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Home Makeover Ideas for the festive season to Perk Up Your House Elegantly

If you have forgotten the festive season is just around the corner. While the western parts of the world get a house makeover based on the trends and pop culture, we Indians have been etched to look for opportunities where we can pep up our house, especially during festive seasons. Our decor ideology is much more than just redoing the physical aspects of the house; we think of it with spiritual importance as well.

After bidding Ganpati Bappa an emotional yet high-energy farewell, it is time to put on our creative hats again and perk up our houses with the vibes of upcoming festivals likeDusshera, Diwali, Thanksgiving and so on. Read on as we take you through some of the most aesthetically and spiritually pleasing home makeover ideas ideal for your needs for this festive season.

Simple and Quick Festive Home Makeover Ideas

Home makeover differs from person to person. It does not have to be extravagant and grand to stand out and look great. Even the great painter and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” So, let’s look at some of the most effortless and simple home makeover ideas.

Entrance Makeover

A house entrance is the most crucial part of the house and is the element that instinctively comes to people’s notice. So, you must decorate your entrance with beautiful home decor items. These are some things you should consider:

Diya Stand

Having a brass diya stand is imperative to your festive home makeover, especially during Diwali. They also carry a spiritual aspect by signifying knowledge of the soul and symbolising humans and human values. So, invoke the spiritual side in you by placing diya stands near your entrance in your home decor for Diwali.


These simple yet elegant and fragrant flower garlands are ample for taking your Diwali or Navratri decor up a notch. Typically hung on top of the doorframe, they are not only visual elements of our home decor but also carry Indian traditional values. Conventionally made using a combination of colourful flowers and leaves, they are the ideal component to spruce up your home makeover while adding to its traditional appeal.

Plants and Planters

It is always a good idea to include the beauty of nature in our home decor and festive home makeovers. Not only do plants serve as a visually appealing aspect, but they also double up as a sustainable home decor element. So, this festive season add some beautiful plants or planters to your home decor for Diwali or Dusshera.

Decorative Art Pieces

Art pieces have always been an integral part of every home decor regime that has ever taken place. Decorative art pieces for the entrances have recently come into trend. So, include some modern art like show pieces or abstract paintings, and add a touch of modernity in your Dusshera, Diwali or Navratri decor.

Living Room Makeover

A living room serves as another visually busy space in any household. Therefore, it must be amply spruced up with decorative items to make it aesthetically stand out. You can incorporate these things into your home makeover for the living room:

Cushion Covers

The cushion and sofa covers are probably the most used and noticed in a living room. Therefore, you must revamp the looks of your cushions and sofas by changing the covers in every festive home makeover you do. These cotton cushion covers can sport various designs and colours depending on your taste and the occasion. So add some colour to your Diwali or Navratri decor by changing your cushion covers this festive season.

Decorative Pieces

Like with the entrance, you can add to your living room decor by adding decorative pieces on its walls. They can be something as simple as a designer clock, paintings or something extravagant as abstract wallpapers, statues and sculptures or designer crockery and plates. It is one of the best festive home makeover ideas that significantly add to your home's beauty and sophistication.


The curtains of your house go hand in hand with the cushion and sofa covers. Therefore, while changing the cushion covers of the living room, you should also change the room's drapes. Changing the room's curtains is a simple and elegant home decor for Diwali, Navratri and Dusshera.


While you might think that people often put up lanterns at the entrance of their houses or hang them in their windows, adding lanterns to your living room makeover mix can amplify its appeal. You can look up brass lanterns online and hang them in an important corner of your living room. A brass lantern or chandelier can give your festive home makeover the rustic element it needed.

Dining Table Makeover

Why should the dining table be left out when your entire house is technically being redone to add to its beauty? The dining table is probably the only place where the whole family spends time together and eats their meals, so it should also undergo some visual transformations. These ideas can help:

Table Linens

Table linens are the fabric of the dining table subjected to the most stains and dirt. Therefore, regardless of whether the festive season is approaching, you must change your table linens regularly. If you look up table linens online, you might be surprised by the number of variations you can get.

Table Mats

They are also a part of the everyday wear and tear and stain and dirt collection. Thus, you must always change the table mats regularly as a routine process. They make the meals visually flavorful and act as another means to impress the guests with your home decor for Diwali or Navratri.

Dining Ware

We Indians have the habit of keeping the ceramicware locked in our cupboards for special occasions. And what is more special than our Indian festivities? So, get that copperware and ceramicware out of the locks and on your dining table during your Diwali or Navratri decor.

Bedroom Makeover

This is one of the more personal makeovers you can do this festive season. A bedroom is where you spend your time during the night and when you are working or studying, so they are equally important in any makeover regime you implement. These are some festive home makeover ideas specifically for your bedrooms:


Like every other fabric element of the house, your bedsheets also need changing. And the festive season is the best time for this key bedroom makeover. All you need to do is look for some bedsheets online and pick the option that suits you the most. You can choose from the varieties mentioned below:

  • Mandala - they are prevalent among Indian audiences and sport the mandala artform as the centrepiece of the sheet.
  • Bagh Journal - a variety of printed linen bedsheets that are incredibly popular across India.


In your Navratri Decor or home decor for Diwali this year, you can also add a changeover of the cushion linen. Whenever you look for bedsheets online, they generally are paired with matching cushion covers to make them complement each other. You can occasionally change the cushions of your bedroom and the living room.


We admit it; we often get bored staring at the same old drapes hanging near our windows. So, when you replace your living room curtains, you can also change the drapes of your bedroom as per your liking. They are a small, much-needed change that must be part of your festive home makeover.

How to Add A Touch of Positivity and Spirituality to Your House Makeover?

Who does not love some boost of positivity and good vibes around them? So, while the things mentioned above can help you get a tremendous amount of positivity and freshness flowing through your dwelling, adding two more things can improve it vastly. They are.


A dhoop is a traditional and thick Indian incense stick. It is often lighted to spread fresh fragrances across the house and is spiritually meant to help us connect to the omnipresent force. A dhoop is responsible for keeping us relaxed and filled with positivity during festivities.

Incense Sticks

An incense stick, or agarbatti, is similar to a dhoop but thinner and longer. You can get a packet of incense sticks online according to your liking. Lighting a couple of incense sticks during the festivities can help you spread a vibe of positivity and spirituality across your house.

These were some of the quickest and simplest home decor ideas you could use for your Navratri or Diwali prep this year. You can implement a mix of a few or all of these ideas in your festive home makeover. EK is your go-to destination for shopping for everything that feels like home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential things to keep in mind while doing home makeovers for festivals?

The most important thing you must remember when working on your festive home decor is that you must never overdo it. Simplicity can also speak a million words. And, you must never carry out a home decor regime to impress others; you must do it for your happiness.

How do I make my home festive-ready?

As mentioned above, you can make your house festive-ready by making a few changes to the entrance and interiors of your home.

How does home decoration change your mood?

Good home decor can not only appeal to you visually, but it can also spread positivity among everyone and also usher in a wave of happiness. 


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