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Difference between kurti and kurta you must know!

With the ever-increasing popularity of Kurtas, many people need clarification about what a Kurta means. Are they the same as Kurtis? Or are they different from each other? So here's some information on how these two garments differ:

Origin of Kurta

Kurta is a traditional Indian clothing originating in Urdu and Hindustani languages. The name is derived from Sanskrit—kuratu or kurtaka. In Persian, it means a dress without sleeves. However, there are versions with full sleeves and collars. Kurtas are traditional garments worn by men and women on the Indian subcontinent. These are typically long shirts worn casually or formally. You can wear kurtas with pyjamas, pants or jeans. They are usually made of cotton or silk, but other materials are sometimes used, such as jute or khadi, which are handwoven. Men traditionally wore kurtas, but women have adopted the style.

Similarities Between Kurti and Kurta 

  • The Kurta and the Kurti are both popular garments in South Asia.
  • They both look great with or without a dupatta.
  • Kurtis and Kurtas are both special occasion outfits, but they are worn differently.
  • Kurtas and Kurtis are both elegant and versatile garments worn on many occasions.
  • Both Kurta and the Kurti are ethnic attire that women deem as go-to for any informal or formal occasion.

Difference Between Kurti And Kurta

Kurtis and Kurtas are traditional Indian garments worn by women and men. While they have many similarities, the main difference between these outfits is the style of their patterns.

  1. Kurta is a unisex garment, while Kurti is a women's garment. Kurtas and Kurtis can be made from cotton or silk fabrics—depending on one's preferences, budget and the season.
  2. Kurtas, which both men and women in India wear, are long shirts that fall to the wearer's knees. A Kurti (also called a Tunic) is more like a short shirt that comes just above your knees when you're wearing it. These garments are made from cotton, silk and wool fabrics in various colors and designs.
  3. The Kurtis come in a variety of designs, including yoke and border prints with or without embellishments. They can be worn with pyjamas or churidars (pants) but are increasingly worn with jeans.
  4. Some Kurtis are short, while others may be long; some have scooped necklines, while others are v-neck. Kurtas are usually full-sleeved and sometimes come with a band around the neck; they're meant to be worn untucked.

Endless Styles of Kurtas and Kurtis 

Kurtas are available in many different styles, but the basic ones include the following:

Kalidar - 

This kurta style is inspired by traditional ghagra and lehenga styles, featuring rectangular panels that give it a unique look similar to a 'frock'.

Indigo Blue Printed Cotton Kalidar Kurta

2. Punjabi Kurta - 

It is typically a long-sleeved kurta with a buttoned front and a stiffly starched rounded collar. It also has embroidery work done on it. It's a straight-cut Kurta whose hemline reaches the knees and has gusset inserts. The sleeves are long, tight at the wrist and flowy at the forearm region. They also have some embroidery work done on them.

3. A-line -

This style is flattering to all body types because it emphasizes the waist, giving more definition and making you look slimmer.

Indigo Block Printed Cotton A-line Kurta

4. Straight fit -

A straight Kurti sits flat from top to bottom without flare. The hemline usually ends just above or below the knee, depending on how long it is. This type of Kurti is ideal for those who want a more tailored look. For a slimmer look, you can wear them with leggings or skinny jeans.

Fuchsia Pure Cotton Straight Fit Long Kurta

5. Angrakha - 

It has a flared-out hemline that falls just above the knees. They generally come with three or four pleats at the sides, which make them highly flattering. These Kurtis are versatile enough to be worn over pants, hiding the midriff and fitting snugly.

Turquoise Printed Cotton Angarakha Kurta

6. Flared- 

It is a popular style among modern-day Indian women. It is often worn with jeans or leggings and can also be worn alone.

Anarkali Printed Rayon Flared Kurta

7. Dhoti - 

Due to its traditional design and comfortable drape, the Dhoti Kurti is very popular. It is stylish and body-hugging, with a loose fit from the waist. It can be worn as dresses or paired with other clothing like stockings or leggings for added style—and look classy! It is typically worn for weddings or other festive occasions.

Types of Kurta Range from Round Neck to Mandarin Collar Kurta

Kurtas are available in many styles, patterns and lengths. They are most commonly round-necked and can be worn almost anywhere. There are also mandarin collar kurtas with buttons down the front to make it easy to wear open or closed, depending on your preference. The boat-necked kurtas have an 

extra layer at the top of the garment that makes it look like there is a collar but without any buttoning required.

There are also Nehru collared kurtas with high collars that stand up straight and usually come with a tie or button closure at the front so that they can be easily worn either open or closed, depending on your preference.

What's in Trend: Kurtis or Kurtas?

Kurtas have been a mainstay of Indian ethnic wear for ages. It's one of the most versatile garments you can wear and works with almost anything. You can wear a kurta with jeans or a skirt, and the selection of fabrics and styles is so wide that you're bound to find something you like. The kurta adds vibrancy to your wardrobe—it's an excellent way of showing off your style! They are comfortable and easy to wear, which is why they're so popular.

With EK's collection of designer Kurtas for women, you're sure to look elegant every time.

EK by Ektaa Kapoor is a clothing line that offers ethnic kurtas, tunics, pants and dupattas with modern accents. The pieces are crafted by local artisans who blend tradition with a contemporary design resulting in outfits that can be worn for formal and casual occasions. The brand's kurta collection is made with high-quality fabrics and comes in a variety of patterns, including floral, abstract and geometric. Some of its most popular designs include:


A collection inspired by the layout of Persian gardens, which uses floral motifs and complementary geometric designs to create an elegant look.

2. Keri or Paisley- 

This pattern is reminiscent of the ancient Indian art form Keri, which kings and queens originally wore in ancient times. Lush with dense swirls and intricate lines, it's chic—and perfect for any occasion!

3. Siyahi - 

A stunning collection of kurta designs inspired by the ancient tradition of dyeing fabric with indigo extracted from plants and flowers.

4. Phulkari - 

This collection features intricate floral designs inspired by the exquisite Punjabi art form of embroidery, in which flowers and geometric motifs are hand-stitched onto cloth to create beautiful works.

Visit EK by Ektaa Kapoor to explore a wide range of Kurtas—A-line, kalidar and straight styles; half-sleeve and sleeveless are available in different fabrics: cotton or silk. These come in varying colors, patterns & designs!


Kurtas and Kurtis are traditional Indian garments that are great for any occasion. They are the most popular form of casual clothing in India and have become fashionable worldwide. EK by Ektaa Kapoor offers trendy Kurtas & Kurtis online made from a variety of materials. You can find something from traditional cotton to silk for every style and taste! 


What are some good patterns of Kurtis?

There are many different patterns of Kurtis. You can choose from a range of plain, printed or embroidered kurtas. Some popular designs include Floral— Paisley— Striped– Geometric Patterns– Abstract Designs– Block Prints.

Can Kurtas and Kurtis both be paired with Jeans?

You can wear jeans with embroidered or printed kurtas. Kurtas and Kurtis can pair well with jeans.

Where can we purchase some good quality ethnic Kurtis or Kurtas online?

EK By Ektaa Kapoor offers a variety of beautiful Kurtas and Kurtis. These clothing items come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, making it possible to find something suitable for every woman.


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