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Perfect Jewellery for Gifting under 999

It's usual to feel some pressure while making a jewellery gift online selection. You undoubtedly want to ensure your gift is adequately special if you're buying it for a particular occasion or someone special.

While choosing the ideal piece can initially seem difficult, the gift-buying process doesn't have to be tense. You can simply proceed step-by-step and feel secure in the piece you select if you are aware of the factors to take into account and the choices you must make. Here is how straightforward you need to be for picking the ideal jewellery gift online. Setting a budget is the first and most crucial step in deciding the jewellery gifting. To have a hassle-free buying experience, you must complete this step. Setting a budget before shopping genuinely helps you focus your options and better understand the kinds of items you can buy. Additionally, it guarantees you get something suitable for the situation without going over budget.

Hence, if you are looking for some amazing jewellery gifts under 999, EK has bought for you a stunning collection of jewellery gifts online to surprise your special someone. 

Varieties of Jewellery gifts like pendants, necklaces and more at EK by Ektaa Kapoor

The person you're buying a jewellery gifting should always be your top priority while looking for exquisite jewellery. Everyone is different. And one thing that might elevate a present from decent to great is customising it to the recipient's distinct preferences. So, if you want to offer an amazing jewellery present, you should give the recipient's jewellery preferences and general personal style some thought.

Finding out what kinds of jewellery the recipient prefers could need a little light sleuthing if you haven't really paid attention to their jewellery collection or personal style. But once you investigate their style, you are good to go! Once you've decided on your budget and have a good idea of the recipient's style, it's time to start browsing.

Prior to engaging in serious shopping, choosing your jewellery category is an effective tactic. The sheer number of jewellery gifting suggestions in each category can rapidly become overwhelming, making it difficult to make a choice. However, you'll find it much more enjoyable to consider your possibilities if you choose your category and stick with it. Let’s explore EK’s phenomenal collection of gifts under 999.


Women's earrings have traditionally been among the most important accessories. Every stylish woman has a sizable collection of earrings in her closet. Earrings are always a must-have, especially for Indian women, and you should always choose the ones that go with your clothing. Most women never leave the house without earrings. 

EK’s 22k gold-plated classic Lotus ear studs are a perfect jewellery gifting option if you are looking for Gold-plated jewellery under 1000.


Since the dawn of the Stone Age, pendant sets have been used. They originated from wearing talismans or amulets around one's neck. In terms of the history of jewellery pendants, they have been worn as a symbol of protection, spirituality, and healing for over 25000 years. The idea of gifting jewellery pendant necklaces changed with the times, and these societal developments had an impact on general fashion. The receiver may update their wardrobe accessories with this marvellous gift and complement it with whatever outfit they want to wear on their special day. We are aware that since first impressions are based on appearance, it is crucial that the jewellery pendants you choose to gift seem elegant, stylish, and comfortable as well. 

This is one of the best available gifts under 999 to surprise them with!


Nothing fits a woman's persona more than a gold-plated necklace when she enters a room with a goal set in mind and her sights set on the target. Gold has always been glamorous and desirable. Gold has always been the top choice for women all over the world. 

At EK, jewellery gifting becomes easy with necklaces and necklace sets that can serve as an accessory illuminating a woman's personality in all of its sides and delving deeper into who she is.

EK Your Perfect Gifting Partner for Jewellery Gifts Online

If you're having trouble deciding on jewellery gifts under 999 for your loved ones try our recommendations here that will help them go aww in surprise. So, what are you waiting for? Our stunning collection of jewellery under 1000 is made up of amazing designs, and purchasing them would instantly transform your style.

From pendants and studs to necklaces curated at EK, we carefully research and examine all the designs. We are in a continuous search process for creating new designs and fresh patterns that can be your go-to gifting picks while looking for jewellery gifts online. For the time being, pendants with sun signs, stud earrings, or gold-plated necklaces are the finest options to choose from while searching for jewellery under 1000

We at EK present you with the best online jewellery gifts delivered to your doorstep. Get your loved ones what’s on their wishlist; we are here to support you in all of your endeavours, whether it's anniversaries, birthdays or intimate family gatherings. We are your one-stop shop for anything your heart desires!

Why Choose EK for Online gifts, Home Decor Products and Premium Ethnic Wear

Don't overlook the small details that make a difference once you've selected the ideal present. If your budget allows, you can complement your zodiac sign jewellery gifts with other impressive products at EK, such as spiritual evil eye pendants, evil eye bracelets, Lotus jewellery and Tree of life, etc. It's crucial because sometimes, getting a thoughtful complementing gift from someone special might be the best part of the experience. 

All of the jewellery gifts up to 1000 in the collection are made to exceptionally high levels of craftsmanship and goldsmithing quality. Each jewellery item is a work of art with a distinct design and exceptional finesse. 

At EK, we also bring to you a wide range of Home decor products such as bed sheets online, ethnic table runners, dohar online, cotton curtains online, serving plates, wooden bowls and ceramic serveware. 

Also, if you are searching for some elegant ethnic wear online, we have a wide collection of cotton chunnis online, cotton kurtas online and flare pants online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is the quality of online jewellery?

EK’s online jewellery under 1000 comes in amazing designs. Our beautiful neck pieces display and glow a brilliant light that emanates from within. Each delicate piece is plated in 22 karat gold, making them a thoughtful present for your loved ones to honour a special event or just to make a statement.

Can I use this jewellery on a daily basis?

Yes, jewellery gifts under 999 at EK can be used on a daily basis. All you need to take care of is to prevent it from water and keep it in a dry place when you put them off. 

Are these online jewellery gifts durable?

EK’s jewellery Gifts upto 1000 are truly durable in nature. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these gifts under 999 are sustainable in nature and can be worn with any outfit!

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