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Navagraha: The Planets of Vedic Astrology

Before we evolved and welcomed modern science in our lives, one science originated in the Indian Subcontinent, astrology. Astrology refers to the innate study of the celestial bodies, which are considered heavenly bodies and their impact on human life. 

This started during the Vedic period, when saints and seers like Vishwamitra and Vasistha, including astronomers like Aryabhata-1 and Brahmagupta, studied the celestial bodies minutely. After studying their movements closely, people realise that these celestial bodies impact human lives in various ways. To understand how each celestial body affects an individual, they scripted the Vedic Astrology while discussing the Navagraha in detail. 

Even these days, people follow Vedic Astrology for the betterment of their lives and to bring prosperity and luck to their life. 

According to Vedic Astrology, Navagraha includes these Celestial Bodies in ascending order: 

  1. Sun (Surya)
  2. Moon (Chandra)
  3. Mars (Mangala)
  4. Mercury(Budha)
  5. Jupiter(Brihaspati)
  6. Venus(Shukra)
  7. Saturn(Shani)
  8. Rahu 
  9. Ketu

Do you know that these celestial bodies, also known as Grahas, are believed to affect our life’s phases? Yes! And that’s the reason why still many people  consult an astrologer to understand the placements of each grahas in their birth chart and how they are affecting their  current lives. So, before embarking on a new endeavour or sudden hardships of life, people rely upon Vedic Astrology for guidance. 

Now, scientifically, it has been said that each planet in its orbit holds a certain mass. Now, each mass emits a unique wavelength that makes a major impact on any other masses of life, thus, maintaining the overall energy equilibrium of the system. And that’s how each Grahas affects different life forces, participating in energy transmission to weave the web of life and death. 

And that’s how these Grahas’ energy influences different phases of our lives. 

People worship Navagrahas to improve their lives. It is a matter of one's personal faith in the vedic science and any activity should be done on one’s own discretion. In case you feel any doubt or concern regarding the same, you can refrain from following the ritual.  

Ravi Graha Puja 

As the centre of the Solar system, the Sun plays a crucial role in sustaining life and every other celestial body’s movement in our solar system. In our Vedic mythology and astrology, ascetics have renamed Ravi, the Sun, as the God of Power, Knowledge and Excellence. This celestial body is responsible for your strength, willpower, knowledge and resilience. 

People do Ravi Graha Puja as per Vedic Shastras on Sundays to please God Ravi and ask for his blessings in their life. 

How does it help you?

-You are bestowed with financial and spiritual development with a boost in your wisdom of life. 

-You are blessed with a happy, healthy life while making you more patient and courageous to solve all your hurdles in life. 

You can even light EK’s Ravi Dhoop from our special Navagraha collection. It’s made 100% organic with ingredients like lotus, sandalwood, rose, etc., which makes your environment fresh, invoking positive thoughts and peace within. 

Chandra Graha Puja

This celestial body is known as the symbol of peace and calmness. True to her symbolism, Luna or Chandra Graha plays an important role in keeping our emotions in check, according to our Vedic astrology. Chandra Graha is responsible for fertility, childhood and adolescent life, affection, emotions and moods. 

You can do Chandra Graha Puja on Mondays only.

How does it help you? 

-Restores your inner harmony while invoking your spiritual development. 

-Reduces the negative effects of Chandra Graha while getting blessed with all kinds of positivity in life. 

-Increases your desire to live life fully and makes you peaceful. 

You can light EK’s Chandra Dhoop, which is made of white sandalwood, white lotus, loban, khus, etc., which is perfect for a peaceful environment. 

Mangal Graha Puja

Mangal Graha or Mars has always been a topic of debate from ancient history about how it affects one’s life in Vedic astrology. Many believe that it’s true that Mangal can influence someone’s life positively while welcoming abundance in life. 

Mangal Graha is said to affect the lifeline of our life, i.e., the basic human anatomy, including bones, muscles and blood. If you have any health issues regarding these three body parts, you can consult with an astrologer to check the placement of Mangal Graha. 

Mangal Graha is responsible for increasing willpower and courage. 

How does it help you? 

-Helps you gain financial freedom while invoking spiritual development. 

-Helps you heal from all kinds of blood and bone-related issues. 

You can try EK’s Mangal Dhoop, which is made of Kher Samidha, Deodhar, Red Sandal, etc., which creates a healing environment. It aids in relieving mental stress, too. 

Budha Graha Puja 

Mercury, also known as Budha Graha, is known as the son of the Moon in our Vedic Astrology. He is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The Graha represents knowledge in Science and Mathematics, including invoking a sense of self-confidence and increasing your communication and analytical skills. 

How does it help you?

-It helps you be wiser while Budha Graha bestows you with more career opportunities. 

-It nullifies the ill effects of Budha Graha. 

-It helps you get rid of health issues and financial issues. 

This Puja should be performed on a Wednesday. You can try EK’s Budha Dhoop, that’s 100% organic and made with Sandalwood, Kesar, Halmandi, etc., that offers you a holistic experience. 

Guru Graha Puja

Guru Graha, also known as Brihaspati, is the ruler of all celestial bodies. He is known as the Well of Fortune of Knowledge and Wisdom. It represents education, politics, laws, and finance with a positive future. 

How does it help you? 

-Helps you excel in economics, politics, education and law. 

-Helps you with spiritual development. 

-You are bestowed with financial prosperity. 

EK’s Guru Dhoop is perfect for this Puja. It’s made with Turmeric, Cinnamon, Mogra, and Bel, etc., which is known to boost your immunity while making you heal from within. 

Shukra Puja

Venus or Shukra, the son of the renowned ascetic, Bhrigu, is known as the god of love, marriage, sex, beauty, etc. Not only in Vedic mythology but even in other cultures, Venus is known as the God of Passion and fertility. So, this celestial body has a major effect on your life of joy and bliss. 

How does it help you? 

- Helps you lead a happy and blissful family life. 

-Helps you in your relationships. 

-Bestows your financial prosperity. 

You can also try EK’s Shukra Dhoop, made of Rajnigandha, white lotus, and sandalwood, which are known to invoke your creativity streak while making you wiser in your life. 

Shani Puja 

This celestial god is known as the God of Discipline and Truthfulness. Shani or Saturn, the son of God Surya, is known to be strict about how we conduct ourselves. In Vedic Astrology, he has always been portrayed as a strict teacher who signifies the struggles, discipline, willpower, routine, judgement, endeavours and yoga. 

How does it help you? 

-Helps you attain new feats in life. 

-Helps you be more disciplined and courageous for new endeavours. 

-Helps you keep your body healthy. 

-Bestows good health and financial prosperity. 

Use high-quality products and be punctual. You should do this only on Saturdays. You can use EK’s Shani dhoop, which is made of Urad Daal, Mustard Oil, Sandalwood, etc. 

Rahu and Ketu Graha Puja 

Rahu and Ketu are known as the Shadow Celestial Body, which is known to either bring you financial prosperity or create hurdles in relationships and life. 

You can use Rahu and Ketu Dhoop of World of EK, which are 100% organic and made for these Graha pujas specifically. 


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