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The Beauty of Tree Of Life

Turn around and you will see something or the other that signifies the Tree of Life as it has become a popular and universal symbol that represents multiple things across various cultures, religions and geographies. In the current times, you’ll find the Tree of Life symbol on tattoos, curtains, tapestries and in many forms of jewellery. 

The symbol, which generally signifies something that often can’t be articulated, does not belong to one specific culture as it has been used all over the world for centuries.

History of The Tree of Life: 

Trees have been used to represent growth, wisdom, life and prosperity since ancient days. The Tree of Life represents all this and more with a rich and long history that goes beyond specific geographies, cultures and centuries.

The oldest known reference was found in the Domuztepe excavations in Turkey, which date back to about 7000 BC. Another reference came to light which dates back to 3000 BC when a similar depiction of the tree was discovered in the Acadians. The symbols displayed a pine tree as they do not die, it was believed to be the first depiction of the Tree of Life.  

The tree of life symbol has been portrayed in Christianity, Ancient Egypt, as well as Buddhist, African, Turkish and Celtic cultures over a long period. Though the theology and ideals are different, one thing remains the same is the connection to the afterlife, ancestral roots and divinity.

  • Christian Culture: The garden of Eden is famous for more than one reason. In the Bible, the book of Genesis talks about the garden of Eden which had a tree, the tree of eternal life. Though it is believed to portray immortality, others believe it to be the symbol of humanity free from corruption and sin, while some think it represents love. 
  • Celtic Culture: Celtic culture is connected with the people and the culture of Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and some other areas such as Brittany. The Tree of Life was an important symbol in the Celt's Culture as it was a presentation of their spiritual connections to family, ancestors and deities. The tree of life represents immortality and the relationship between the earth and heaven. The Celts believed the actual trees were their ancestors, making the tree of life sacred. 
  • Ancient Egypt: The tree of life’s branches represents the heavens and symbolises abundance in ancient Egypt. On the other hand, the roots reaching into the earth symbolised death.
  • African Culture: In African culture, there is a tree called the Baobab tree which is considered the tree of life and is treated with reverence as a provider of life and nourishment. Even during the arid climate, the Baobab tree is known to produce fruit. 

  • Buddhism: In Buddhist culture, the tree of life is symbolic of enlightenment and existence as it is believed that Buddha reached enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree.

Spiritual Journey with Tree Of Life Symbol

There are numerous interpretations of the tree of life symbol however commonly, it represents spiritual connection and unity.

Oneness & Connection:

The tree of life signifies that we are all connected. If you observe the Tree of Life symbol closely, the roots of the tree reach deep into the earth while the abundant leaves fan out in all directions. However, the branches reach skyward in the same pattern. Our physical bodies cannot survive with the Earth and our souls stem from the Universe and will return to it when we die. Similarly, living beings are connected to each other, with mother earth and the universe.


The perfect symbol of strength are trees, they are deeply rooted in the soil and often survive natural disasters. It takes immense strength to uproot a tree, which is why this tree of life defines strength and stability.


From seed to plant to a big tree, trees are in a continuous cycle of growth. Some trees grow quickly, while some trees grow for hundreds of years. But they keep growing continuously. As we attain new information and knowledge, we should never stop growing.


Though the tree of life connects all the living things, it also denotes uniqueness. As soon as you step out, you will see many trees which look similar but each one is unique and represents individuality.


Even though trees are resilient and full of life, with the new season the trees shift and change. However, instead of going in the negative direction, they grow and adapt with each season as it is in their nature. As we grow up and go through different seasons, we also learn to adapt to different circumstances of our life, like trees.

Why tree of life jewellery is gaining popularity.

We can witness a rising trend in jewellery with the tree of life symbol. As we mentioned above, the Tree of life symbol is a reminder to maintain focus, be aware of your surroundings, and improve and enlighten yourself. It will also help you find strength and stability. The fruit-bearing branches and roots signify infinite possibilities and prosperity in your life. 

Even though fashion is constantly changing, some fashion pieces are here to stay forever, like the Evil Eye Design and the Tree of Life

There are different styles in which Tree of Life can be worn and we are going to show you how to style it. 

  • Tree of life necklace

Representing the charming connection of cosmic energy through all life forms, we have a range of necklaces with Tree of Life pendants that will not only add beauty to your overall look but also bring positivity inside you as well as in your surroundings. 

22k gold plated Tree of life necklace

22k gold plated classic tree of life necklace

22k gold plated green Tree of Life necklace

22k gold plated circular Tree of Life necklace

22k gold plated Tree of life necklace with stones

22k gold plated stone studded Tree of life necklace

The Tree of Life necklaces are meticulously crafted and are plated with 22K gold. It's versatile in its styling and can be styled with Indian and Western wear!

22k gold plated Tree of life bracelet


  • What does a tree symbol mean in jewellery?

Invoking a sense of strength, peace and relaxation, the tree of life symbol has many spiritual meanings and can be represented in many ways. Tree of life jewellery is highly popular and is often paired with birthstones or healing stones to add a further layer of meaning.

  • What type of tree is the Tree of life?

As we mentioned above, in African culture, the Baobab tree is considered a Tree of life, whereas, in Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is considered the tree of life. Pine Tree is also believed to be the tree of life by many.

  • How many trees are there in the tree of life symbol?

There's only one tree typically depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots, reaching up high and down below respectively, and is contained within a circle.


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