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The Importance Of The Right Bed Sheets

A home is a place where you rest and rejuvenate. And out of every corner of your room, the bedroom is the most private place where you are yourself, away from the everyday hustle. It’s not only about your place to sleep but a place where you can be your true self and find your comfort and peace. . 

That’s why you need to take time to decorate your bedroom because every small element matters when we look at the bigger picture. Wondering how to decorate your escape room? Well, EK is here to help you make a place to retreat to relax and rejuvenate. 

But before we discuss all kinds of bedroom decor elements, we need to get some basics right! 

Get the Right Bed! 

The bed is where you sleep for more than 8 hours, and we can’t stress enough about how the right bed can play an important role in your next day’s energy levels. So, you need to invest in the right bed. 

First, understand if you need a single bed or a big bed like King size or Queen size. 

Then, check your room size. You don’t want to have a bed which takes up maximum space of your bedroom and leaves you no area to put other elements or even walk. So, measure your room accurately and then decide on the size of the bed. 

Next, it’s better to choose a sturdy bed so go for a Sheesham or Teak wood bed. There are many styles, but recently, hydraulic beds have been a rage. Check that out and see if that matches your tastes. 

Now, place the bed in a place which leaves you enough space to open and close your wardrobes, move around, and place other furniture.

Pillows are the key to comfort. 

If you want to sleep deep without waking up in the middle of the night or the morning complaining about backache, then sit down and invest in good quality pillows. Pillows play an essential role in keeping your body posture neutral and comfortable. If you have hard pillows, it would stress your spine and neck the whole night, causing uncomfortable sleep. And in the long run, you may develop severe chronic diseases like spondylitis, neurological issues, back cramps, sciatica, etc. And if your pillows are thin without the equal spread of cotton fillings, then the unevenness of the pillow would not let you sleep even a single wink. 

So, get a soft pillow and help you get that right body posture when you sleep. If you have health issues like asthma, go for pillows with antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust resistant. 

Pillows cover a good portion of your bed, so you can cover them with excellent pillow covers that match your bedroom’s overall theme. Check out EK’s vast collection of bedsheets and cushion covers

Natural Lights

If you want to wake up fresh, what’s better than the light of the dawn? Before designing your bedroom, ensure that the room gets enough sunlight. When you place your bed on the North or East face, morning sunlight will welcome you every day.

Also, get heavy curtains for your windows and balcony. Why? Because your room may be filled with lights at night due to the streetlights, which may disturb your sleep. So, with heavy curtains, your room becomes perfect for inducing sleep. 

Moreover, ensure to have calming lights in your bedroom. Avoid all kinds of bright lights that might cause a disturbance in your sleep. 

Bed Linens: A Right Indulgence

Soft, comfortable bed linen can make a difference in your quality of rest. Whether it’s a dohar or a bedsheet, every bed linen can affect the sleep quotient. Also, it adds the ultimate vibe to your bedroom. From colours to styles of the bedsheet, every small detail is essential when you need to choose the right kind of bed lines. 

The question is how to choose the right bed linen? 

We are here to help you understand some factors that may help you in the bed linen hunt! 


There are many fabrics to choose from when buying a bed sheet or any bed linen. You have the maximum skin to fabric contact ratio while you sleep. So, the kind of fabric can affect the type of sleep and affect your skin type. 

Silk is one of the luxurious fabrics that one can choose for bed linens. It not only makes you feel more comfortable but also gentle on your skin and hair. Silk makes you feel like royalty, and it’s pure decadence! 

But if you have a lower budget, we have other options in the game. Next, we have cotton , known globally for being the finest cotton that is super soft, comfortable and breathable. EK has  pure cotton, which is breathable, versatile, durable and requires low maintenance. It’s easy to wash and helps you relax as soon as you lie down on your bed. 

If you have health issues like asthma, then indulge in fabrics with modern technologies, making them hypoallergenic, antibacterial and can resist dust mites. Also, these fabrics are soft, durable and breathable. 

Check out the vast collection ofEK’s bed linens made of various fabrics! 


You can’t buy a bed sheet that doesn’t cover your bed properly. It looks weird and puts off the whole bedroom vibe. So, do not go for bed linens without knowing your bed size, especially the size of your mattress. 

Now, you need to consider two fundamental styling factors before checking for the size of your bed linen. 

  • If it’s a bedsheet, it looks neater when you tuck the sides of the sheets inside the mattress. So, buy bed sheets larger than your mattress's upper surface area. In that way, it’s easier for you to tuck in the bedsheet. 
  • But, keep in mind that your bedsheet should not be so big that it’s disproportionate to the mattress. 
  • For instance, if you have a single-size bed, you can’t buy a Queen-size bedsheet. 
  • If it’s a dohar or a comforter, it looks nice when the edge cascades down the bed to half. So, check for the colours and patterns of the dohar and comforter to ensure that it matches the right vibrancy of your bedroom. 

Thread Count 

The number of thread counts determines your bed linen's overall softness and comfortability factor. GSM or Grams Per Square Metre determines the thread count. Always check for the higher GSM while indulging in a bedsheet. On average, 120 GSM is usually enough but go for 200-300 GSM if you want more. 

Check out EK’s bed linens, where you can see the GSM details and make an informed decision! 


Some factors may seem small but affect the overall quality of your sleep. 

Breathability Factor 

Check for fabric which has a higher breathability factor. You will be spending more than 8 hours on it. And your breathing pattern determines the quality of your sleep. So, avoid any fabric or bed linens that might cause hassle in your normal sleeping pattern, especially if you have sleep apnea symptoms. 

Colour Palette

This may seem small, but colours play an essential role in the mood you set for the room. So, check for fine prints and paisley that match the aesthetic appeal of your room and reflect who you are. EK has a vast collection of bedsheets and pillow covers, with jharokha and mandalas for designs.

Whether you are a minimalist or someone who loves to go loud, we have everything for everyone. 

Importance of the Right Bed Linens

Do you know that the bed linens can affect your body temperature and thus, affects your sleep? 

Yes! You heard us right! The bedsheets that work in one season may not be the best for other seasons. For instance, if your body becomes cold faster than others, then you can’t choose pure cotton in the winter season. You need fabrics like Blending, Weaves, Silk and Polyester, which trap your body heat and regulate your body temperature in the winter.

But on the other hand, in the summers, you need a fabric which cools off your body temperature, especially when you sleep. So, you need fabric with higher breathability and absorbs moisture quickly, like pure cotton and Egyptian cotton. 

With all the factors discussed above, we can fairly say that the right bed linen can give you a soothing experience. With EK, you can take the whole experience a notch higher. The colourful bedsheets can add that oomph characteristic to your bedroom and make it such an elegant space. 

Now, you can relax elegantly! Have a nice sleep! 


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