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Top reasons to switch to Wooden Serveware - Know its benefits and more!

People worldwide have  realised the benefits of natural products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and do not have adverse effects on the environment. The use of wood and wooden products dates back centuries. However, it is now becoming more popular for the multitude of benefits these products offer. Wood is naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly, making it a strong contender for kitchen serveware items. Let's see how?

Benefits of Using Wooden Serveware

Calming & Healing

Wood is a natural material that comes straight from nature, and when we start introducing natural products into our lives, it helps us connect with everything that nature provides. Using serveware made with wood can strengthen our bond with nature and thus, improve our sense of well-being. Bringing in things closely related to our environment imparts a strong, positive effect on ourselves. A study called the "Appearance of Wood Products, and Psychological well-being" showed that the colors and texture of wood and wooden objects evoke comfort, warmth and relaxation in people.   

Aesthetic Value

Wood has a striking character that looks good  even in its raw form. Dinner serveware made using wood seems aesthetically pleasing to the eye and, by extension, makes food look more inviting. Food served on a wooden platter gives the dinner setting a rustic,  chic and premium vibe. These wooden platters also make fabulous, stand-alone decorative pieces for your dinner table.   

Minimal to No Damage 

We all know the number of dinner sets that never got the opportunity to see the light of the day because one item from the collection either broke or was chipped and is no longer good enough to use. Well, this is not the case with wooden serveware. Wooden kitchen utensils do not break or crack easily, making them long-lasting and economical over time. The glaze provided on the woodenware also lasts longer, unlike glass bowls that tend to become dull with use. 


It has been proven that wood has natural anti-bacterial properties to kill any germ activity, unlike plastic or glass. Wooden serveware never develops that peculiar smell that comes from plastic over time. No, wonder people have been switching to wooden kitchenware for the many healing benefits. 

Nature’s Product

Wooden serveware is 100% biodegradable and doesn't harm the environment. These are completely recyclable and are broken down by nature when unused. You do not have to worry about Chemical leaching when serving hot food in a wooden bowl, which you would normally be scared of if made out of plastic. Thus, wooden servewares keep food in its healthy & original form. Wooden platters do not corrode and are great for handling heat while cooking. 

Tips for using Wooden Serveware

While you can serve any type of food in wooden serving ware, here are some tips on what to use wooden serving utensils for. 

  • Create a Charcuterie board with your wooden platter for a dinner party.
  • Serve salads in a large wooden bowl. The vibrant colours of salad vegetables contrasting against the earthy wooden tones look beautiful and delicious at the same time.
  • Finger foods such as satay or desi tikkas with a side of dips
  • Barbequed, cut & diced fruits on a skewer.
  • A sweet & savoury platter that offers cheese, nuts, crackers, grapes or berries.
  • Bowl of caramelised popcorn will make a great offering in a wooden serving bowl.
  • Let your guests' culinary imagination go wild with a make-your-own sandwich platter.

How to care for Wooden Serveware

While wooden kitchenware is very easy and handy to use, it does require a bit of tender love and care for it to last long. Below are some tips that will help you care for your wooden serveware.

  • Wash your wooden platters and bowls by hand. 
  • Use a bristle brush with soap for a good cleaning 
  • Let it completely dry over the counter before its next use
  • Do not submerge them in water for too long as they may form a shape deformity.
  • Avoid washing them in a dishwasher. 

EK's Commitment to Wellness

EK understands the importance of well-being in today's world and strives to bring harmony and positive vibes with our products. Our collection of wooden serveware items includes wooden platters, coasters and bowls that have been handcrafted for their aesthetic value and the vast healing properties it brings with them. So take a step towards wellness and bring home the goodness of wooden kitchen serveware. 


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