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Home Decor Ideas to Instantly Transform Your Space

Whether you have a modern styled home, a traditional or a rustic themed home decor, they all, from time to time, ask for a little upgrade. Tweaks in home decor have a huge effect on how we feel, and hence it is very important that we carefully choose what we use as decorations.Colours and artefacts, used for decor purposes, bring with them their own vibrations that evoke certain emotions in us. Keeping this in mind, we at EK have mindfully created our home decor collection that will help bring positive energy and happy vibes into your abode. 

While major alterations to home decor is not possible all the time,  small changes sometimes can make a big difference. We have listed below the best decorating tips of all time, which will help you transform your home decor instantly, without too much effort or expense. So here we go!

1: Wall Art

Keeping in mind the current decor of your living room, introduce work-of-art on the walls by adding vibrant, colourful paintings and wall plates depending upon the wall space available. You can get work installations added to your living room walls such as blue pottery handmade decor plates that will liven up your space without an effort. 

Blue pottery is a unique work of art that finds its origins in the turko-persian region that came to Jaipur, Rajasthan in the 19th century. Made by generations of skilled artisans, Blue Pottery is made using special clay and does not crack easily. It is handpainted and then baked to perfection for its vibrant colours to come through. Bring the flamboyance of Rajasthan to your home with these gorgeous home decor plates. 

2. Brass Art

Bring a touch of modern elegance to your homes with brass wall art. These beautiful pieces of work add a touch of artistic elegance  to your walls. Besides looking exquisite, brass is considered to be an auspicious metal that has been used since ancient times in our culture. Brass idols, and other decorative items have been revered in homes and bring with them good vibes through their traditional touch. 

3. Indoor Plants

Nothing uplifts a home decor, like adding indoor plants and planters to your home decor. Place them in spaces which receive the most sunlight during the day and they will be happy. From a decor point of view, introduce plants that carry ornamental value such as spider plants, succulents, peace lilies and vines. You can use different kinds of planters to add to the decor value, such as ceramics, terracotta, brass planters and jute. 

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to add style and glamour to any room. They also help maximise the sense of space when added end-to-end on walls. Place them opposite the window, they will increase the natural light in the room. In fact, mirrors also help increase the positive energy in the house when placed in the correct direction.

When choosing decorative mirrors, pay attention to the frame and the mirror texture as well. What one might call worn-out can actually be a work of art. Mirrors add a certain persona and charm to any room, so don’t hesitate to add them to your home decor. 

5. Cushions

Cushion covers instantly lift up home decor without much effort or expense. You can accentuate any corner of your home using cushions. Be it your bedroom, living room or a comfy reading corner, adding cushions elevates any space instantly. EK by Ektaa Kapoor has curated cushion collections that are sure to bring vibrancy and happy vibes to your home. Our collections are inspired by the rich heritage of India, found in many art forms across the country, keeping in mind the positivity they bring with them.  

6. Lanterns 

Lanterns by themselves are aesthetically pleasing, and when added to home decor, they have the ability to add a bit of mystic in any corner, creating a zen-type of aura that is pleasing and calming at the same time. From a decor perspective, make sure to place a couple of lanterns together of different shapes. Our collection of brass lanterns are inspired by Mughal architecture and will be a perfect decor addition to your homes. 

7 Insense Fumer

Have you ever entered a room or a house and suddenly felt relaxed because of the gorgeous fragrances lingering in the air? Fragrances create a sense of positive aura and help set a mood around the house. Without being visible, fragrances have a way of affecting the mood of your home. So invest in a sturdy brass fumer that will help purify your home and set a spiritual tone to your decor. 

Pro Decor Tips

Below are some simple & achievable home decor tips that will help brighten up your homes.   

Set the tone of your house at the front door. 

To make a great first impression on your guests, start by installing a statement-front door. You could either paint it in a fun colour or have a wooden door installed with small brass detailing on it. 

Install a mirror in each room

Mirrors can instantly make a room look bigger and brighter. They always help accentuate the decor, without much effort. According to vaastu, mirrors in the shape of circle, rectangle and square bring in positivity. 

What is the right height to hang your painting?

Rule of thumb says that when you hang your paintings, adjust it in a way that the centre of the art work should be at eye level for a short or a tall person. 


A room should ideally have layers of lighting such as ambient and accent. First one simply illuminates the entire room and the second one is for decorative purposes such as highlighting paintings or artwork on walls. 

Rugs under Furniture

Rugs have the ability to instantly make your decor feel cosy and warm. They add to the grandeur of the living room decor.However, placement of the rugs can make or break the look of your living room. So if you choose to add a rug, make sure that you place it in such a manner that the front legs of the sofa or chair must rest on it. 

Add Feature walls

There is so much you can do once you decide to make a feature wall in your home. You can choose from a number of materials, paints, fabrics, art works, mirrors and so much more. For a rustic effect, use reclaimed wood to cover a wall end-to-end. For a modern-contemporary feature wall, make a splash of paints on a one wall while keeping the rest in white or neutral shades. Adding empty yet designer frames in clusters can also make for a unique wall feature. 

While there is a plethora of ideas that one can work with, when it comes to upgrading your home decor.  We hope that these simple yet do-able home decor ideas help you give that instant home decor you home needs. Remember to keep it simple yet elegant to achieve the look you want for your homes.They say that both empty and overcrowded spaces in a house attract negativity. So brighten the corners of your homes and declutter what you do not need to make way for positivity in your homes with our thoughtfully created home decor collection made just for you. 


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