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Swap! Sweep! Swipe! Home Decor Items You Need to Add In Your Dining Space!

When we reinvent our homes or rooms, we need elements appointed to specific places in your home to make it lively. Large furniture pieces like beds, tables, chairs, rugs and artwork on your wall have the power to convey a certain feeling and mood to the room. While many of us focus on choosing paints, rugs, textures, coffee tables, etc., we also need to remember that sometimes the small home decor items can enhance your room like you never imagined before! Home decor items can give your room a unique panache and make it aesthetically appealing, with an elegance that one can’t forget after spending a moment in the room. 

And don’t we all want memories engraved in our hearts, not easily forgotten for years to come? 

This is more essential for rooms where you spend important moments of the day like having food with your family or having an evening conversation with your friends on a chilled evening! If you have a passion for gourmet and spend time with your friends while sharing a platter, then you need to revamp your dining room that exactly speaks who you are! Your dining room is probably the happiest place for you and your loved ones, so why not add decor items with food in your dining room? Even a simple meal becomes a delightful and happy affair! 

So, to ensure that your dining place becomes the topic of conversation at every party you host, World of EK brings you a list of various styles inspired by the regional ethnic heritage that is designer-approved blue-prints to revamp your dining room.  

Three Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room? 

Balance Warmth, Vibrance and Love

One of the most important parts of the dining room is your Dining table and chairs, which become your dining space's main element. So, go for your tables and chairs that mirror who you are or the kind of overall look you want for your room. For example, if you love old, rustic, traditional spaces, go for dining tables with intricate traditional artisanal work. Now, you can add cushions with cushion covers with prints like Jharokas to make your nooks more interesting.

Keep a check that your dining table doesn’t contrast with the room's overall vibe. 

Another thing you should consider is the kind of wall paints or wallpapers you will use in your dining room. For instance, if you have an open kitchen, you can paint the dining hall ceilings one colour. Now, from a visual point of view, you don’t need anything else to distinguish the two spaces. 

What’s better than nature? 

Nothing is better than nature for inspiration. In the modern world, we often feel disconnected from nature; thus, the dining space is one where you can add the natural effects that may help you revitalise after a stressful day. Now, you can modernize your dining space with simple lights. But it would be better if you placed your table near your window to enjoy the natural light. Keep small potted plants, either hung on the wall or in the corner of your room. Balance the look by adding natural furnishings, like flooring made of distressed wood tables and chairs. 

Don’t leave your walls empty. You can hang some simple antiques or elements that embody your dining space's true meaning, like Printed Plates. 

Don’t forget the Fifth Wall! 

Yes, you heard us right! We all focus so much on the room's four walls that we often forget that there’s a fifth wall. What’s that? The ceiling! If you want to make your room more enchanting, focus on your fifth wall. You can opt for a false ceiling with wallpapers that is either in contrast to the other four walls or a pattern that makes your room aesthetically pleasing. You can also add chandeliers of either modern styles or traditional styles. 

What kind of home decor to add to the Dining Room? 

Dining space is one of the fundamental rooms of a house that we can’t even imagine skimping in style. Now, whether you have a small space or a lavish setup, small decor items can transform your dining room into something so lively and happy space. There’s nothing known as less dining room decor ideas. 

Beautiful table linen

Let’s start with beautiful linen! Whether you have a big wood table for a lavish banquet or a small square-shaped dining table which gives a vintage feel to the room, you need beautiful table linen to cover the table, accentuating the design more. If you love minimalism yet need a touch of vintage, then Table runners are for you. Choose table runners with floral motifs or traditional blocks. For colours, you can either pair it up with one of the room's wall colours or go for contrasting colour palettes against your tables and chairs. 

If you are someone who loves to keep your table clean, then choose table covers. Now, table covers keep your dining table safe and stain-free from food and keepthe varnish intact. 

Table linens are a must-have home decor item for your dining space.

Brassware Decor items

Add the zing with the brass to your dining space! Brassware decor items are trending these days for the right reasons. Brassware decor items can uplift your whole room’s vibe in just seconds. If you love wall art, then you can go for exquisite Brass ware wall art. You can add a brassware platter or bowl in the middle for the dining table. Fill it up with water, and add flowers on top to make your dining table space enchanting! 

Trust us. Your dining space would be welcoming guests and make them spend more time sitting there, awed with the room’s overall vibe. 

Ceramic Platters and Bowls

How you serve food matters a lot in the whole experience! It’s time to add ceramic platters and bowls to your dining room and shelves to give your guests and loved ones a memorable gourmet experience. Go for Mandala prints, ceramic bowls and platters. For starters, check out the Handmade Blue Textured Glazed Ceramic Dip Platter of EK that is perfect for serving nachos or fritters to your guests. Even Handmade Green Peacock Textured Glazed Ceramic Platter looks exquisite to serve some Mediterranean and Tandoori Dishes. Even imagining food in these platters makes one salivate! 

Decorative vase

A vase full of fresh flowers is the epitome of refreshment and peace. Whether you have a big dining room or a compact space doesn't matter. A decorative vase is a must to uplift the mood of the room just in seconds. If you choose a handcrafted Yellow Pottery Decorative vase, you can add such pieces to the centre of the table. Go for the white flowers of your choice. If you have big, unique decorative vases, keep them in the corner of the dining space. 

Glam Up Your Dining Hall! 

Whether you love large family gatherings or are a fan of intimate dinners, your dining room holds many memories. So, revamping your dining space makes so much sense! It’s not only to make it aesthetically appealing but to lift the moods of your loved ones while they cherish the exquisite and delicious food you make! 

Check out Ek’s large collection of home decor items handcrafted with precision by regional artisans and designed by famous designers. 


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