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Home Decor Colour Trends of The Season

We have seen how the definition of the home has changed in the past few years, especially the last two years when we all were in lockdown, battling the ongoing global pandemic. Every corner of our room  became as special as  one’s living room and bedrooms and  was utilised in multiple ways than people could ever imagine. So, we understand why people are focusing on making their home more efficient, colourful, sustainable and lively so that home is no more a place to rest but also to rejuvenate. 

As we have step into 2022, people are now more focused on being in touch with their cultural roots, reflecting who they are. So, why not spruce it up with colours and home decor items that represent you and make your home a luxurious, peaceful abode that is also rooted?

So, before you step into the world of renovations, we will discuss all the colour and trendy home decor items of 2022 which would make your home  lively! 

Colours and Home Decor Trends of 2022 

As soon as we think of refurbishing or renovating our rooms, the first thing that comes to our mind is colours! Colours play an integral part in home decor that can accentuate and breathe life in a home! It’s not only what colours of dresses we wear or the colours of our home decor items in our room; colours are everywhere and contribute to our mental peace in subliminal ways that we must not ignore! Especially when we are spending most of our time at home, so the state of your home also plays a vital role in your work performance, your lifestyle, and so much more. 

So, here are some latest interior colour trends of 2022 that you need to check for while curating home decor items for a home renovation! 

Let’s live in the Wilderness! 

In the past few years, people have become more inclined towards the environment and love to stay in touch with nature! While we were walking on the thin line between life and loss, we decided to bring nature to our home to give us hope and a sense of life. Adding elements in green or brown color do that perfectly.

Textile behemoths and interior designers take inspiration from Nature’s Wilderness and come up with colour palettes and decor items that can make any space of your room lively.

Green: Tranquillity and Harmony

There is something soothing about green that attracts every pair of eyes. Green represents many things, including tranquillity and harmony. Whether you are a minimalist lover or a person who loves to deck their rooms with antique home decor items, colours in a green palette would suit all! 

If you are a minimalist lover, then colour one wall of the room with either Basil colour or Seaweed colour, and keep the rest of the room white or beige. That’s it! Your room would instantly be vibrant and colourful and perfect for family gatherings! 

If you are old school and love to decorate your room, then go for a collection of indoor plants. Place them on corners and shelves, like bookshelves. Check out EK’s decorative vases that you can use to pot your plants and keep them on the dining table or living room. You can choose Mint, Pine and Pickle colours for your walls. You can colour any one wall with the colour of your choice, and leave the rest white or beige. Now, you can either hang Murals or wall hangings of abstract designs. 

Brown: Resilience, Strength and Security 

Brown is one of the topmost colour palettes trending as the latest home decor colours of 2022. And rightfully so! Brown gives a sense of attachment to our higher self, while the rustic colour brings depthness that gives a sense of strength and security. 

The natural, earthy brown shade is versatile and classy. Sometimes, it may seem quite overpowering and make it the centre of attraction, but this colour can accentuate almost all colours when used in the right shades and tones! Whether it’s the bedroom or the living room, or even your dining space, brown can uplift the room’s vibe in no time!

If you are renovating your living space or checking out ways to spruce it up, check for cute cushion covers with brown jharokha from EK, or you can even try the long curtains with beautiful prints in brown and beige shades. 

If you want to bring more dimension and a rustic vibe to your bedroom, check for bedsheets with pillow covers and dohars of World Of EK in brown shade. 

If you are a nature lover, check for a wooden art bowl that you can either add to your dining table with plants or to your reading table. If you plan to paint your home, you can try Cinnamon and Walnut colours to paint one of the walls, and you can either leave the rest of the walls white or beige. But if you feel like adding more, choose a light brown shade like Tortilla and Peanut colours.


It's about Vibrancy! 

Life needs to be lived big, bold and fun! Is there any other way to live? Well, people are accepting to be bold and loud, and your home should be the first place that should scream all hues of vibrancy. Whether it’s the funky, abstract wall-art or simply some decorative pottery plates, or a brass-ware lantern in the dining space, home decor items are the one which brings up the vibrancy quotient! 

And for that, you need to be ready to play with colours! Check out some latest interior design trends for 2022! 

Orange: A shade of Retrospection! 

Let’s be honest, after a chaotic day, you want to be in a place which helps you meditate, uplifts your mood and also helps you retrospect about yourself to make you more grateful. And the orange colour is the one palette you need to go for if you look for that kind of vibe! 

Orange, an expression of creativity, gives you tons of inspiration to play with. You can check for wall art and upholstery in orange shades. Check out Bedsheets of World of EK in orange shades and prints mixed with beige. 

Pair the colour with either white or dark brown shades! Trust us! It will make your room so vibrant, colourful and homely that you will always find yourself with a cup of coffee, reading a book, and watching the sunset every evening through the window in this room. 

Brass and Copper: A symbol of vitality, love and prosperity! 

Brass and copper have been used for home decor items for all their goodness and health benefits from time-immemorial. But we also can’t ignore the vibrancy factor of these two metals. The unique rusty, glossy colour gives any room a certain edge that adds a cultural vibe and reflects where you belong. 

Well, check out EK’s contemporary brass wall art that can liven up the vibe of your living room or the Antique brassware lantern that you can put in the corner of a room on a small-height table. 

You can check some brass and copper utensils, too. These are crafted beautifully with designs like Mandala, etc. And if you feel like increasing your bold game more, check out the Antique Umbrella Brassware Wall Art that you can hang on any wall, and voila! You need no other home decor items because that one piece would be a statement piece of that room! 

If you have a library or a reading space, you can check out exquisite brassware wall art hanging! 

Blue: A touch of Wisdom and Health

Blue is a favourite of almost everyone and, in 2022, we have seen this colour trending in the latest interior designs. We have all started to embrace things that stand for optimism and bring positivity, good luck, and good health in recent times. Blue is the colour that stands for all. Blue is one of the cool, vibrant colours that gives such an aesthetic appeal to any room, making the room lively and giving a meaningful look. 

Check out EK’s vast collection of upholstery, bedsheets and curtains in blue. One of the celeb's’ favourites is our Blue Pottery collection, including Karishma Tanna and Rithvik Dhanjani. 

We seek peace! 

When we are all grappling with the fast-paced life and trying to make a meaningful life in chaos, we all seek peace in the end. And home is the one place where we can be our true selves. That’s why your home must have colours that help you achieve peace and mindfulness. In the latest interior colour designs, we have a whole palette to make your home a luxurious retreat. 

White: A splash of Freshness! 

There is no colour that you can’t pair with white. White is soulful and gives you clarity when you are amidst the storm. If you are ever confused about which colour to choose for your home decoration and renovation, you can safely choose white. 

Whether it’s a white bed sheet with Jharokas, colourful prints or white curtains, this colour can add light to your room. 

Violet: Abundance of Spirituality! 

In the recent latest interior ideas, we have seen how violet is superseding every other colour palette. This particular colour plays quite a great role in our whole being. It has been said that Violet colour can help you stabilise your mood and keep negative energies at bay. Also, it helps you stay in touch with your inner spirituality. 

Wrapping it up! 

Well, these are some of the home decor colour trends of 2022. Every house, now and then, needs changes as we all do. And your home is a part of who you are. That’s why you need a home with a relaxing atmosphere, where you can create memories with your dear ones! 

Check out EK’s vast collection of home decor now! 


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