caring for your fashionable cotton-readymade Kurtis.

  1. It is advised to wash your cotton Kurtis by hand in cold to lukewarm water with a light detergent. Don't wash them in hot water since they can shrink. Choose a moderate cycle in your washing machine if you decide to use one. The Kurtis can be tumble-dried on a low level. To prevent shrinkage, remove them as soon as they are done washing and drying.
  2. Avoid drying cotton Kurtis in direct sunshine. Sunlight's abrasive UV rays have the power to shrink the fabric and degrade colour. Your cotton long Kurti online can be dried in the shade or on a low heat setting on your dryer.
  3. Simple cotton Kurtis doesn't require dry cleaning, unlike silk. Colour fading and gloss loss might happen as a result of dry-cleaning chemicals. 
  4. Any cloth can be given a new aroma and maintained in pristine condition by using softeners. But, softeners don't contribute significantly in the case of cotton Kurtis. They could discolour your cotton cloth if applied improperly. Think about switching to organic soaps from softeners. They naturally prolong the life of your readymade Kurtis and keep the fabric smooth.
  5. Cotton is easily prone to wrinkling. You most likely won't be able to prevent your cotton Kurtis from wrinkling. But by not entirely drying them in the sun, you can reduce wrinkles. They should be ironed while slightly moist. While a steam iron is ideal, you can also intermittently dampen the fabrics while ironing with a spray bottle.

How to Style Kurti for Various Occasions 

One of the most adaptable outfits in every female’s wardrobe is Kurti. They are your go-to companion while getting elegantly dressed for a workplace or seeking comfort while travelling. These clothing items can be worn on practically any occasion and styled in various ways.

Not only are they cozy to wear, but they go well with your regular essentials such as pants or leggings, a simple necklace, and boom, you are ready to take on the world. Let’s catch a glimpse of how you can style your Kurti’s for various occasions: 

As a Formal Outfit

Kurtis is increasingly gaining popularity as the most casual yet stylish office attire of the moment. Straight, Shirt Style, and A-Line Kurtis are considered one of the most elegant types of Kurtis. Kurti is a lifesaver for women who desire a sober appearance at work but don't always want to be dressed in western clothing. 

Although there are no strict guidelines as to which colour one should prefer or not in a workplace, but calming hues are always appreciated. EK brings the best array of Kurti to lift up your office space look. Choose from calming colours such as sky blue, pale pink, olive green, indigo, and many others.

As a Travel Outfit

We love to prioritise comfort above anything else when we travel. Nothing matches the comfort level as a flowy Kalidar cotton kurta and straight style Kurti offers. Each has its own allure and glitz. When choosing clothing for a trip or any occasion that requires travel, you look for the most lightweight, versatile, and comfortable basics.

Kurtis are the sole clothing you must prefer if you're looking for traditional clothing to wear while travelling with your family, pair them up with your favourite leggings or jeans. The calming patterns and gorgeous colour combinations of Kurtis at EK add essence to your journey and inspire the best version of you. Come on, you stunning one!

As a Party Outfit 

You can display your sense of style during parties. It might be the neighbour's child's birthday, a party to celebrate a promotion at work, or the retirement of a relative, Kurtis goes well on all these occasions. You can style your Kurti with a belt to give it an Indo-western appearance. Or, you can choose the knee-length Kurtis for night time occasions for a stunning appearance. Evening parties don't call for a cumbersome outfit, so you can go for a casual, comfy Kurti that gives you an elegant appearance. The simplest kurta can be dressed up with palazzos, a rich brocade dupatta, or both. It looks best paired with tasteful jewellery, but who's to say we can't try new combinations?

As a Traditional Attire

Weddings are the perfect opportunity to shine brightly in front of everyone and earn their eyeballs. Grabbing everyone’s attention is no big deal; you can simply dress up in an EK’s hand-block printed Cotton style Anarkali Kurta and can outperform everyone else.

Pair it with a modern lehenga or sharara pants along with resembling jewellery pieces such as hefty chokers or chandbali earrings to become the star of the show. For the last touch, don't forget your cozy heels or juttis. Don’t forget to tie up an Evil Eye bracelet, to ward off those evil eyes upon you!

In Indian households, there are many traditional gatherings taking place every now and then. Hence it is desired to look flawless on every occasion. But, don't worry! You don't need to wear heavy clothes for these types of gatherings. For an elegant and decelerated appearance at a traditional gathering, you can choose angrakha Kurtis, Anarkali Kurtis, and A-line Kurtis from EK.

Styling EK’s Kurtis as per the Season

When you dress according to the seasons, you look your best. You will comprehend the need to enhance your dressing routine when each season changes. Depending on the climate, each season has a variety of various sets of styles. Keeping that in mind, you must change and adjust your dressing style when choosing your clothing, considering the seasonal conditions. Let’s explore how to look your best in Kurtis during various seasons.


Characterised by scorching heat and sweat, summer heat dictates wearing lightweight clothes that let your skin breathe and feel relaxed. Cotton hand-block printed Kurtis with soothing colours such as beige, pink, off-white and Indigo are among the most incredible summer outfits for ladies. They are comfortable and easy to wear while going about one's everyday business. The pleasing hues let you feel fresh throughout the day, keeping away sweat and skin irritation.


Everyone loves to wear both modest and comfy clothing during the rainy season. Monsoon is known for its unforeseen downpours, puddles, and jams. Therefore, you must wear your outfits with straight, fitted bottoms rather than flared palazzos to withstand that. Leggings, treggings, pants, and semi-flared palazzo pants are also options. For this season, you can choose short Kurtis, shirt-style Kurtis or knee-length A-line Kurtis that aren’t too long but still fit the occasion and the dress code.


When spring finally arrives, the weather will be warm and occasionally rainy. Given that the early season is the winter, it tends to be quite chilly at the start of spring. You can style your Kurtis with overcoats, sweaters, and wraps when getting ready for the start of the spring season. 

The season of rebirth is in full swing as flowers bloom. Don't be afraid to show yourself off by donning colourful accessories that are intriguing. Wearing vibrant and spirited colours is encouraged throughout the springtime. Go with the hues of Indigo, cream, beige, light green, olive green, light pink, etc. 


Yes, we know how adaptable Kurtis are and how they consistently rank among your summer staples. But is that all there is to your preferred casual attire? Has the end of summer brought an end to the kurti fiesta? NO is the answer! 

When it turns chilly, a wool shawl is always a good choice. Wrap a shawl around your neck to create a stunning ensemble, then accessorise with a kurta that matches printed palazzos, and a pair of loafers. WIN-WIN!

How to Style Kurti for Various Occasions 


Due to their flawless fusion of traditionalism and modernism, cotton long kurti online is always in demand during the festive season. The best part about a simple cotton kurti is that it can be paired effortlessly with matching or contrasting Cotton Chunni and flare pants to produce a distinctively traditional look. Cotton Kurtis for women at EK are available in various collections such as Charbagh, Siyahi and Keri. You can expect to see a variety of traditional Indian patterns in the prints, including leaves, flowers, petals, structures, and symbols. Handmade by skilled artisans our beautiful Kurtis online is a must to have in your festive wardrobe.

Bhai Dooj 

Bhai Dooj denotes the end of the Diwali celebrations. The brother-sister bond and the love shared by the two are commemorated. It's the occasion when females go to their brother's place for the festivities all dolled up in traditional Indian attire. And, when you think of a traditional attire for women, what else can beat an elegant readymade kurti?

With EK’s stunning collection of cotton kurtas online, it's time to rejoice with your loved ones and family, all dressed up nicely while still feeling comfortable.

EK’s premium hand-block print Cotton kurti for Women - An all-time stunning attire

Hand-block printed cotton kurti for women and suits have a long, illustrious history. The classic method of hand block printing involves shaping wooden blocks into the necessary forms, dousing them in your preferred colours, then imprinting them on the cloth of your choice. The end product is a spectacular hand-made print that draws inspiration from geometric designs, folklore, or natural components. 

Due to its comfort and ease of wearability, cotton is one of the most preferred hand-block fabrics. On a fabric like cotton, which can be worn for any occasion and in any weather, the beauty of the motifs stands out really well.

EK offers a wide range of hand-block printed readymade Kurtis that can be worn by everyone and flatters every body type, making it a hit every time you wear them. These kurtis come in a variety of styles, including A-line, Angarkha style, Anarkali, etc. You can buy cotton Kurtis online from EK which best suits your body type and look! 

EK’s premium collection of Cotton Kurtis is perfect to offer your loved ones on their special day. Buy cotton Kurtis online and complete the look with jewellery gifting options from us such as Spiritual and zodiac jewellery.

Why Choose EK

Modern women love to look smart and chic by wearing trendy and stylish cotton Kurtis online. The modern ladies kurta's online designs appear classy and add an elegant twist to a daily look. Before you buy cotton Kurtis online, you must scroll up to all the current trends at EK and make a final decision. Get all these cotton Kurtis online to up your fashion game and scatter your grace like confetti!

EK aims to bring the best of India right to your door. Everything serves a purpose starting from materials, colors, designs, and objects. The brand's essence is developed by aesthetic sensibilities combined with India's exquisite wellness knowledge. Everything has a strong sense of rootedness. Apart from showcasing India's unique handicrafts, each item on this page has been carefully made to bring pleasant energy into your home. So if you are looking for some fantastic cotton Kurtis for girls and ladies, we are the best online platform to shop at!

Along with the chic Kurti collection, EK has a calming and soothing range of mandala, jharokha, bagh journal printed bedsheets, table linens, dohars, and cushion covers to add to make your living space lively and full of positivity. Also, our unique collection of home decor accessories such as copperware, Incense, ceramic, wooden, brassware, and blue pottery gives your home a stylish and elegant look, also to celebrate rakhi we have premium rakhi gifts online you can go with. EK's exclusive collection of jewellery includes evil eye pendant, evil eye bracelet and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different ways to style Kurti?

You can style your Kurti with contrasting leggings, jeggings, palazzos, straight-fit pants, and matching jewellery!

Which type of Kurti is best?

Cotton Kurtis are considered best. They are comfortable to wear and give an elegant look. Be it any season, your skin will always love to have cotton fabrics!

How many types of Kurti are there?

At EK, there are a total of 8 types of Kurti collections such as Anarkali, A-Line, Straight Cut, Angarakha, Gathered style, Kalidar, Shirt Style, and Layered Style. EK has the best assortment of Kurtis for every occasion, from Kurti for an old woman to cotton Kurtis for girls.

 Why are Cotton Kurtis adored by women of all ages?

Almost everyone, from college girls to office-going women, has a special corner in their heart for cotton Kurtis. This widely recognized article of clothing has an Indian quality to it that makes it even more appealing. Kurtis are easy to style, and the entire ensemble can be spruced up with a great set of earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. They go well with almost everything, including leggings, palazzos, and jeans. Last but not least, they are good in longevity; their colours don't fade away so easily, thus maintaining the quality.

Which type of Kurtis are in trend these days?

Cotton Long kurti online, cotton flare kurti and cotton printed kurtas are in trend for women these days. 

What is the best way to make my Kurti more attractive?

To make the simple cotton Kurti more stunning and comfortable, it is always a perfect option to pair it with matching pants and a dupatta. To elevate the look you can also pair it with some complementing accessories.

What goes best with Kurti?

To complete the look you can pair your readymade kurti with cotton flare pants and a cotton dupatta online from EK. Also, EK has an amazing collection of accessories like Zodiac jewellery and spiritual jewellery such as a tree of life jewellery and lotus jewellery. 

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