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Evil eye jewellery has set new standards for accessories in the market.  It  has become a trend globally as it is considered  a symbol of protection in various cultures around the globe. 

An evil eye is a relic from the birth of civilization Humans have put their faith in magical objects called charms, talismans, or amulets in almost every era. These objects are believed to contain powers that assist and shield them from the unknown. An evil eye charm is one such ornamentation that enhances your appearance while offering spiritual well-being.

Is It A Symbol Of Protection Or Just Another Fashion Trend?

In Greek, the evil eye is referred to as μάτι or mati. The significance of using the evil eye as a piece of ornamentation is notable mostly in the Mediterranean and West Asia. India is home to many religious and prayer ceremonies. And it also has a strong history of the evil eye, commonly referred to as “Nazar” in the north. To avert Nazar using a charm is one of the nuanced ways to blend culture with  fashion. 

EK brand  brings you a whole range of Nazar-averting jewellery in the traditional Hamsa or evil eye form. The curated designs and their colours bring a sense of calmness and positivity to the wearer. .  Jewellery by EK does not limit itself to just enhancing your appearance.  EK evil eye jewellery brings you good health and wellness while keeping negative energy at bay.

The Different Types Of Evil Eyes

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The evil eye protection charm brings wellness to your life by shielding you from negativity. Wearing jewellery with the evil eye symbol bestows the wearer both wellness and protection against bad luck. The evil eye jewellery is thus a bearer of  calmness and positive force.

The Different Evil Eye Colour Meanings

With increased demand and need, Evil eye jewellery comes in different colours. Those who dwell deeper into the significance of the evil eye, know that different colours have different spiritual purposes and faith, related to them. Mentioned below is a list of evil eye meanings following different evil eye colours


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Perhaps the most famous choice of colour when it comes to evil eye amulets or charms. A blue eye is a colour that brings in good luck by valuing your karma. The colour blue in the evil eye charm jewellery emits positive powers such as originality, commitment, and motivation. It also offers a sense of comfort and wellness to the wearer. The jewellery also provides evil eye protection against people with ill intentions and negativity.

Gold Plated Blue CZ Stone Evil Eye Neck Piece by EK. This spiritual jewellery is an ageless gem that offers both beauty and healing.

Light Blue

Light blue is the colour of the sky and an ocean of unending opportunities, and it is the bearer of truth. The light blue evil eye jewellery helps expand your perspective while offering general protection. The light blue colour also bestows peace and calmness to the person wearing an evil eye charm.

Gold or Yellow

The colour of the sun in an evil eye represents energy, strength, and the ability to conquer any health issues. The evil eye gold pendant also improves concentration power and sharpens the mind of the wearer.


Across various religions, red is the colour of fire that symbolises courage and strength. Similarly, the red evil eye bestows the wearer with courage and strength to face the hardships that might come up. The evil eye protection that you get from the red colour also helps keep fear and anxieties at bay.


This orange-coloured evil eye is used for protection and to bring happiness. The evil eye meaning behind the orange colour is to inspire creativity and commitment. Wearing an orange evil eye helps the wearer to get their playful side out in the field.


The pink colour is the perfect evil eye charm if you seek relaxation and contentment. This calming colour also brings wellness and protects friendships.

Light Pink Evil Eye Necklace by EK, brings good luck and positive vibes your way. It also wards off negativity and surrounds you with good energy.


The colour of the earth or nature guides you to success and brings in new ideas. Using the green colour in evil eye jewellery promotes good health and encourages spirituality in everyday life.


White colour is the epitome of purity and light. It also encourages the wearer to pursue new beginnings and gives you focus and a clear mindset. The evil eye meaning of the white colour is also significant in various cultures and beliefs. It also helps get rid of obstacles and hindrances.


This colour of divinity boosts your imagination and balances your life. The purple colour in evil eye necklaces effectively removes the obstacles from the paths of the wearer. 

You can also own several evil eye protection charms of various colours that resonate with your purpose in life. The EK brand has come up with stylish ways to use the evil eye symbol to step up your accessory game. These evil eye jewellery offers protection and brings wellness, spirituality, and goodness.


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