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Powerful benefits of Incense Sticks

We have all been there, calmed down and amused by the pleasant aroma of incense sticks. A major part of every Indian household, irrespective of religion, incense sticks have been around since ancient times. Incense has always been an integral part of the spiritual domain, not only in India's culture but also in GreEK, Rome, Egyptian cultures and Indus civilization. Basically, the process of offering prayers is incomplete without lighting incense sticks. 

However, the use of incense sticks is not limited to customs and culture as they are used for scientific reasons also. 

What can incense sticks do for you?

The sweet aroma from incense sticks not only relaxes us physically and mentally but also rejuvenates and refreshes our surroundings. You must have caught these sweet aromas in spas, ayurvedic, retreat centres and meditation places. Well, there's a reason they do it.

Due to the presence of essential oils and various natural plant materials, incense sticks can be used to naturally purify the air and remove any negative energy in the environment. The positive and aromatic ingredients present in the incense material negate any negative energy in the environment, thus improving the overall air quality.

Incense sticks are primarily made up of two materials: the external matter acts as supporting material for binding purposes and the internal matter is the aromatic one. A typical composition of incense sticks consists of 21% of herbal and wood powder, 35% of fragrance material, 11% of adhesive powder, and 33% of a bamboo stick. 

The inner aromatic material is made using a variety of resins, seeds, roots, barks, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, sandalwood, etc.

For the outer material, charcoal and wood powders are used as it is flammable and can burn effectively. In India, a bamboo stick is used in the middle of the incense stick for extra support and durability, whereas in China and Japan, the inner material is rolled and covered with the outer material. 

Benefits of burning Incense sticks:

  1. Stress reliever: One of the biggest advantages of using an incense stick is its aroma will soothe your mind, helping your stress levels go down and clear mental jams. 

  2. Boosts focus and concentration: Refreshing scents and perfumes are known to open our senses and increase our concentration and focus level and thus increasing our overall productivity.
  3. Fight the germs: Incense sticks are created out of elements which naturally contain antibacterial properties helping to kill germs and keep your surroundings sanitized.
  4. Healing purposes: Activating the body's receptors, the anti-inflammatory components like boswellic acid or frankincense improve the blood flow in the body and keep you healthy. Sandalwood incense is known to benefit in healing certain infections and problems by increasing the production of keratin, which is found in the outermost layer of the skin. Fragrances like eucalyptus reduce heart rate and palpitations, helping you to relax.
  5. Go anxiety-free: Incense sticks activate your senses and relax the nerves, making you less anxious. They also hold the power to cleanse the air and clean your surroundings. 

Collection of Incense Sticks at EK 

EK Incense Sticks are infused with 100% organic ingredients, and a charcoal-free natural aroma and they are handcrafted by talented Indian artisans. Infused with enriching aromas and therapeutic power, they are an ideal pick for people who like to rejuvenate and refresh themselves after a hectic day with soothing aromas.

These incense sticks, cups & cones are created by Indian artisans with utmost precision. As soon as you enter the room, you will be welcomed by the sweet fragrance of nature. Following are the collections of incense sticks from EK:

Natural incense sticks-Patchouli & Nag Champa

Natural incense sticks-Vedic Aroma & Sandalwood

Natural incense sticks-Lotus & Rose

You will also find different formats of incense here, like cones, Sambrani cups and sticks packed with the goodness of Nag Champa and Patchouli, Vedic Aroma and Sandalwood, Lotus and Rose

We also offer eco-friendly incense stick holders, which will not only add a dash of beauty and elegance to your house but also help you easily control the mess.

Wooden Circular Incense Stick Holder

Multi Color Blue Pottery Incense Stick Holder

White Blue Pottery Incense Stick Holder

Wooden Incense Stick Holder

Five reasons to burn Incense Sticks


Meditation is the practice of intentionally spending time with our minds to become more aware of our thoughts. But if you're unable to focus by relaxing your mind completely, you won't be able to make the most out of meditation. Incense is used widely to heighten attention, boost senses and rouse one’s own spirit when practising meditation. Sandalwoods and Lotus are used most frequently for meditation, which will transport you to the place you need to be without taking over your thoughts.


Yoga is a set of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines to promote your overall well-being. In such a practice where you can connect mind, body, and spirit, you'd want to avoid anything that is distracting. Lighten a pair of incense sticks and it will help you to focus the mind and ready the body by creating the right aromatic atmosphere. 


After a long day at work, imagine being welcomed by the sweet aroma of Nagchampa & Patchouli in your house. You will instantly feel relaxed. We'd suggest you light some Lotus & Rose incense sticks, and sit up on the sofa with a cup of your favourite beverage and a book, the perfect combination is ready. Soft fragrances will additionally improve this moment, letting you overcome fatigue and chaos of everyday living. 


In many religious customs and cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, burning incense sticks is one of the essential factors used for prayer time. It primarily acts as a doorway to spirituality, helping them to relax and focus on the necessary thoughts and prayers. 

 Evening Routine

Following a healthy routine will always result in healthy outcomes. Make a mindful activity of burning incense sticks in the evening to bring positivity to the surroundings and ward off all the negativity. This small and meaningful activity is followed by many Indian houses to relax their mind and body.


How many sticks of incense should we burn per day?

In a well-ventilated home, you can light 2-3 incense sticks in a day without making your home smoky. However, if you're lighting incense in a closed room and have kids at home, please make sure that the incense stick is far from their reach to avoid harm. Or you can use EK's incense stick holders that will do the job for you. 

Is it safe to burn incense near pets?

It’s generally not recommended to burn incense around your pets, but ultimately, it’s your decision. Air quality is an important factor for the health and well-being of your pet, as the smell of the incense is irksome to dogs, cats and birds. 

Are EK’s incense sticks vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, all our incense sticks, cups and cones are completely vegan and cruelty-free. They are eco-friendly also as they are made using 100% organic ingredients, and a charcoal-free natural aroma. 


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