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Hamsa Hand: All About How To Wear the Hand of Prosperity !

Have you ever come across a wall hanging or an amulet of an open right hand with a big open eye in the palm? Have you ever wondered what it is? Well, it’s called Hamsa. This is a beautiful spiritual symbol that you can see almost everywhere, especially in jewelry such as amulets, pendants, etc. It is believed to ward off all kinds of negative energy and bring positivity to people who wear it. 

The spiritual Hamsa Hand is trending globally for all its goodness in life. It’s time for you to add the spiritual dimension to your jewellery collection to bring positivity and luck! World of Ek has a classic collection of Hamsa Hand Jewelry which is reimagined fashionably on gold plated metals with vibrant evil-eye stones that makes it a statement piece. No matter what the occasion is, hamsa hand jewellery is perfect for everything!

In this article, we will explore how Hamsa Hand is thriving in the fashion industry, and all about its origin and different adaptations in various cultures. 

Celebrities Wearing the Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand Jewellery has become the accessory de jour for many A-listed celebrities. In 2004, Jennifer Anniston was seen wearing a Hamsa Hand necklace in one of the Red Carpets.

Image Source: Pinterest

In 2009, Madonna wore a big yellow coloured Hamsa Hand facing downward, while in 2012, Gwyneth Paltrow wore one big Hamsa hand facing upwards with an eye in the centre. 

Image Source: Dailymail

In 2019, Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore a small 18K Hamsa Hand necklace throughout her South Africa tour. It has been said that she believes Hamsa Hand brings her luck and keeps away the negative energies. 

Image Source: Dailymail

We have Rihanna, Beyond and Cardi B, too, on the list who have more than once worn Hamsa Hand jewellery in major events and shows. So, what are you waiting for? 

Recently, Dheeraj Dhooper gifted World of Ek’s Hamsa Hand Necklace to his wife for luck, stability and positive energy in life! 

Check out EK’s Hamsa Hand Jewellery collection now! 

Types of Hamsa Hand

Image Source: Pixels
There are two ways to place a Hamsa Hand with different yet unique meanings. 
  • Hamsa Hand with Fingers Upwards 
  • If you wear a Hamsa hand that faces upward, the Hand will ward off evil eyes. If you are going through a rough patch, you can try Hamsa Hand necklaces that face upward. 

  • Hamsa Hand with Fingers Downwards
  • If you wear a Hamsa Hand amulet facing downward, you are aligning your personality and environment to be more kind, benevolent, and caring. The Hamsa hand symbol brings you luck, fertility, goodness, and abundance in your life. 

    How to wear Hamsa Hand Jewellery?

    One of the greatest things about the Hamsa Hand is that one can engrave and fashion it in many ways. But overall, there are three ways to wear Hamsa Hand jewellery.

  • Hamsa Hand Necklaces 
  • Well, Ek by Ektaa Kapoor offers you multiple designs for Hamsa Hand necklaces. Some of them have the evil eye in the palm of the Hamsa, and in some, there are beautiful, artistic engravings in the palm. Also, all are thoughtfully designed to suit every occasion. These are chic and give you a classy look. 

  • Hamsa Hand Bracelets
  • Yes! Hamsa Hand can is quite an easy symbol to fashion into any jewellery. One of the favourites is Hamsa Hand Bracelets. 

    Note: Before choosing any jewellery, check if the Hamsa faces upward or downward. First, understand what you need the Hamsa hand for, and then choose accordingly. If you are looking for some luck and prosperity, buy a Hamsa hand facing downwards. If you have to ace a meeting or a deal, you are going through challenging times. Then, you can check for the Hamsa Hand facing upwards with the eye in the centre. 

    Where did Hamsa Hand originate from?

    The holy Hamsa, also known as Khamsah in Arabic, means Five. Scholars still debate about Hamsa's origin since it has been cited worldwide. Still, we have understood that this holy symbol influenced a lot of cultures and was used as a rune to ward off all kinds of evils. 

    Hamsa hand symbol has been traced to a place now known as Tunisia, and it is believed that it was used around 18 BCE. Then, there are citations that this symbol was widely used in various regions of Spain, Portugal, and North Africa. An Israeli tomb of 8 BCE has a hamsa symbol on the entrance gate. Also, do you know that this Hamsa hand symbol has been used even in the Mesopotamia region (now known as Iraq and Kuwait), especially in the artefacts of the Goddess of Fertility, Ishtar, in Egypt? 

    So, we can say that no matter where the Hamsa hand originated, this holy Hand has been used by different cultures for one particular reason,i.e., to keep evil spirits at bay and bring prosperity, luck, and security. 

    In every culture, Hamsa Hand has a different interesting story. But what interests the modern world so much is that this powerful rune is associated with femininity. Hamsa Hand shows the true power of women and how they are powerful enough to fight off any evil and bring prosperity and luck in odd times. 

    And maybe that’s why the Hamsa hand is one of the most used holy symbols in jewellery, like necklaces! 

    Whether you are a fan of layering your jewelleries or love to wear it as a singular piece, Hamsa hand suits every style and has been trending from time immemorial. Check out World of EK’s plethora of Hamsa hand jewellery to give your dear one and yourself a charm of good luck, prosperity and kindness! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What is the difference between the evil eye and Hamsa?

    Well, often, people use both Evil Eye and Hamsa for the same purposes. But, Hamsa brings you luck, fertility, prosperity, abundance and good health in your life, along with protection from negative energies. Whereas the evil eye only wards off the negative energy. 

    2. Should the Hamsa hand be up or down?

    It depends on what your purpose is. If you just want to keep negative energies at bay and bring security to your life, choose Hamsa Hand, which faces upward. 

    If you want abundance, prosperity, fertility and luck, choose Hamsa Hand facing downward. 

    3. Is the Hamsa hand evil?

    No. It is not. Contrary to this belief, the Hamsa Hand has been used as a holy, sacred symbol to bring positive energy and ward off bad luck. Many religions have used it from time immemorial. 


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