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Time to Live In The Shades Of Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and ocean, vastness and abundance, and the color of life itself! Blue symbolizes open spaces, a person’s freedom, imagination, and intuition. Even the word “blue” makes you feel calm and embrace life with a deep breath. In ancient times, many poets and writers were motivated by the color that they wrote several poems and prose in blue. Even painters like Van Gogh were mesmerized by the poetic sense that they couldn’t help but immerse themselves in its true essence.

According to color psychology, people say that blue gives you a feeling of serenity, tranquillity, and calmness. It helps make your chaotic life peaceful while motivating you to be orderly. Also, the blue color makes one feel secure about who one is. Because of this, the color helps you reflect on who you are.

EK by Ektaa brings to you several ways to douse your house with the blues, making your home a place of retreat and peace, where you can nurture your creative streak! 

Douse in the serene blue! 

Blue Ethnic Wear and Jewellery

Do you know that even a hint of blue in your apparel and jewellery can slow your pace and make you peaceful? Yes! That’s why you should try to wear blue ethnic wear on chaotic days like Monday. Let’s give a new meaning to Monday blue with a splash of positivity. You can try Kurtis in different shades of blue, like indigo. Go for dramatic statement pieces with intricate geometric patterns or block printer A-line Kurtis. Now, for jewellery, you can try an evil eye pendant of turquoise color or a Hamsa hand with an Evil Eye in the middle! Is there any other way to make you look radiant and positive, with a dash of luck than these? 

Blue jewellery and ethnic wear make your look understated yet bold and elegant! If you want to flaunt your ethnic wear, add a blue dupatta.

Our favourites are Indigo colors dupatta with beautiful ethnic print and Siyahi Hand Block print dupattas that add an essence of elegance and beauty. 

Blue Bedroom

Blue is a superstar amongst all colors when it comes to the bedroom. If you are confused about what kind of color would suit your bedroom, go for blue. Blue is inherently soothing and has vibes of tranquillity that make you relaxed and peaceful. Also, do you know that the blue color also helps you sleep faster? You want a space that makes you feel good and content while you sleep in a lovely room. Now, there are many ways that you can add blue hues to your bedroom. 

First, start with a blue bedsheet! Now, if you love the French vibes, keep everything in neutral colors while opting for bedsheets with soft, blue accents. Mandala blue print cotton bedsheet would be one of our recommendations to revamp your room royally! We love blue-colored bedsheets, which have block prints of natural dyes contrasting with soft white colors, making your room look full of light and positivity. If you love ethnicity, then Royal Blue Bagh Journal bedsheets would be perfect. It has exquisite contrasting borders. The deep blue color of the bedsheet makes your room so poetic! Another way to spruce up your bedroom is to add cushion covers! The indigo-colored cushions with beautiful floral motifs and intricate designs are perfect for decorative pillows! What can we say? We love to splash a hint of blue everywhere! And indigo is one color that can lift someone’s tired spirit in just a moment! 

Blue Dining Space

A space for memories should also be where you are peaceful and creative! Do you know that the blue color also inspires your creativity? And who wouldn’t want to be creative in their home’s kitchen and dining space? 

Well, a blue dining room might sound odd at first, but if you play right with the colors, you might have a place where you spend most of your day! Now, start with painting the walls! If you ask us, we would first go for the combination of blue and brown. It’s simple and contrasting. It gives your room a pleasurable appeal that makes you drown in its serenity. The Blue and Brown colored dining spaces are sophisticated but not pretentious. It has hints of traditional yet so modern! If you are eclectic, then go wild with choices. Choose floral patterns for one wall, and go for a similar color theme for your dining room. If you love vintage style, go for pastel colors in blue hues! 

But you also need some blue home decor items to add the finishing touch! And can we say no to more blue? Well, blue is a color of abundance, and we can never get enough of blue. So, blue home decor items that would be perfect for your dining space would be blue crockeries! If you love pottery, go for blue pottery plates with abstract patterns. These are multi-useful. But from a design perspective, you can use the plate with mandala designs as wall art. Add a blue bowl to the dining table's middle, filling it with fruits! Our favourite would be a blue-colored tray with beautiful ethnic prints and designs. We love to serve delicious food and beverages in this beautiful tray. Is there any other way to make our guests and loved ones feel comfortable and at home? 

Also, you can choose blue mugs and plates to serve yummy dinner or lunch. Don’t forget about table runners and linens! Choose runners who have contrasting colors but with beautiful accents of blue! Now, for the finishing touches, add blue table mats!

Blue Living Room

Blue is such an eclectic color that it is spectacular no matter what! It has been a favourite of many for its dramatic and calming effects. From the pitch-perfect color of the evening and morning sky to the deep ocean waters, we can say that blue is also the favourite color of Mother Nature! And for the living room, whether you are nautical or modern, or someone who loves traditions and vintage, blue has a shade for everyone to lift their mood and make the room more lively and comfortable! 

For instance, if you have a compact space for the living room, we recommend that you choose dark accents of blue color. If you want to make your room space for creativity, then douse the room in midnight blue! Do you know that blue also gives an illusion to space? Colors like azure and midnight blue uplift the room’s whole vibe and make it look bigger and more spacious! You can hang some metallic artisanal wall art or memorable photos on the walls! Keep the ceiling white or color it beige! The crispiness of the wall’s color would balance out the contrasting blue hues of the room. The room becomes vibrant yet makes you feel relaxed! 

If you are someone who loves to play with colors, then paint your room Navy Blue! Add furniture of contrasting colors! Go for vases of yellow and blue colors. Bring that huge yellow armchair to the middle of the room, and throw a colorful rug! Your living room will be classy, elegant, and rich.

There are some other blue home decor items that you add to your blue living room. Check out some blue lanterns with mandala designs. Even go for blue vases which have intricate ethnic designs. These small decor items make your home more lively and homely. 

Living the Blues!

Well, it’s time to be creative and let the artistic side of yours live life in blue! You can play with the colors while adding contrasting colors to make your home more lively and happening! 


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