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Mandala Art- A Path To Peace Of Mind

Browsing through tons of ideas to redecorate your home can be hectic. While decorating your home, it’s important to choose products that surround you with positivity and happy vibes!  EK by Ektaa offers you products that have  calming mandala art designs to instantly brighten your space. These designs are not only eye-catching, but they also offer a sense of spirituality and wellness. Read further to know more about how mandala art can be therapeutic for your mind and soul.

What Is A Mandala?

Before choosing the décor items, the most important thing is to know their significance. Many items bring good luck,  peace, wellness, and much more to the space they’re introduced in. Mandala art designs are examples of such stressbusters that help provide peace of mind! However, what exactly is the history behind these mandala designs?

The word mandala comes from India's ancient Sanskrit language and has roots in Buddhism. It means "circle" or a "centre". Traditionally, a mandala art design implied a geometric pattern that signifies the deities and universe in various celestial worlds. For ages, different cultures around the globe have created mandala designs, which indicate the inner voice of every human being. Mandala art primarily represents symmetrical designs that help find peace in the ordinary.

Mandala designs are drawn or carved from a central position and are bordered by beautiful patterns. These designs are interconnected and symbolize the unified nature of life. The mandala art designs represent the never-ending cycle of life. A circle is an emblem demonstrating that life is an eternal process. The circle's patterns depict that whatever we go through is just a part of nature and the universe.

Many people use symmetric designs or mandala art for stress relief. It is considered an active form of art therapy that brings calm and comfort. Practising mandala designs is also found effective for people battling mental health issues. Mandala art therapy is gaining immense popularity because of its effective results. The art is renowned for its profound spiritual connotation and depiction of completeness. 

The mandala design is not about the final product, as with several art therapies. It is rather about the journey of the mind. You ask how? The designs and the colours you use in your mandala art therapy reflect your inner self. When you finish your design, you have a picture of a meaningful and personal form. Remember, mandala designs are not about the results but about your journey to reach your destination. Mandala art therapy is also a great source of contemplation on one's heart and soul.

Mandala Pattern  Uses And Therapy Benefits| How To Find Peace With Mandala 

Stress Reliever

It can be hard to balance both work and home. This can lead to mental stress and health problems if unattended for too long. Mandalas designs attract focus that helps in reducing anxiety and bring calmness and wellness.

Therapeutic Effect

Mandala designs have effective healing power and therefore are known as therapeutic mandalas. The concentric circles in a mandala are believed to have magical healing power, helping people recover fast. 

Brain Stimulator- Refreshes the Brain

Apart from reducing stress, mandala designs also stimulate one's brain. It is because both hemispheres of the brain are triggered during the process of mandala art

Immunity Booster

One of the most convenient ways to boost immunity is to be healthy from within. The intricate mandalas patterns help induce spirituality and wellness in one's mind. Apart from being therapeutic, Mandala art designs improve the immune system and promote good sleep.

The Path To Peace Of Mind With EK And Mandala Art

 EK by Ektaa brings diverse handicrafts that fill your home with spirituality and wellness. The EK artefacts at hold a sense of deep-rootedness that celebrates the art and the artisans of India. Mentioned below are a few mandala art inspired products that will bring harmony and comfort to you:

  • Off White Mandala King Size Bed Sheet Set: A mandala is a symbol used for meditation, spirituality, and therapeutic purposes. The linen line offered by EK is made from 100% cotton. They come in soothing colors that offer a sense of calmness. The mandala art designs in the bedsheet impart positivity and a sense of inner peace.
  • Indigo Mandala Pattern Cushion Cover: This cushion cover is an artistic combination of embroidery and printed designs. The intricate mandala art has designs that offer an unmatched charm, comfort, and wellness. This indigo mandala pattern cushion is a must-have in your collection to enrich your home.
  • 22K Gold Plated Mandla Neck Piece: looking for jewellery that pleases the eyes and provides healing and comfort? The 22k gold plated necklace has a mandala design that invokes calming vibrations. It is elegantly created to add flair and style to your everyday looks. It is an ageless gem that offers both beauty and therapeutic benefits. The mandala-themed jewellery fights off negativity and realigns good energy and wellness around you.
  • Mandala Off White printed Single Curtain: This ornamental motif single curtain is printed with therapeutic mandala designs. They are created with the thought of your mental peace & calmness in mind and. The best thing about these curtains? They are handcrafted by local artisans and share their deep-rooted Indianness. If you are looking for a subtle yet classy design, this off-white mandala art drape is perfect for your home. The fabric of the curtain is made of 100% cotton, which makes it easy to manage and long-lasting.

Mandala prints and designs are gaining popularity because of the various benefits they offer. Using mandala-themed décor items help you amp up the place while giving it a calming and spiritual appeal. The intricate designs impart harmony and peace to your personal space. Get the best mandala-inspired products from Visit now!


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