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A Bowl Full of Happiness

It's challenging to prepare a multi-course lunch for guests. One has to put in a lot of effort, including cooking, serving, and organising. Imagine spending all this time in the kitchen and finding that the food on the table isn't as appetising in looks as you had hoped. Although everything is in order, your serving ware is not proper. It's a mere waste of time and energy. Well, if you ask us, the answer is definitely yes. As crucial as making quality cuisine is purchasing a good serving set too. 

Undoubtedly, bowls are the most reassuring serving piece. They make you miss the good meals you used to eat at home, and the warmth adds to the bliss of the whole thing. Bowls are essential in serving cutlery since they make your food look more attractive without worrying about spills. Additionally, they serve as a good icebreaker for awkward dinners and reflect the host's personality. 

Any food can be complemented and elevated with the correct bowl. Selecting a bowl may be as time-consuming as selecting the ideal wine for the meal because they come in various forms, styles, and sizes. Knowing what dish is to be served in what kind of bowl, therefore, becomes more crucial. We have compiled a list of 3 serving bowl sets at EK to serve deserts, salads, rice, curries, and other foods. These sets are ideal for improving your hosting when serving at the dinner table.

Salad Bowls: Salads have been prepared for thousands of years, but with time, eating customs have changed about when, where, and how to eat them. A salad bowl is a practical serving dish typically spherical and has shallow edges. These bowls, which come in various materials, can serve a lot of salad while making it simple, tossing ingredients without spilling them. A salad bowl can be beneficial for serving green or fruit salads if you frequently entertain guests or have a big family.

Desert Bowls: Adding a nice set of dessert bowls to your kitchen is an amazing idea. They enhance your delicacies' appearance and highlight the brilliance of food. There is one for everyone, whether they want rasgullas or ice cream sundaes.

Serving Bowls: Size, shape, and material all vary among serving bowls. Additionally, many serving bowls have decorations or paint jobs that might make them more appropriate for particular occasions, such as formal dinners, informal parties, or get-togethers during the holidays. Several serving bowls are made to serve more than one purpose. Food is kept in a serving dish, from which guests can either help themselves or receive service from their host. 

Let’s check out the wide variety of ceramics, wooden and brass serving bowls at EK:

Set Your Table Right with Our Serving Bowls

Ceramic Serving Bowl

Clay, earthy materials, powders, and water combinations are typically put into the desired shapes to create ceramic servwewares. After the pottery is formed, it is burnt in a high-temperature oven kiln. Ceramics are frequently covered in beautiful glazes and weatherproof paint-like materials. Extreme mastery and tremendous talent are required for the method. Each piece created for EK collection is a true masterpiece and will undoubtedly give your home a luxurious feel. 

Among all our ceramic bowl collections, handcrafted spiral ceramic bowls online and handmade off-white printed glazed ceramic serving bowls are a must to have in your ceramic serveware collection. 

Wooden Serving Bowls 

How satisfying is it to serve and consume your favourite smoothie from a wooden bowl that is precisely shaped to serve it only? Imagine delicious noodles or that delightful gravy delivered on a wooden plate, along with naan bites!

Perhaps the most overlooked material in Indian homewares is wooden serving ware. Are you unsure of the benefits of using wooden serveware? We have a tonne of reasons!

Wood has long been used in dinnerware because it is so sturdy, and they never go out of style. All the wooden cutlery from—beautiful wooden trays, artisanal bowls, gravy boats, serving spoons, and ladles—add a sustainable touch to your kitchen. Unlike glass or pottery, wooden objects are not fragile and have a very long lifespan. Even if they do, wood is the material that decomposes in the soil the quickest, so you may shop guilt-free! 

Excellent workmanship is put into crafting all our wooden bowls with distinctive motifs in the wooden dinnerware. Because of their organic and genuine appearance, they go well with any interior design motif.

Shop for Utkarsh Mandala Dark Blue Enamel Print Wooden bowls online for an enhanced serving experience.

Brassware Serving Bowls

Our ancestors have utilised brass utensils for a long period and have a lengthy history of doing so. In addition to having mythological and spiritual significance, brassware utensils are considered beneficial in maintaining good health. Typically, brass is made of 30% zinc and 70% copper. Brass contains both these minerals, which are crucial for enhancing our immune systems. With people becoming more health conscious and preferring to utilise materials that don't harm them, brass dining sets are in trend currently.

Check out EK Gold Bowl set and enhance your dining and serving experience whenever guests are at home. The beautifully crafted designs are sure to lure your guests and make them go aww with your serving cutlery. 

Why Choose EK?

EK by Ektaa  Kapoor is dedicated to bringing the best of India to your doorstep. Our product's materials, colours, designs, and objects serve a function that infuses wellness into your space. 

The brand's foundation is built on aesthetic sensibility and India's superior wellness expertise. Everything feels deeply anchored in this location. In addition to highlighting the distinctive handicrafts of India, each piece at EK has been thoughtfully designed to infuse your house with a calming vibe. Along with a fantastic collection of ceramic and wooden bowls online, we offer an incredible array of premium home decor, organic incense sticks, home décor items online, and bedsheets online, dohars, cushion covers to give your home a stylish appeal, including copperware, spiritual jewellery such as Evil Eye pendant, Evil Eye bracelet, Hamsa necklace, shuddhi combo pack, blue pottery, and many more.

We offer a fantastic collection of Pure cotton dupatta online and pure cotton kurti online to enhance your look every time you step out! Have a look and order your favourite piece now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the better ceramic or wooden bowl?

Both hot and cold meals can be served in wooden bowls. A natural insulator, wood. Therefore, wooden bowls keep your food warm while shielding your hands from heat.

Do ceramic bowls break?

Although chippable, ceramic dishes are strong, resilient, and corrosion-resistant. Unless you naturally drop one on the ground. When exposed to heat, ceramic has a propensity to expand. If your ceramic bowl isn't oven-proof, heating it to high temperatures might create thermal shock when the heat source is turned off, leading to it breaking or cracking.

How do you maintain wooden bowls?

Just soak the wooden serving bowls in warm water mixed with dish soap. Use a nylon scrubber sponge to scrub the bowl, then thoroughly rinse under hot water or lukewarm water and quickly pat dry with a dishtowel.

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