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Significance of nine colours of Navratri - Kurtis

Celebrations, glamorous outfits along with traditional music and Garba may just be ready to make their way for nine days of celebration. Yes, you guessed correctly, we are talking about Navratri, the cultural festival of nine days that will soon take the entire nation by storm and leave us with synchronised dance steps. The festival celebrated by many states across the country is a symbol of victory of good over evil. The term Navratri finds its origins in the Sanskrit words ‘Nava’ and ‘Ratri’, translating to Nine and Nights, respectively. 

The celebrations consist of raas-garba and dandiya, a traditional dance form in Gujarat. This is a festival when people gather together to enjoy some colourful nights full of enjoyment. People wait all around the year for this time as this is the time to flaunt yourselves and have fun with your group. Whether it's a ladies' gang, a group of colleagues or friends or a workplace, irrespective of age and gender, we can find the festive vibes around full of Navratri colours.

Let us take you through a journey of the nine colours of Navratri that highlight and emphasise the festival and celebrations. Moreover, if you are wondering, here’s how you can bring these colours to your Navratri celebrations as per Navratri days colours.

The nine colours of Navratri and what significance do they hold

1. Orange (Pratipada)

The first day of Navratri begins with the colour orange. The bright and vibrant colour signifies energy and happiness. Like a rising sun just at the strike of the dawn, this colour is a positive indicator of ‘good things are coming’!  

Often associated with warmth, fire, and energy, this colour is undoubtedly one of the great matches to start your celebrations. You could add this to your celebrations by adding orange flowers to your home and donning bright orange apparel from your wardrobe. 

In case you are missing an orange outfit or would like to add one to your wardrobe, our collection of Kurtis can help you get started. You can even try the Charbagh White & Orange hand block floral print Cotton Dupatta.

2. White (Dwitiya)

After a day of bright and vibrant orange comes the calm and serene white. Among the nine colours of Navratri, the colour white has always been an integral part of festive celebrations. After all, the colour signifies purity and peace.

This may be your chance to shine with the aesthetics of white apparel. Not only do they bring out the best in you but also help you flaunt simple yet gorgeous outfits.

And while nothing can go wrong with a simple white dress, you can take your grooming to the next level with our White hand block printed Cotton Kalidar Kurta.

3. Red (Tritiya)

As the festive spirit catches up with you, all hesitation goes away and the feeling of enjoying the celebrations gets stronger. Just like the colour red, which depicts strength and love.

And with red being the dress of Navratri Day 3, you can flaunt that red Kurti you always wanted to try. And if you are looking to add grace and vibrance to your wardrobe this Navratri, you can try our Red Shirt Style cotton Kurta, apparel that works as casual attire as well as ethnic wear.

4. Royal Blue (Chaturthi)

As you make your way towards the fourth day of Navratri, the celebrations are at their peak. The joy and zest of the fourth day can be signified by the regal colour, royal blue. Royal blue is an indicator of good health and prosperity.

Graceful as ever, the royal blue colour is a reminder of the elegance you possess. Flaunt that elegance with our Indigo Blue printed Shirt style Cotton Kalidar Kurta. Whether you want to wear it as a simple outfit for the office or planning to go for a Garba night with your friends, this works perfectly for every occasion.

5. Yellow (Panchami)

Halfway through the festivities comes the colour yellow. On the fifth day, the colour yellow brings with it happiness and knowledge. The bright colour symbolises the glowing happiness within and around you and while you are looking for ways to shine, try our Yellow Hand block printed Cotton Kalidar Kurta and enhance your glowing look.

6. Green (Shashti)

Celebrating the nine colours of Navratri, you have reached Day Six and the joy of the festive spirit still isn’t dulled by any means. On the sixth day, comes the colour green, signifying new beginnings and growth.
You too, can mark new beginnings for your attire and give yourself a fresh look. Perhaps, you can begin by flaunting our Green printed Cotton Layered Style Kurta and take a step towards a refreshing start.

7. Grey (Saptami)

Whoever said grey was a dull colour may not have witnessed the gorgeous dresses flaunted during Navratri celebrations! The seventh colour and seventh day of Navratri are marked by a sober and elegant hue, grey.

The colour has significance as an absorber of negative energy from your life while offering you guidance and happiness. Grey doesn’t have to be a dull affair. Look at our Grey printed Cotton Straight fit Kurta and decide for yourself.

8. Purple (Ashtami)

For people celebrating Navratri, the eighth day is the most auspicious. This year, among the Navratri days colours, the dress colour for Navratri on the eighth day is purple, signifying intellect and peace.

While in the earlier days, only the royals were allowed the usage of purple, today you too can flaunt the vibrant colour! So, make the best out of it and be your most graceful self. A traditional saree could be a great option for you to embrace the festive spirit.

9. Peacock Green (Navami)

The last day of festivities is denoted by the colour, peacock green.  The colour embraces beauty and warmth. A mixture of colours, it also may point towards a mix of feelings you may have about the festivities ending soon.

Add joy and happiness to your life this Navratri with colours

The nine days are a reminder of what beautiful things can happen if we come together and celebrate ourselves! Let us make a choice and spread positivity and love this Navratri as we all come together. And let us start by following the colour code and staying true to the festive spirit.

So, get ready for the nine-day celebrations and prepare yourselves with the best outfits from our online collection store.


What do the 9 colours of Navratri depict?

The nine colours of Navratri depict the range of positive emotions you can invoke at will and celebrate with others.

How can we feel festive in our office? 

Sometimes, the best you can do is show up with the right apparel. Visit our store and wear a Navratri colour dress for each day.

Why should one wear ethnic during Navratri? 

Festivals are a yearly reminder that we all share the same joy and happiness. Wearing ethnic is a way of keeping the culture alive and celebrating the festive spirit.


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