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Evil Eye: A Fashion Symbol of Modern Times

From medieval times to modern times, this amulet has inspired many designers and customers to wear them in different ways, interpreting the designs in their own ways. In recent times, we have seen how fashion has shifted in subtle ways. One of them was the sudden rise of Evil Eye designs that gained popularity amongst celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. This Turkish symbol has slowly become such a trend that from phone covers to pendants, we see the clear blue eye almost everywhere. 

We have seen a sudden rise of posts under the hashtag #evileye on various social media platforms where people of all genders are carrying this element.. Evil Eye has become a symbol that people wear even to their offices or to casual events. It’s more than just a “Spiritual” symbol. 

From the Duchess of Sussex to Jennifer Aniston, we have seen how this particular symbol has become a fan-favourite globally. 

Recently, contestants of the famous reality TV show Lock Upp were seen wearing EK’s evil eye jewellery, which gained a lot of attention. 

1.Munawar Faruqui, The winner of Lock Upp

A fan-favourite contestant, Faruqui, was seen fashioning EK’s CZ Stone Evil Eye Pendant Neck Piece. The pendant is all about intricate stonework where you can see how beautifully our artisans have put together all the gems to add bling to the evil eye. Guess the evil eye did its magic and brought in tons of good luck for the first winner of Lock Upp season 1.

This is a prime example of EK’s fine artisanal craftsmanship that you can have now! 

2.Prince Narula

He was wearing EK’s 22K Plated blue evil eye pendant in Lock Upp. This particular evil eye is on a Hamsa Hand that symbolises opening yourself to the abundance of life while welcoming prosperity, good luck and good health. The evil eye protects you from all negative energy around you and helps you stay focused. 

3. Azma Fallah and Poonam Pandey 

Azma Fallah and Poonam Pandey were known for their tactical skills and cuteness in the game. They were spotted in a 22K Gold Plated Drop Shape Evil Eye Neckpiece k in the last few episodes of the show. This jewellery is perfect for all kinds of occasions, but we recommend wearing this jewellery when you are planning to embark upon a new adventure in life for good luck and prosperity. The white backdrop of the pendant brings out the evil eye so well that it can accentuate any look and is perfect for any casual outing. 

4.Karan Kundra 

Karan Kundra, everyone’s favourite jailor, was spotted  in EK’s Golden Evil Eye Necklace with 22K Gold Plating during one of the episodes. He fashioned it well with a black suit that made his whole outlook appealing and pleasing. This spiritual jewellery is completely gold plated, which makes the pendant a statement piece.   

5.Shivam Sharma

Popular Actor and Model Shivam Sharma, was seen wearing a Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand locket in the show. The charm of both these is intended to guard off nazar, a curse spread by an envious, malignant look. Anyone who has an envious gaze when they see anything good releases their own negative exhalations into whatever is closest to them.

6.Anjali Arora

The Kaccha Badam Girl, Anjali Sharma, was wearing Evil Eye pendant in the reality show Lockup. Like Anjali Sharma, if you too are not fond of putting on heavy jewellery, you may either wear it as a single piece or layer it with other necklaces if you prefer your evil eye jewellery to stand out conspicuously.

7.Payal Rohatgi

The very sensational, Payal Rohtagi wore an evil eye necklace in the show, which looked super amazing on her! One should unquestionably have an evil eye locket or neckpiece in their collection in addition to all the other accessories. These neckpieces are adorable and look great with any outfit.

Evil eye is versatile and can be easily designed and fashioned in multiple ways. In the times when we struggle to find ourselves, we seek something that keeps us safe and positive. And evil eye-inspired jewellery increases our aesthetic appeal and gives us protection, including the cultural anecdote it carries within. 


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