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Importance of Copper in Serveware

As people are becoming more conscious about their health and lifestyle, they have started to adapt to  different ways to improve their well-being. Today’s generation is slowly adopting the old-age ways to have a holistic living experience to fight the ill-effects of the fast-paced life that we live. 

But before one explores any other remedies, a person must have a greater understanding of what kinds of food they consume and how they consume it. We can’t stress enough to say that the food we eat reflects who we are, as a whole. So, the first few changes start in your kitchen where you cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. And you may have come across the sudden addition of glossy, rosy-hued serveware made of copper in kitchen must-haves  and may have wondered how copper utensils can make you healthy, or if it has any negative effects! 

Well, in this article, we will discuss copper serveware and why it is gaining sudden popularity in modern culture. 

Why is Copper Serveware best for serving food and water? 

We live in a fast-paced world of modern high-end technology that has affected our lifestyle in many ways. One of them is the ill effects of the modern lifestyle on health, especially, our food eating habits. This includes the cookwares and servewares that we use for food. Recently, studies have shown the presence of chemicals and toxins leaching from servewares made of plastic and other inorganic materials. And these toxins can cause cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, etc., in the body. 

Thus, people are now turning to serveware made of metals, especially copper. Copper serveware was used even in Vedic times, especially in Samhita Kala. Well, copper serveware is now used not only for the various health benefits but because it provides a therapeutic benefit to the overall health of your body and soul. Also, most chefs love to cook Indian cuisines in Copperware because these utensils distribute heat equally and well. Also, the attractive Copper colour on the servewares looks aesthetically pleasing. 

But, you may question what kind of health benefits it provides? Are Copper Servewares worth it? 

Well, in the next section, we will discuss all of it! 

Health Benefits of Copper Serveware 

From boosting collagen to improving your bowel function while helping your hormones to be in balance, copper offers a multitude of benefits. 

  1. If you are prone to seasonal allergies or get cold and cough easily during winters or rainy seasons, try having water that’s stored overnight in a copper jar or bottle. Copper balances the Three Doshas in your body (Vata, Kapha, Pitta). Here, copper will create warmth in your body, balancing the Kapha and Vata, which improves immunity and prevents cold and cough. 
  2. Copper water also boosts collagen production. In Ayurvedic times, people believed that Copper water can help look youthful. Scientifically, with a boost of collagen, your skin health would improve. Thus, it makes you look healthy and youthful. 
  3. Copper also helps as an anti-inflammation for arthritis and bone joint pains. 
  4. If you have lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension, then you can have food in copper serveware. 
  5. Copper has proven as a catalyst which boosts WBC production during wound healing. 
  6. Copper is known as an elixir for gut health. Whether you have liver functioning problems or slow metabolism, copper can help you resolve the issues. 
  7. Also, copper is said to boost mental agility and nervous functions in your body. 

Mechanism of Copper Serveware

Many of you may now think about how Copper serveware works and how it makes food healthy. 

  1. So, when you store water in Copper Serveware or bottles, the water gets infused with Cu+ ions. This water tastes a bit sour and tangy. Your body absorbs copper when you drink this ionised water. 
  2. When you serve food in copper serveware, some metal ions get infused with the food. So, overall, increase your copper consumption through food. 

Tips to know the quality of Copper 

If you want to know whether the copper serveware is of good quality, then take a small metal bar and hit on the serveware. Pure Copper Serveware would make a sound of shrill, just like chimes on a windy day. Copper doesn’t tarnish easily. But keep it away from air and sunlight as much as possible to retain its longevity. Over time copper will naturally change colors – transforming from a shiny brown color to darker browns, then blues and finally greens after a number of years. When exposed to the natural elements such as wind and rain, copper develops this “patina” which actually protects and preserves the metal underneath.

Types of Copper Serveware

There are many types of copper serveware that you can add to your culinary collection. 

Copper Water Bottle 

Our ancestors used to have water stored in Copper bottles due to the multiple benefits of copper-infused water. Keep in mind that you must not always have copper infused water which may lead to copper toxicity in your body. So, store water in a copper bottle for the night and drink it in the morning empty stomach. The copper-infused water would increase your metabolism rate and boost collagen production. 

Check out EK’s beautiful range of Copper Bottles. These are artistically and aesthetically pleasing. It would add an oomph character to your bottle collection. 

Copper Bowls

Well, if you are a fan of eating salads or soups, try having it in Copper Bowls. The copper from the bowl would get infused into the food making it copper-rich. It would aid in resolving Anaemia issues in your blood. Do you know that Copper ensures that your gut absorbs iron at a better rate? This, ultimately, would help the blood to carry more oxygen to various blood tissue. 

Copper Mugs 

Who doesn’t love Copper Mugs which look rustic, glossy and have an embossed character on the surface to have cocktails and mocktails? Try Copper Mugs this Summer! Not only would these be a perfect addition to your home bar but would make your drinks rich in flavour! 

Copper Pans (Kadhai) 

Copper Pans are good to cook rice or dishes like Biriyani because they distribute heat equally and cook food in less time. In old age times, Copper Pans were quite trendy because of the health benefits it offers. If you have health issues like Thyroid problems, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, etc., you can try Copper Pans to cook some of your favourite meals! 


Apart from all the health benefits Copper Serveware offers, it is a perfect addition to your existing serveware collection. The hammered, rosy-hued look of Copper adds that unique colour to your kitchen and table, making it aesthetically pleasing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out EK’s copper collection now! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is copper used to make utensils? 

Various reasons make Copper perfect to make Utensils. 
  1. It provided a multitude of health benefits like improving immunity, boosting collagen, aiding in weight loss, controlling hormonal imbalances, reducing the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases, etc. 
  2. The food gets rich with Copper which increases the iron absorption of the body and helps fight anaemia. 
  3. It has antibacterial properties which keep the food healthy and fresh. 
  4. It has quick heating properties and cooks food evenly. 

Can I drink copper water the whole day? 

    No. Even though copper infused water has multiple health benefits, you must not drink copper water the whole day. Excessive copper in your body may lead to copper toxicity or copper poisoning. 

    Is copper better than Stainless Steel for cooking? 

    Yes, it is quite better than stainless steel in many ways. 


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