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Bagh Journal Collection



What are Bagh Journal Prints?

An Indian handicraft practiced in Bagh, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, India, Bagh Print is a traditional hand-block print with natural colors. Its name is derived from the Bagh River's nearby settlement of the same name. A well-liked textile printing product is a bagh print cloth, which features geometric and floral arrangements. 

On their journey from Sindh to Manawar, the Ajrak Printers noticed the earliest signs when they came across the river "Baghini," which flowed through the copper-rich Manavar landscape. This copper concentration was an undiscovered reserve that could be used extensively to dye clothes with outstanding color quality. In 1962, these printers created the groundwork for their profession, and since then, the voyage has beautifully advanced. A craft initially just an experiment now holds a significant position in the fashion world.

The blocks, primarily made by hand, are delicately etched with motifs drawn from plants and other crafts, such as leheriya, jaali, bush, and mushroom work. Additionally, geometric shapes and sceneries served as design inspiration. The motifs elicit various emotions, reflecting the tranquillity of the prints and lending Bagh prints their individuality.

We at EK have added Bagh Prints' lovely spirit to our assortment of Bedsheets and Cushion Covers. These prints will transport you to the time of bagh printers creating a distinctive touch in your home decor. Intricate designs and delicate hues inspire our collection. Check out a wide range of Bagh print bedsheets and Bagh Print Cushion Covers online at EK and lend a serene look to your home decor!

Collection of Bagh Print Bedsheets at EK

The presence of beautiful bedsheets on the house's bed completely changes the ambiance. The room will flourish if you use pretty bedsheets in the kids' or seniors' rooms. The mind is happy when viewing bed linens that are vividly colored. The Bagh print bedsheet online from EK evokes the very best of Indian culture. Also, the tiny motifs and floral patterns demonstrate how expert Indian painters created the bedsheet.

Great color combinations and prints in the Off White Jharokha Double Bedsheet Set, Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set, and Mughal Jaal Beige Printed 100% Cotton Bedsheet. The hand printed brown rusty woodblock pattern on the Bagh bedsheet gives off a retro vibe. You will experience optimism and a great mood when you use the Off White Mandala King Size Bedsheet Set.

You get a vintage historical atmosphere from the one with the Mughal Jaal Beige Print. Your bed stands out because of the exquisite color choices and the meticulous effort that went into it. These unique and classic hand-block print floral bedsheet online sets will add style to your bedroom.

Bagh Print Cushion Covers

You can never discover an elegant sofa without a fashionable, traditional, or stylish cushion arrangement, isn’t it? Since we're talking about your living area, pillows can be much more than just a comfort item. They brighten your room and give it a more colorful appearance. To be more exact, they exhibit your style by completely altering the aura that your room emits.

Additionally, it would be fair to describe it as a novel way to periodically add small finishing touches to your home's design and furniture. Don't undervalue the influence of these uncommon yet endearing little squares or other shaped pillows packed with cotton. Add a new life to your surroundings with colorful and hand-crafted cushion covers.

Our Bagh print cushion covers will add bling to your home decor with subtle and intricate motifs. Each piece is handmade by traditional and skilled craftsmen. 

Why Choose EK?

EK by Ekta aims to bring the best of India into our homes. The materials, designs, and patterns utilized have significant cultural importance in India. They are included after considering their impact on a person's wellbeing. Most of the products are hand-made by artisans in India to encourage Indian craftsmanship. The items at EK are manufactured with the Indian culture to improve your life.

In addition to highlighting the distinctive handicrafts of India, each piece at EK has been thoughtfully designed to infuse your house with a calming vibe. Along with outstanding Bagh print cushion covers and bedsheets online we have a staggering selection of premium home décor products to give your house a trendy appearance, such as organic incense sticks, copperware, wooden serving bowls, dohar, brassware, ceramic, wooden, jewellery, blue pottery, curtains, and more.

If you are looking for aesthetic, spiritual jewellery such as Evil Eye Pendant, Evil Eye Bracelet, and Hamsa Necklace, then we have stocked them up for you. Our spiritual jewellery is trusted and loved by many celebrities. 

Having adored your bedroom and living room, why leave yourself behind? Infuse in the calmness and serenity in your attire with our pure cotton dupatta online and pure cotton kurta online.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these bed sheets durable?

EK bedsheets are made with natural 100% cotton. The bedsheet has a high thread count and feels naturally light. In addition to being made entirely of cotton, our customers thought it was exceptionally soothing and breathable. Additionally, the breezy fabric and Indian texture contribute to it.

What type of bedsheets are considered best?

Cotton is airy, strong, and good for more delicate skin. Additionally, cotton keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Nothing can completely replace cotton's advantages as a material for bed linens. The traditional Bagh printing on cotton complements both traditional and contemporary tastes.

What fabric is used for these bedsheets?

We at EK employ 100% cotton in all our bedsheet set collections. Cotton is the most liked and more comfortable fabric when buying bedsheets online. 

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