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Wear a Lotus Charm for new beginnings & enlightenment! Lotus Charm Jewellery: Meaning and Significance

Who here hasn’t been mesmerised by the beauty of the lotus flower? Ethereal and elegant, the lotus flower holds a lot of significance and is considered sacred across several cultures round the globe. The main symbols of lotus flowers in Hindu and Buddhist cultures are new beginnings, purification, enlightenment, sanity, and rebirth. 

In general, the lotus flowers symbolise spiritual enlightenment, growth, purity, and fertility, amongst several others. Many other religious and spiritual cultures place great value on lotus flowers, with the lotus symbolising reincarnation, fertility, womanhood, conjugal bliss, and bodily and mental cleanliness, just to name a few.    

Why is the lotus flower so special? 

What makes the lotus so symbolic is its inherent qualities. It is often found on the marshy, rough ground -- emerging untouched and beautiful from the murky, murky waters. Although they are subtle above water, lotus flower roots reach deeply, symbolising internal strength and individual power for facing challenges gracefully and easily. 

Purity & Tranquillity

The lotus is known and has been praised over and over for its quality of blooming despite being in murking waters. Thus, lotus flowers symbolise purity, tranquillity, and divine beauty. 

Creation & Fertility

The lotus goes through a process of daily regeneration. The lotus flower embodies the process of giving birth and life cycle. Thus, the lotus is a symbol of fertility and creation. According to several Hindu texts, the lotus flower is also referred to as the “womb of the world”. This is because, according to a mythical story, a golden lotus flower with 1,000 petals emerged from the water, glowing like a sun, from which the creator Lord Brahma created the material world. 


The lotus has several symbolic meanings, but most commonly, it is used to symbolise the purity of the enlightened mind rising out of life's challenges. The lotus was accepted in several cultures as the symbol of transformation, cleanliness, and enlightenment. In pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, the white lotus especially serves as a strong symbol of purification of the mind.

Independence & Strength 

The flower is a sheer representative of independence and strength in its ability to stand up out of the water and rise independently and flourish however it chooses. This symbolises enlightenment, cleanliness, and rebirth. The lotus represents a person's capacity to rid themselves of their attachments and be free.


Tenacity is the quality of sheer persistence and determination. This quality is often attributed to the lotus. It is because the lotus is a symbol of triumph over adversity and maintaining one’s pure spirit in the face of the challenges in life since the lotus flowers are more often found in marshy, harsh landscapes -- emerging out of dark, murky waters, unblemished and beautiful.    


The Lotus may also symbolise non-attachment since it grows out of the dirt, which represents attachment, but the flowers are floating above the water, far away from the attachments beneath.

Lotus flower’s history and significance across different cultures

Lotus is one of the prettiest spiritual symbols used in jewellery and unsurprisingly, a lot of people like the subtle appearance. The Lotus may also symbolise non-attachment since it grows out of the dirt, which represents attachment, but the flowers are floating above the water, far away from the attachments beneath.

In Eastern cultures, it is held to symbolize purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The flower of lotus means birth and rebirth, as it closes and goes under water during the night, then rises to above water and opens again in the morning. The lotus, in this context, represents rebirth, longevity, and enlightenment, its seeds are symbols of prosperity and procreation, and its stalk is the link to one's own origin.

In ancient Egypt, the lotus was the symbol of fertility, a signature mark of the upper Nile, while in Sumerian and Semitic cultures, it was seen alongside the gods. The symbolic meaning of a lotus flower is particularly significant in Buddhist and Hindu traditions, where the symbolism of the blooming lotus is associated with gods and with the highest forms of enlightenment.    

You may have often seen Buddha holding the pink Lotus flower. Pink Lotus is considered to be the highest flower, holding a kind of sacred space in many cultures. This is because it signifies the power of Lord Buddha. This coloured lotus is one of the rarest and most unique flowers and is considered a symbol of spirituality in many cultures.

Types of Lotus symbol jewellery and how to wear it:

Once you have understood how Lotus flower-shaped jewellery has survived throughout centuries and how its beauty grows and reveals itself daily, you will see why it has been adopted as an emblem, symbol and made sacred by so many cultures around the world.

The beauty of Lotus Flower Symbol Jewellery's survival in the face of hardships (dark, dirty waters and during the Ice Ages) and medicinal properties means that it is recognised and held with great fear by cultures and countries worldwide. Lotus is one of the prettiest spiritual symbols used in jewellery; unsurprisingly, many people like the subtle appearance. 

Some of the lotus jewellery that you should try are- 

Lotus symbol pendants - 

Lotus Pendants can come in various colours. Each colour has a specific significance and meaning.  

Lotus symbol necklace

The Lotus symbol necklace meaning is a reminder of who you are and where you come from. It is a symbol of staying grounded and true to your roots. This lotus necklace appears to be positive in the sense of being good and finding spiritual meaning in one's life. You can wear it every day or on special occasions.

Lotus symbol bracelets

Lotus bracelets have a spiritual affiliation attached to them. You can wear these bracelets on either of your hands.

EK By Ektaa has a range of Lotus symbol jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. that will drive away all the negative vibes and usher in a wave of spiritual awakening in you. 


Does the lotus flower represent Good Luck?

Yes, the lotus flower has been considered a lucky symbol across several cultures and is affiliated with qualities of resilience, beauty, tenacity, etc 

What does a lotus flower pendant symbolise?

The lotus pendant symbolises enlightenment, freedom, and pure thought. The meaning of the lotus flower is usually seen as mental growth, self-awareness, and enlightenment.

What does it mean to give someone Lotus flower jewellery? 

Gifting someone Lotus flower jewellery can have a profound meaning. Lotus is considered auspicious and a symbol of simplicity and purity. However, it is important to be conscious of what colour lotus flower jewellery you are gifting. Different colours hold different significance. 

What does an upside-down lotus flower mean? 

While a straight flower is considered auspicious and a symbol of enlightenment, an upside-down lotus flower is considered to be completely opposite that. An upside-down lotus next to a person also means that the person is deceased. 


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