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How to Deck Up your Home with Cushions!

We all turn bricks and mortar into a home the moment we start infusing it with decor that we love. Our homes are after all an extension of us, our personalities and our roots. However, no matter how much creativity we bring to a space, we crave a certain freshness in the house overtime. 

Because of various reasons, we often cannot make major changes to the decor of our homes, but we can certainly bring new life to our homes by simply adding new cushions. If you would like to give your home a little lift-up, here is your guide on how to enhance your decor with a very understated accessory -- the humble cushion. But how do you decide what type of cushions to use and where to place them? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Harmony & Positivity

When choosing cushion covers for your home, think about how they make you feel and if they match the theme of your decor. Colours, patterns, prints and design all play a role in creating an aura or energy in the house that can affect our state of mind. Thus, choosing home decor products that create balance at home is essential.

At EK, we have carefully curated cushion collections keeping in mind the rich cultural heritage of India, that have a wellness impact on you.  The designs are rooted in Indian culture that brings a positive energy to your home through design.  

Types of Cushions

​​Bedroom Cushions

When choosing cushions for the bedroom, it is best to pick something that is soothing to the eyes, since it is a place to relax and rest. Neutral colours, pastel shades will therefore be more calming and relaxing as opposed to bolder colours or shiny textures. Pick cushions that will blend in with the overall decor. Prints that add a subtle touch of colour without overpowering your senses are also a good option. 

#EKTip: Try elegant block prints that make the bedroom look aesthetically pleasing. Elegant and serene motifs fill spaces with freshness and pleasant vibes.

Floor Cushions

Big, comfortable cushions in bright colours and styles are great decor, especially with floor seating making a comeback. Whether it is outdoor garden seating or a small terrace or balcony, floor cushions are essential home decor items that complement and enhance any interior space. Think beautiful prints in bold colours like our Bagh journal floor cushion. Handcrafted using natural dyes and materials, it is a sustainable choice with bagh motifs detailing. 

Sofa Cushion 

Depending on the size of the sofa and its appearance, you can add multiple cushions in various shapes and sizes. You can also play with texture by adding some silk or soft cotton cushion covers to enhance the room's charm. Add layers of different-shaped cushions clustered together to make the sofa more cosy and inviting. If you like the vibrant energy of strong bold colours then try our classic collection of cushions covers. 


Meditation Space

Meditation requires you to sit in a place for a relatively long duration of time to centre yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to make your meditation space more comfy and inviting to connect with your higher self by throwing in some comfy floor and back supporting cushions? Mandala has forever been associated with bringing in calm vibrations. Bring in the good vibes of the mandalas with our Mandala print cushion covers to brighten up a space.

Designer Cushion Covers

Designer cushions bring a dash of luxury and sophistication to your living space, like our beige jharokha pattern cushion cover with delicate embroidery and tassels all around. Not only do they look different but also stand out making a big style statement. The jharokha pattern finds its inspiration and roots in typical Rajasthani style of architecture found all over the state. It epitomises glorious times enriched in history. 

Interior Themes

You can always bring in contrasting vibes to your home decor, regardless of whether it's modern or traditional. EK has handpicked its collection based on very carefully selected Indian art forms and designs that are meant to evoke a sense of harmony and calmness into your homes. These cushions are made of 100% soft cotton that is a breathable fabric to enhance your comfort. 

Home Decor Tips for Cushions

Well, now that you know what to pick and choose, let's see how you can use these beautiful home accessories for decorating your home. 

1. Harmonise with the Existing Room Decor

When adding new home decor items to your existing decor, it is always advisable to bring something that adds value and elevates the look. Think of complementing colours, or prints that will sync well with the current decor.

2. Reflect Seasons In your Decor

One way of lifting up your room’s decor is by choosing home decor cushions that reflect the seasons. For instance, for the spring season, choose vibrant shades that reflect the booming spurt of flowers, like Bagh print cushion covers choose bright colours that bring warmth during winters and replace them with soothing breezy tones on cotton fabric for summers. 

3. Number of Cushions

If you have found yourself standing in front of your couch wondering how many cushions are too many cushions, well, here’s a small rule. Always go with an odd number of cushions. So let's say you have a 3-seater sofa, ideally, you can place five cushions on it without too much contemplation. However, we would like to add here that sometimes, rules can be broken for the sake of art and aesthetics.

4. Pair Different Size Cushions Together

You can also play with the sizes when decorating with cushions. Place a small cushion with a larger one or a couple of mid-sized cushions together. This will not only save some space but also look pleasing to the eyes.

5. Mix and Match  

Play a matchmaker by pairing different kinds of prints or textures of cushion covers that compliment each other. For instance choose 2 or 3 cushions in different prints but in the same colours that can be placed together without looking odd. The key word here is harmony just like our Neel collection where we have different patterns and prints on Indigo base. 

Cushion covers like we said are one of the most underrated home decor accessories that can instantly enhance the vibe of your home without too much pressure on the pocket. So if you are looking to change your home decor, get the best cushion covers for your home online right here at World Of EK. 


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