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Infused with 100% organic ingredients, the charcoal-free natural aroma Incense sticks, cones and dhup, and the eco-friendly wooden agarbatti holders are handcrafted by talented Indian artisans. They are an ideal pick for people who like to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after a hectic day with soothing aromas.



What is Incense?

Incense is obtained from a fragrant plant burned to release its aroma. Sandalwood, Champa, and Nag Mogra are famous and most preferred scents available in incense and dhoops sticks. Incense has been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies for ages and is still used in many cultures worldwide.

What is an Incense Stick Made Up Of?

Best incense sticks typically contain a fragrance material, adhesive powder, herbal and wood powder and bamboo stick.

Incense Stick & Mental Health Relation

Using incense has long been a tradition in meditation and yoga, mostly due to its ability to relax the brain. The scent of incense smoke lowers heart rates and helps the brain feel entirely relaxed and at ease.

Stress can cause headaches and migraines. Thus relaxation is an important aspect of headache treatment. Nag Champa is used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve discomfort from cerebral aches, illness, gout, hypersensitivities, and stomach and urinary disorders. Our sense of smell is a direct link to the brain. Thus incense and aromatherapy operate.

Using incense to drive away feelings of despair, depressive thoughts, negative emotions, and concerns that gnaw at the brain's serenity has been recommended in ancient therapeutic and healing rituals. It will make you feel light-hearted and happy by pushing out negative thoughts and replacing them with tranquillity and a focused attitude to offer your all. 

If you are looking for the best agarbatti online, then shop for 100% natural Nagchampa and Patchouli Incense Stick online at EK to revive your space. 

Composition of Dhoop sticks

Dhoop sticks have long been utilised in India to purify, cleanse, and infuse positive energy into our homes and surroundings. EK's Dhoop sticks are created entirely of natural materials and charcoal free scents. They are crafted to bring calm, purity, and pleasure into your life by infusing them with exquisite aromas and healing potency. With every EK Dhoop sticks you light, you bring India, her heritage, and well-being into your house.

Agarbattis have long been utilised to purify, cleanse, and elevate our homes and places in India. EK's incense sticks are manufactured by hand by rural women with the finest organic ingredients. They help stimulate your senses and enter the zen mode with soothing aromas. 

Spiritual Reasons to burn Agarbattis and Dhoop

Burning incense sticks before sitting down to meditate is a typical practice all across the world to help individuals focus more on themselves. To achieve ultimate peace and countenance, the mind must quiet down and disconnect from the rest of the world. The scent of incense sticks aids in the speeding up of the procedure. It brings pleasure and solitude to mind, drawing you deeper into the eternal ecstasy of contemplation. It's thought that you're linked to all of the macrocosm's tee orders.

Incense sticks purify the air and fill the room or contemplative place with a pleasant aroma. Incense is made out of natural ingredients like flowers, and it makes you feel like you're in the midst of nature. As the atmosphere gets more serene, it becomes simpler to concentrate and absorb the pleasant aspects of the location. The air is further elevated into a profound condition. The burning of incense sticks clears the air of negative energy and instils a sense of innocence and rationality. The intellect is fresh and open to a journey into the soul.

Why choose Ek for Incense sticks

EK is a brand dedicated to bringing the best of India to your door. All materials, colours, designs, and objects have a function. The natural charcoal free incense sticks and dhoop sticks are made from the finest ingredients and enrich your living space with calming hues of rose, sandalwood, patchouli, lotus and nag champa. 

The brand's core is established by aesthetic sensibilities combined with India's exquisite wellness knowledge. Everything has a strong sense of rootedness in this place. Apart from showcasing India's unique handicrafts, each item at EK has been carefully made to bring pleasant energy into your home. Along with an amazing collection of incense sticks online, we have an incredible choice of home décor items online to give your home a stylish appeal, including copperware, spiritual jewellery, shuddhi combo pack, cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets, dohar, ceramic, wooden, brassware, blue pottery, mandala and many more. Also, if you are someone who is looking for premium rakhi gifts online then we have something for you. Check out our rakhi gift collection page now. EK's exclusive collection of jewellery includes evil eye pendant, evil eye bracelet and many more.

Positive benefits of burning incense sticks

Increase your attention and calmness

Essential oils from plants like rosemary, peppermint, citrus and sandalwood incense have been demonstrated to boost mental clarity, focus, and cognition.

Reduce anxiety and stress

Certain herbs are well-known for their ability to reduce anxiety and stress. The aroma of Lavender, for example, has been shown in multiple trials to be useful in lowering anxiety

Assist with sleep

Lavender is also recognised for its sedative properties, and it is said to help with sleep and insomnia. While getting ready for bed, burning lavender incense sticks may help you fall asleep quickly. Find the 100% natural lavender incense sticks online on EK. 

Add to your yoga or meditation routine.

Incense is commonly associated with yoga and meditation. Burning incense is an excellent supplement to a yoga and meditation regimen since some of the essential oils used to scent incense sticks can help reduce tension and boost focus.

Encourage your imagination

By cleaning and stimulating the mind, incense can improve creativity and flow states.

Purify your surroundings. For thousands of years, Buddhist monks have used incense to purify their surroundings. One study discovered that burning incense for an hour reduced the microorganisms in the air by 94%!

The sheer pleasure of smelling something nice

Of course, simply savouring a fragrance is a benefit in and of itself. Taking in pleasant fragrances can actually make us happier, bring back fond memories, and lift our spirits.

Incense in home decoration

Incense stick holders come in a wide range of styles and patterns, from basic trays to handcrafted wood stands, and the selection is extensive. Using an incense stick stand allows you to burn incense sticks in your home mandir cleanly, leaving your home with pleasant aromas and wonderful energy without cleaning up afterwards. Agarbatti holders also serve to prevent mishaps caused by unattended burning incense sticks since they keep the sticks covered and protected, preventing any potential fire-related incidents or injuries to children and pets.

Incense stick holders are a low-cost method to add style to your home.

Even when not in use, several incense containers resemble relics and look excellent in the home, such as wooden circular incense stick holders, multicolour blue pottery incense stick holders and white blue pottery incense stick holders. Incense holders are easy to clean and keep ash stains to a minimum. Incense holders keep the ash in their trays and only allow the aroma of the incense sticks to pass through. 

Most individuals would use incense sticks at home if cleaning up was not required. Incense holders allow you to maintain the centuries-old practice of burning incense, which has so much cultural significance across ethnicities, in the modern house without sacrificing hygiene or risking harm to your furniture from ash left on your furniture. 

Buy the best incense stick stand online at EK at the most affordable and reasonable prices; you can also try the Navgrah wellness pack to invoke the blessings of the nine celestial bodies, as mandated in Indian tradition's scriptures. For your health, these are prepared with 100% organic ingredients and hand-rolled by women artisans.

History of Incense sticks or Dhoop Sticks

Since ancient times, burning incense has been a significant rite. It was originally brought into use by priests for fumigating tombs and is thought to have originated in Egypt.

Incense burning was first discovered in 3300 BC in India and Southern Asia. Burning incense, coupled with worship and prayer, was thought to ward off bad spirits while cleaning the environment.

It wasn't until the early 1900s that the Maharaja, King of Mysore, came up with the notion of rolling incense paste on bamboo sticks. It grew into a popular craft under his supervision as the public enthusiastically received the newly fashioned incense. 

The Maharaja fostered and supported the development of perfumery based on the temple priests' traditional spiritual formulas coupled with diverse Ayurvedic healing formulae. The sticks were hand-rolled in India by local artisans, mostly women, who helped boost the local economy.

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