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Elevate the appeal of your bedroom with aesthetically designed bedsheet sets by Indian artisans. The ethnic motifs are hand block printed on 100% cotton spread to fill your room with happy and positive vibes!



Connecting the Dots Between Sound Sleep & Soothing Bed Sheets

We, at World of EK, understand the importance of overall well-being in our lives especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Sound sleep is essential for the body and the mind to work at its optimum levels. Keeping this in mind we have chosen products that will help improve your physical and mental well-being. 

The bedroom is a personal space wherein you give time to yourself, to relax and rejuvenate after a long hectic day at work. While we choose our bedding with utmost care, we also need to select bed sheets that help provide comfort for a sound sleep. Did you know that fabrics play a big role in deciding which bedsheet would be more suited for your bedding? Some fabrics tend to be cooler while some trap heat. 

EK has created a classic collection of premium bed sheets online that are inspired by rich Indian art and heritage with carefully designed motifs and patterns that help create a calming environment for you to sleep.  

Mandala Print Bed Sheets 

Mandalas have forever been revered as a sacred circle that represents the inner and outer world. Traditionally mandalas are created by monks in monasteries to help them focus and work on their inner self. Mandalas are known to enhance concentration, boost immunity and promote sound sleep as it helps relax the nerves. Our Mandala collection of bed sheets online is created keeping this harmony in mind. Bring in the energy of mandalas into your bedrooms for a sound and rejuvenating sleep. Made using 100% cotton, these sheets are made to give you both comfort and style.

Jharokha Print Bed Sheets

Originating in Rajasthan, the word Jharokha bears its literal meaning from the word “jaali window”. Jharokha prints sound synonyms with peace, warmth and relaxation. Buy these bed sheets online and make your room come alive with vibrant colours. Inspired by our rich heritage the print comes with an array of sophisticated colour schemes to choose from. Apart from driving inspiration from Indian history behind each of our products, World of EK strongly believes in the concept of sustainability, hence our Jharokha Print Bedsheets are made from 100% cotton and are environmentally friendly. 

Bagh Journal Print Bed Sheets 

Those who are inclined towards nature’s flora and fauna, the bagh journal print bed sheet is a must-have in your collection. The block printed Bagh Journal Bed sheets will add a luxurious look to your bedroom. Tailor-made for Indian homes these printed bed sheets online provide your bedroom with warmth and elegance with a modern appeal. Bagh prints are named after a small tribal town in Madhya Pradesh's Dhar area. 


These are the hand block printed bed sheets which aid in generating soothing vibes in your bedroom. They come in a variety of prints and patterns handcrafted with natural dyes. Made from 100% cotton the Alankar Print Bedsheets prove to be super comfortable for your skin and allow it to breathe properly while you are sleeping. With every wash the cotton gets even more soother and soft. 

Mughal Jaal Print Bed Sheets 

For all the floral lovers, Mughal Jaal Print Bed sheets online are a must pick in your collection. Available in a variety of floral prints the bed sheet has a calming and soothing effect on your relaxing area. With light and warm colours they give a subtle yet artistic look to your bedroom. The floral motifs are said to relax your mind and set your mood calm. 

Rangeen Ikat

The charming blue and white hues are sure to drive your mind towards all the positivity and good spirit. Having ornamental motifs and designs these bed sheets will give your room a classic and vintage look inspired from ancient India. The benefits of pure cotton on our skin, mind and body are known to all, these Rangeen Ikat 100% hand block print cotton bed sheets online, available in various subtle as well as bold & vibrant colours will lift your mood up every time you enter your room in search of tranquillity and peace.

Utkarsh Mandala Print Bed Sheets 

The entire art world appreciates the artistic style of mandalas. Mandala art consists of elaborate drawings enclosed within a circle and is well-known for its significance and specifics. Naturally, the artwork will pique your interest, but these intricate rings' meditative and symbolic significance is profound and goes beyond its outward look.

Our Utkarsh Mandala printed cotton bedsheets Collection comprises striking color combinations and unique Mandala patterns. Mandalas are a common sign of spirituality and have a relaxing impact on the body and mind, bringing good energy into the room. Get the best cotton bed sheets online at EK.

Gulistaan Print Bed Sheets

The Gulistaan print is a source of Wisdom. The focus of this collection is stunning flowers, and it features single flowers, bunches of flowers, and bouquets in vibrant colors, all of which are inspired by the many forms and vibrant hues of flowers. Bright hues and cheery flowers make the aura surrounding us pleasant and immediately impact our disposition and general well-being.

Although a plain cotton bed sheet has its grace, a printed designer bedsheet adds a bold statement to the look and feel of your bedroom. Add life to your bedroom with Gulistaan Print king-size bed sheets from EK. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Bed Sheets Online

Take Measurement of Bed Size

While some conventional bed sizes are available, some people choose to have their beds customized to their specific needs. Before ordering a bedsheet online, make sure to measure the length and thickness of your mattress. 

Check for Fibre Content

Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima, are softer and more durable if you want to go all out. The disadvantage is that these sheets may be more expensive, and you'll have to trust the company's word; cotton has been mislabeled as Egyptian in the past. Cotton/polyester mixtures are also an option. We have a good collection of double bed sheets online with 100% cotton such as Utkarsh Mandala Bedsheet, Alankar White Hand Block Print, Mughal Jaal Floral print, Mughal Jaal off-white hand block print, offwhite mandala dohar printed bed sheets etc. 

Check for Design and Pattern 

For some of us while choosing an online bedsheet, deciding between a plain and a printed cotton bedsheet is a difficult task. When it comes to making decisions, the quality and kind of print can play a significant effect. A handcrafted bedsheet is a must-have in today's world, where everyone is infatuated with machine prints. 

Check for Thread Count 

When purchasing bedsheets, always check the thread count because high thread count bedsheets provide a fantastic experience you've always desired. You should search for thread counts between 300 and 500, which are ideal for getting a decent feel and ensuring a positive experience. But if you want to get the most out of your home decorating, you may also experiment with alternative thread counts.

Check for Fabric 

Choosing a high-quality material is crucial when purchasing a double bed sheet online. Comfort is influenced by fabric type. The texture of the cloth is determined by the blend and mix.

Pure cotton bed sheets, which are delightfully soft and breathable, come with a minimalist matte-sheen finish, seem soft, and have beautiful drape as well as temperature regulating properties. 

DIY Tips to take care of your Printed Cotton Bedsheets

As with other clothing, it is crucial to properly care for your bedsheets too. Most of the bedsheets online come with washing and care instructions but if you don't have that for your printed cotton bed sheets, here are some general suggestions for keeping your premium bedsheets clean and avoiding damage so they last a long time.

  1. Avoid using hot water when washing your bed linens and instead use cold or warm water. It is recommended to wash sheets at 40 degrees Celsius or below because very high temperatures might harm the fabric.
  2. Fabric conditioners have a tendency to coat natural fibres and eventually cause them to break down, so avoid using them. They might result in abrasion and pilling.
  3. In order to completely remove the excess detergent residues that would otherwise cause the sheets to turn yellow or discolour, it is a good idea to rinse your premium bedsheets twice.
  4. Drying printed cotton bedsheets at a temperature that is too high, damages natural fabrics by weakening and disrupting their fibres. Overheating over time causes them to become brittle and fade.
  5. The life of your single and king size bed sheets can be prolonged by washing them once a week, or even more frequently in humid areas, as dust, body oils, sweat, and other particles begin to gather on them. The longer these particles linger on the bedsheets, the more stress the fibres will experience.

If you are thinking of renovating your bedroom space then buy bedsheets online from EK that come in various prints and patterns such as Utkarsha Mandala, Alankar, Bagh Journal, Gulistan, Jungle prints, Mughal Jaal and Rangeen Ikat. Our king size bed sheets will fill up your space with positive vibes and calm hues. 

Some DIY Tips to keep your premium king-size bed sheets intact: 


Citric acid, a natural bleaching agent found in lemon, aids in naturally brightening your sheets without the need for chemicals. Lemon juice is a completely natural solution that will leave your bedding with a lovely citrus scent. 

  • Squeeze one tablespoon of lemon juice and add it to your regular detergent in the washing machine.
  • Wash in a machine as usual.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

A typical home product called vinegar has long been promoted as a miracle cure for all manner of cleaning issues. Another common household item with natural odour-neutralising properties is baking soda.

Method 1:

  • Add a 1/2 cup of baking soda while soaking the clothes in water.
  • Wash in a machine as usual.

Method 2: 

  • Combine 1 gallon of boiling water and 1/2 cup of vinegar.
  • The sheets should soak for at least one hour.
  • Wash in a machine as usual.

Wash and Care Instructions for Cotton Bedsheets By EK 

Fortunately, cotton bedsheet sets are relatively simple to maintain. For the best results, just chuck them in the washing machine with your preferred detergent in a warm water setting. For reduced creases, line dry or tumble dry on low or medium heat and immediately remove from the dryer. C’mon, let’s check the dos and don't of cotton bed sheets online.

Use Mild Detergent

It's usually preferable to wash cotton bed sheets with a softer detergent and no bleach. Pure cotton designer bed sheets are not tolerant of the chemicals in more abrasive detergents and bleach. They can harm the fibers in a similar way to heated temperatures. Furthermore, using harsh detergents won't necessarily keep your bedding cleaner. In reality, the abrasive chemicals may react with some stains and change their color instead of removing them.

You should also try adding just a little less detergent to the load than is advised for a full load. If you use too much detergent, it could be more difficult to rinse the bedding thoroughly.

Wash them Once a Week

Wash your sheets at least once a week. Your bed sheet sets absorb your body's oils, sweat, and bacteria. This buildup is fast and can even result in dust mites. 

Your flat sheets, pillowcases, and even your duvet cover should be washed every two weeks.

Avoid Washing in Hot Water

It makes sense to wash your cotton bed sheet set in boiling water to remove all dirt and stains when they are dirty. But, you should refrain from washing your bedding in hot water unless you are sick with the flu or a cold. 

The sheets will shrink and fade over time if they are washed in hot water. The premium bed sheet's cotton fibers degrade in the heat as well. The best general rule is to adhere to the sheet's label's care directions. 

Wash them Separately

When doing laundry, we all want to avoid wasting time. Therefore, you should cease this unhealthy practice if you wash your bedding, towels, and even denim pants in the same machine. When you wash your clothes and towels with your linens, the quality and durability eventually suffer. 

Mixing your queen bed sheets in the same cycle as towels and garments will have longer drying times, and lots of lint from towels and clothing can stick to the sheets and cause the fabric to degrade and lose its suppleness.

Dry them in Low Heat

Making your bed and discovering that your king-size bed sheets no longer fit is the worst feeling. Don't dry your designer bed sheets in high heat to avoid them from shrinking over time. Dry your premium bed sheets at a low temperature instead. When the cycle is through, if they are still moist, think about hanging them to dry. 

Your cozy cotton sheets will shrink and even rip with repeated exposure to high heat. Dry your wet sheets on a line or in a hanger if you have room and mild weather. Additionally, there is nothing better than the scent of crisp linens that have been air-dried.

Voila! Your premium bedsheets are incredibly easy to maintain with all the wash care instructions.

Printed Bedsheets Online - A Game Changer in Home Decor

The things we surround ourselves with have a very meaningful impact on our emotional and spiritual well-being since everything has "life energy" flowing through it.

One of the simplest ways to change a chaotic area into one that is calm and full of positive energy is by donning the area with beautiful printed bedsheets online.

Our homes' interiors are a reflection of who we are and what we are like. When we enter there, it should always exude happiness and calm. We all have highly busy schedules, and at the end of the day, our bedrooms are where we go to find comfort and serenity.

One of the most important furniture pieces in your house is your bed, and regardless of whether you keep it warm and cosy or dress it up with vibrant pillows and linens, your style is evident. Regarding premium bedsheets, you can pick whatever colour and design you like; in a manner, that reflects your unique style.

Why Choose Bed Sheets from EK

EK is a brand that aims to bring the finest of India to your doorstep. The materials, the colours, the designs and artefacts all serve some purpose. The bed linens in EK's collection are made entirely of pure cotton. Their smooth, airy texture makes them an ideal companion for an Indian household's restful and relaxing night's sleep.

The brand's essence is formed by artistic sensibilities blended with India's magnificent craftsmanship. Everything here has a strong sense of rootedness. Apart from highlighting India's diverse handicrafts, each product has been meticulously crafted to infuse your surroundings with positive energy. Along with a wide range of handloom printed bed sheets such as mandala, jharokha, bagh journal, we have an amazing collection of home decor accessories -  copperware, cushion covers, jewellery, Incense, ceramic, table linens, dohar, curtains, wooden, brass ware, blue pottery and many more to give your home a stylish look. Also, EK has a curated collection of ethnic wear like cotton kurta, dupatta, and straight-fit pants to enhance your overall looks. EK’s also have an amazing collection of rakhi gifts online to make your rakhi more special this year.

To ward off evil and look stylish every time you step out, we have a unique collection of Evil Eye Bracelets and Evil Eye Pendants. With you dressing in elegance from tip to toe, how can your home be left behind? We have an amazing collection of ceramic platters, ceramic bowls online, ceramic mugs online, ceramic vases online, unique wooden bowls, and wooden serving platters to spruce up your home decor needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the materials used to make bedsheets?

EK by Ektaa uses 100 % cotton to make our bed sheet sets. Cotton/polyester is the most commonly used fabric by most brands, although there are also cotton/bamboo, cotton/rayon, and nylon/polyester options as well. 

Which Bed Sheets colours are available at EK?

Multi colour cotton bed sheets are available at EK, you can choose one as per your bedroom's interior and preferences. They range from pink, blue, beige, white, brown and many more. 

What are the different types of bedsheets design?

At EK you can find a variety of hand block printed bed sheets such as Bagh Journal, Jharokha, Mandala, Mughal Jaal, etc.

What are some checkmarks to pick the right bedsheets online?

Whenever you click to buy printed bedsheets online, you must check for the fabric- cotton bedsheets are considered to be the best, see the thread count, the return policy, whether is it as per the bed size and lastly check for the designs and patterns. 

Which type of Bedsheet is good for home? Flat or Fitted?

Flat is definitely your go-to option if you also want to replace your mattress or are normally looking for versatile sheets. Fitted bedsheet collections, however, maintain their position better on the bed and are less prone to shift if you toss and turn as you sleep. It also tends to prevent having too many creases because it seems to remain in place better.

How do I know the quality of online bedsheets?

To know the quality of bedsheets online always check for the details of the product and the reviews of the customers. Customer reviews are a great way to decide whether the product matches the mentioned features and what other users have experienced. 

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