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Made in India: Think Global, Go Local!

When PM Narendra Modi launched the flagship Make In India initiative in September 2014, the intent was clear: boost the domestic manufacturing sector and augment investment in the country! The Indian textile & fabric industry and its artisans had played a pivotal role in passing on the rich cultural heritage by manifesting it in their handicrafts. 

It is the country’s rich heritage of crafts and handlooms that makes India a nation different from other countries of the world. The variety in textiles and the skill of artisans add to the artistic essence of India as a country. The government with Make in India hopes to catalyze long-term growth in areas heavily shaded by India in history, such as improving infrastructure, increasing skills training, and relieving the pressures on India's trade deficit.

EK’s Contribution

EK is an ode to Indian craftsmanship. At EK, we honor India’s local artists and continue with India’s rich knowledge and legacy. Here we have a collection of Indian karigars from different parts of the country. EK is a unique site that portrays the culture and gives a platform for various hand-picked, hand-painted, and hand-crafted items made by skilled local artisans. When buying artisanal products, you support the local economy, your local community, and an actual human being. When buying handmade products, you are directly helping a talented artist by putting food on the table for their family or paying for utilities and other necessities. 

The cottage industry holds tremendous potential for maintaining the employment of millions of cottage artisans in rural and semi-urban areas but for earning substantial foreign currency for India and preserving its cultural heritage. Many rural people continue to make their livelihoods through their creations, and India has managed to retain its artisans, arts, and handicrafts. 

Every handcrafted product has its own story. The handcraft store and person creating them have invested lots of time & effort into making Indian tradition inspired crafts made specifically for you and your home. EK’s goal is to BRING INDIA HOME, and through this medium, it is trying to revive the old Indian rituals and continue its legacy.

Ceramic Serveware Collection

Ceramic serveware is one of the most loved products beautifully hand-crafted by local artisans with extreme mastery and immense skills involved in the making. It includes ceramic platter, ceramic mugs, ceramic bowls, ceramic plates, etc.,

Jharokha and the Bagh Journal Collection 

Inspired by the timeless designs of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, the intricate yet stubble patterns add a vintage charm to today’s world of modern-day minimalistic design culture. Made of pure cotton and ethnic embroidery, EK has a variety of curtains, bed sheets, and curtains in the jharokha pattern, to give you a sense of Indian royalty at home! 

The Bagh Journal Collection, on the other hand, is a collection of home linens inspired by flora and fauna. The ethereal beauty of nature has a soothing effect on you. The linens are made of 100% pure cotton and are absolutely skin friendly! 

Handcrafted Spiritual Jewellery by EK

One of the best things about handcrafted items is that they are specially made just for you, and every item produced is a result of the creativity of the artisans' hard work. EK has a range of handcrafted jewellery pieces such as Evil Eye Jewellery, including the Evil eye necklace, the Evil eye bracelet, and the Hamsa hand stone. It is assumed that the traditional Spiritual Jewellery wards off negative energy. 

Celebrating the spirit of Indian fashion with Ethnic Wear

The strength of our culture reflects in our lifestyle, rituals, and even our wardrobe, despite strong influence from the west part of the world, continues to hold a space for Indian ethnic wear. EK has a wide variety of cotton Kurti’s having different prints and textures. These include collections like Siyahi including the eternal charm of indigo, Charbagh as a crafted theme of flora and fauna in serene shades of blue, mustard, and green along with pastel orange and pink, and Keri as the celebration of royal fruit mango or paisley prints. 

EK’s Role in Reviving Indian Rituals around wellness:

The richness of India’s culture is multifold in traditions, languages, faiths, and rituals that lend both wealth and depth. The people of India still hold on to their rich culture and heritage which is a thing to be marvelled at.

Wellness includes practising healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes. EK has a wide variety of products to improve the wellness of an individual. Some of them are listed below:

Brassware & Copperware

EK also has several brassware collections like lanterns, hanging diyas, aarti plates, etc., for auspicious events. According to Ayurveda, brass has several health and wellness benefits and its presence in the home can improve one's well-being. In addition to being eco-friendly, brass is also recyclable.

Also, EK has a wide range of Copperware collections. Copper has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. In addition to healing a variety of ailments, it purifies drinking water, enhances digestion, supports immunity, and helps with blood circulation.

Handrolled Incense Sticks

India is a land of spirituality and religious diversity. Pooja is not just a part of our daily life but also a part of our shared beliefs and cultures. Collective activity such as pooja becomes a way of binding people together and creating a collective effervescence. 

To celebrate the cultural diversities and religious beliefs, EK has a collection of incense, navagraha dhoop, and other pooja essentials. The collection of Agarbattis and dhoops is eco-friendly and handcrafted by women. They will elevate your home environment and help you switch to Zen mode.

The Ancient Mandala Collection

The traditional mandala print collection is a part of India’s rich cultural heritage. It is a symbol used for meditation and spiritual purposes. At EK we have a collection of mandala bedsheet sets, dohar, jewellry, and cushion covers.


What makes Made In India products different from others?

Make In India products are made by a domestic or local artisan or small businesses that use less energy and natural resources to manufacture the items made in mass-produced assembly lines. It also ensures that GDP expands and the locals get business/job opportunities. 

How did EK products draw inspiration from different artforms?

Bringing India’s art forms to life, EK draws inspiration from the rich Indian cultural heritage. From powerful symbols like the evil eye and the hamsa hand that brings luck, prosperity, and good vibes to your life to the intricate Mandala and Jharokha art form, EK is inspired to help bring home aesthetic and good vibes.


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