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Home Décor



Importance of Home Decor

Our home decor impacts our physical and emotional health. Hence what we choose to surround ourselves with helps us create a positive environment that is good for our well-being. Everything you pick , from the colors you choose to the number of throw pillows you place on the sofa, is an opportunity to create an environment in which you and your family may thrive,  leave your mark and live peacefully. Simple color schemes, warm tones, and strong patterns can all be used to create a relaxing environment, snug and inviting home, or a bright and energetic gathering place.

Home decor items are important  because they impact our self-perception, confidence, and productivity. So, if that cushion cover or piece of art makes you happy, go ahead and get it. You're not treating yourself; you're creating an environment where you can be your best self! For all your home decor items needs, EK has a versatile  collection to choose from. Let's have a look!

EK’s Home Decor Products for Perfect Decoration

Blue Pottery 

Blue pottery is a Turko-Persian traditional craft that arrived in Jaipur, Rajasthan, in the 19th century. It's made with a complicated procedure that involves churning specially prepared clay on a potter's wheel and subsequent molding and firing. The Giridhar Family of Jaipur creates Ek's items and has been conserving this distinct technique for years. If you want to add vibrant pop colors to your home for a joyful and uplifting atmosphere, the blue pottery dishes are a great choice. Such home decor products come in various hues of blue and yellow color. 

These white and yellow masterpieces will revitalize any drab space in your home. The beautiful vase, bowls, and platters come with a delicate and pleasant floral design that may be matched with fresh flowers to bring positive energy into the space.

Inspired by old Indian designs, flower themes, and handpainted with a beautiful royal blue color, the plates and bowls add grace to your living space and help your soul relax. Shop for the best home decor handmade products at EK. 

Brass Lantern 

Brass is an auspicious traditional metal in Indian culture, and it has been used as an intrinsic element since time immemorial. Since brass has ayurvedic benefits and its presence in the home is supposed to have a favorable impact on one's health and well-being, Ek has a broad choice of brass serve ware home decor products. Brass is recyclable and environmentally friendly, making metal a fantastic choice for the environment.

Home decor items online at EK, such as the punctured frieze on this minaret-shaped lantern, allow warm air and perfume to flood the room while the candle is lighted. It provides an enchanting atmosphere. The richness of Mughal artefacts is reflected in the exquisite design and colours. This home decor product is a perfect way to uplift your home's overall look and feel.

Metal Platter 

Inheriting the benefits of brass, the antique brassware platters add a sense of contemporary touch to the traditional platter. With gleaming silver and gold finish, these magnificent brass plates add regal beauty to your setting. Various patterns and designs are available in the metal platter home accessories, such as in the shape of leaves featuring a goldfinch and plain circular patterns representing joy, enthusiasm, and perseverance. This metal platter is ideal for serving snacks or functioning as a decorative item in your living room decor.

Wooden Platter 

Our Utkarsh Mandala Collection wooden platters feature intense color combinations and beautiful Mandala motifs. Mandalas are a worldwide sign of spirituality that have a relaxing impact on the mind and body while also infusing our living room decor with positive energy. Enjoy the natural beauty of the wood while dining on this wooden serving platter, which local artisans painstakingly created. To complete the look, pair the plate with other pieces of wooden home accessories. 

Wooden Bowl 

Wooden home accessories are long-lasting, environmentally beneficial, and inherently attractive. Germs and bacteria are naturally killed by wood. As a result, many people prefer wood over other materials for ornamental objects, cookware, and serving ware due to aesthetics and usefulness. These wooden bowls can be used to serve condiments or simply to enhance the living room decor of your area with their natural wooden attractiveness.


Available in blue and yellow colors, the vase's vibrant colors may brighten any room. Fill the room with uplifting, positive energy by pairing it with lovely lilies or unique home accessories from our collection. This lovely vase can also be used to decorate your side table. Pair the vase with other handpainted products from our one-of-a-kind collection.

Enjoy the wellness and cultural heritage with EK’s wide range of home decor accessories.

We all desire a home that looks like it came straight out of a design magazine. However, you must have a subject in mind to accomplish this. Any home decor item you undertake should reflect your preferences and the people's preferences living in that place. Otherwise, it can appear OK yet not feel welcoming or comfortable. Adding your personal touches to your home decor can lift the look and feel of the space. Once you start the journey of home decor, many aspects of house décor must be considered, including lighting, texture, color, etc. So, if you want to make a change, make sure the pieces you choose blend in with the existing design.

EK brings you the best living room decor ideas with their culturally inherited home accessories such as home linen inspired from Mandala and Bagh Journal Prints, copperware and dining of wooden and brassware, and charcoal-free incense with sandalwood and nag mogra scents. These are just a few to elaborate; there are multiple ranges in every item you want to seek for your home decor purposes to choose from. Also, Ek’s have a wide range of rakhi gifts online to make your Raksha Bandhan more special

EK - Your perfect partner for home decor items

EK's brings to you the best of Indian art, which is said to fill positivity and wellness in your space and highlight India's unique handicrafts. All materials, colors, designs, and objects serve a purpose. Creative sensibilities and India's wonderful traditional art define the brand's core. Everything in this place has a strong sense of rootedness. The brassware and wooden home accessories give your living room a traditional and elegant touch. Now only home decor items, but you can revive your whole home with the goodness of EK’s products such as Bedsheets, Table linens, Dohar, Cushion covers, Jewellery, Copperware, and Incense. EK's collection of jewellery includes evil eye pendant, evil eye bracelet and many more. EK is your stop place to buy the best home decor products online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is all included in Home decor products?

EK home decor items can transform your home into a stylish and traditional refuge. You can shop a wide range of home decor online, such as flower vases, bed sheets, linens, curtains, dohars, brassware, pottery, cushion covers etc.

Do these home decor products have an expiration date?

Generally, home decor items do not come with an expiration date. They are subtle artifacts made of non-perishable materials and can be preserved for years to uplift the decor of your house. 

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