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Cushion Covers



How Cushions Play an Important Role in Styling Your Living Room

Cushions are one of the most cost-effective and quick ways to transform the look of your home without putting in a lot of time or money.EK’s wide range of cushion cover designs draw its inspiration from crafts of ancient India such as Mandala,Bagh Journal, Jharokha etc. and are made with pure cotton to add a touch of wellness and beauty to your living space.

Colours and patterns have been known to have an impact on our emotional and physical health. Cool blues, serene whites, soothing shades of green all have a calming effect on our senses, whereas bold colours such as reds and purples give rise to other fiery emotions. Hence choosing the right shades for your upholstery becomes crucial. So if you are looking at sprucing up your home decor, have a look at our wide range of cushion covers that have been designed to bring positive vibes into your homes. At EK, we understand the importance of well-being. We have curated our products such as curtains, table linensdohars, and more as with utmost diligence, keeping in mind the idea of your wellness.

Various Cushion Covers to Choose from EK

Mandala Print

Made from 100% cotton, Mandalas-designed cushion covers have a prominent effect on our lives. The circular designs of Mandala art are said to improve concentration, immunity and calm the nerves. These cushion covers are sure to add warmth and cheerfulness to your living space.

Rangeen Ikat

EKdesigns draw its inspiration from ancient culture and traditions of ancient India. The speciality of this design is that it is a ‘resist dyeing technique’ in which yarn bundles are tightly tied together and dyed as many times as necessary to get the desired pattern. Because the strands are coloured before being woven into cloth, this dyeing technique is unique.

The multi coloured Ikat designs with beautiful motifs spread positivity and good vibes in your living space. Made from 100% cotton, these hand block printed cushion covers are good for skin and body.

Bagh Journal

Bagh print is a traditional Indian handicraft that originated in Bagh, Madhya Pradesh's Dhar district. Hand-printed woodblock prints with naturally based paints and dyes characterise the method. At EK, Bagh Print cushion covers are available in various floral prints and soothing colours. These cushions are a must to have in your living space for a vibrant yet energetic feel.


Rajasthan is famous for a variety of things, including top-notch hospitality, architectural jewels that have lasted the test of time, the royal lineage, and a plethora of arts and crafts. One such architectural art famous in Rajasthan is Jharokha i.e., a window. Made from 100% cotton, EK brings to you beautiful cushion covers with Jharokha designs that have been famous since ages. Cushion covers featuring rich jharokha motifs are sure to liven up your space.


The Alankar print cushion covers at EK are inspired by one of the most charming patterns of all time, exploring a blend of rich ornate paisley designs with a vibrant colour play. It's extravagant, luxurious, and its intrinsic creativity captures attention even in its most basic forms. The appealing patterns and colours will undoubtedly improve your spirits and infuse happiness into your surroundings. Feel the vivid hues of our cushion cover that is crafted from pure cotton to ensure that your skin remains healthy.

Mughal Jaal

Since time immemorial, jali patterns have been widely used in Indian buildings. Our Mughal Jaal print cushion covers, which are designed in peaceful tones and contain lovely flower motifs in pure cotton, will bring a sense of sereneness. The natural colours and rich ethnic themes will elevate your home decor making it more unique and tasteful.

What should be kept in mind while buying Cushions Covers Online

Fabric Used in Cushions Covers

It's not just about the look, though; it's also about the substance. Primary characteristics such as hardness/softness must be considered while purchasing cushion covers online. On the skin, many textiles are finer or subtler than others, so search for textures that make you feel comfortable and secure when using them. Cotton is always a good option as it is a breathable fabric which is good for your skin and has a timeless appeal.

Colour and Print of Cushions Covers

Cushion cover’s prints and textures must also be considered, as well as how they would compliment your interior. Don't be afraid of strong colours, floral cushion cover, ethnic cushion covers they may add a lot to your decor. If your interior already has darker colours, we recommend going with block print cushion covers as they have more neutral, lighter shades and offer more punch. The colour combinations of your home should be contrast and precision.

Keep a check on size

You must select coverings in a size that complements your sofa set as well as the rest of the room. Cushion coverings are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 x 16 " to 24 x 24 ". These are the basic cushion sizes. Each seat cushion covers online is available in a variety of sizes. If you can't find the exact size you're looking for, you can have cushions made specifically for you. The majority of cushions, on the other hand, are only available in regular sizes.

Your Living Room Interior

Your interior design plays a vital role in achieving your goal of purchasing cushion covers online. Another practical technique to buy cushions is to research your preferences and make an informed opinion. A previous thought ignites your vision of pleasant interior decoration whenever you search for interior design. With that in mind, seek for cushion forms that are appropriate.

Why Choose EK by Ektaa?

EK is a brand that is aimed at bringing the best of India to your home. All of the materials we use, the colours we choose, and the designs and artefacts we collect have a purpose. The Jharokha series by EK is inspired by the old and ornate jharokha (windows) style that dates back to the Mughal Empire and can be found in Rajasthani architecture. Each item is constructed of 100% cotton fabric, which has a soft and comfortable feel and is one of the highest quality, breathable materials available. EK has employed wonderful hues of Neel extracted by Indian artisans with care and spread across the length of 100 per cent cotton fabric in beautiful patterns to give a pleasing look to your home and a feeling of tranquillity to you, inspired by the beauty and gravity of India's own indigo colour. The Mandala sign delivers relaxing vibrations to the environment it is introduced in, therefore EK's Madala collection was curated with that in mind. The symbol is now frequently used for spiritual and meditative reasons. This line features 100 per cent cotton goods with relaxing colour tones and very fine mandala prints that may be used in a number of settings. Apart from Cushion covers, you can change the style statement of your home by 100% cotton bedsheets , Copper Ware, IncenseCeramicWoodenBrass Ware, Blue Pottery, and also have ethnic wear like cotton kurta, designer dupatta, tapered fit pantsCheck out EK's collection of premium rakhi gifts online and surprise your brother and sister this Raksha Bandhan. EK's exclusive collection of jewellery includes evil eye pendantevil eye bracelet and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which fabric is best for cushion covers?

The most loved cushion fabrics found at homes and fabric stores are cotton and linen. Both materials are machine washable and hypoallergenic, ensuring that no one gets irritation as a result of the fabric type. Cotton's wide availability makes it ideal for use in Indian homes.

What size should cushion cover be?

To ensure extra plumpness and comfort, choose a cushion pad that is the same size or one size larger than your cushion cover. Never choose a cushion pad that is smaller than your cover, as this will result in bare corners with no stuffing — overloaded looks and feels much better.

What patterns are available for Cushion covers?

Mughal Jaal Block Print, Alankar Hand Block Print, Rangeen Ikat Hand Block Print, Utkarsh Mandala Hand Block Print cushion cover and many more in different colour and pattern combinations are available.

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