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Decor Style You Should Try As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Your home is in desperate need of a makeover, but you are unsure how to decorate it? You want quirky elements, but your partner wants a plain wallpaper? You prefer a huge chandelier in your living room, but he prefers ceiling lights? This is not a clash of the clans.

Our zodiacs have a significant role in deciding our likes and dislikes. Whether we like subtle hues or bolder colours, cosy homes, or luxurious villas, it all sometimes depends on what our personalities are like. So if you are considering decorating your house, why not do it according to your zodiac.  

ARIES:  Minimalist & Trendy

Aries love being seen and acknowledged. A fire sign, Aries-born is ambitious, confident, and passionate. In addition, they love sporting a sense of style that is unique and statement-making. So if you fall under this sign, here’s what you need for a swanky-looking house. 

  • Choose bold colors that match your personality for the walls or the furnishings. For example, colors from the red family, such as burgundy, ruby, and scarlet reds, would match your vibe. 
  • Since you love being active and organized, a minimalistic or clutter-free decor is what will work best for you to concentrate on your never-ending to-do list. 
  • Make an extra space that helps you wind down for the day just for you. You could turn it into an art studio, a meditation room, or a dance studio, anything to let you release that energy. 
  • Aries-born is, known as born leaders, have a display cabinet or a wall that showcases their achievements. This will feel good and remind you of what you have accomplished so far. 
  • Aries like keeping up with trends, so contemporary or modern theme decor is for you. 

Taurus - Traditional and Cosy

An Earth sign, Taureans are fascinated with everything natural. They love the classics. So a home that would reflect a Taurean's personality would be traditional at best. These Earth-born signs love collecting things as they have a love for everything materialistic. Their sense of security comes from living in a house with everything they need for a comfortable life. 

  • As an earthy sign, colors such as tan, browns, etc., will reflect your personality. 
  • Bulls love to add a touch of luxury to their homes in the form of large couches, upholstery, and ornaments. In addition, their personalities would love well-carpeted floors. 
  • Use ornamental flowers or plants in your home for that warm and cosy feeling. 
  • Ideal bedroom decor for a Taurean would be complete with soft lighting, plush bedding linens, and practical furniture.
  • Accentuate your earthy nature by adding tones of greens to the plants or paintings. 

Gemini: Youthful and Dynamic

Adaptable, social animals love change, and they don’t mind shuffling stuff around once in a while. Gemini has a great imagination and an active mind, so their home decor choices keep changing from one to the other. Overall these twins are rebellious, young, and keep an open approach to everything. So their home-decor style has to have a buzzing quality about it. 

  • Gemini’s love variety, so their home decor style can be a mix of several themes. However, Geminis should try not to add too many elements to their homes as they might come across as cluttered, which would hamper the house's positive energy.  
  • Introduce big windows, the latest home trends, glass doors, and funky artwork that reflect your youthful zeal. 
  • A cool and practical coffee table and a workspace with the latest gadgets are a must-have for your space.

Cancer: Warm, Cosy & Fuzzy

Cancers love their homes. These homebodies want to create a haven from the cruel outside world. Their homes reflect the warmth and love they often generously show to their loved ones. Likewise, crabs love a place to withdraw from the outside world to rejuvenate and chill. It's their secure place. 

  • Cancers love a well-lit home. So big windows that let in natural daylight are ideal for them. Add some plants around, and cancerians will be happier than most. 
  • Crabs love collecting memorabilia with sentimental value and can be displayed tastefully either on a side table. 
  • These moody beings prefer to party at home with a bunch of very close friends, so an open area where they can socialize and entertain their buddies will be a perfect addition to a Cancerian home. 

Leo:  Class Apart!

The Lions love a posh setting that stands apart from the rest. The two main themes that would describe Leo's home would be luxury and grandeur, nothing less would work for them. Just like a den, Leo's home is something of a mystery. Think grand mansions or royal households and the poshness that comes with it. However, they love their privacy, especially at the end of the day. 

  • So think luxurious upholstery and furnishings that give a feel of the good life. 
  • Leos also loves everything a little extravagant, so paintings and artefacts that display a taste of luxury will perfectly align with Leo's personality. 
  • Use full-length wall mirrors in your living room for a larger-than-life effect. 
  • Also, big french windows to let in the sun since Lions love basking in the sun.

Virgo: Interior Specialists

Virgos love spending time decorating their houses. They do not mind spending hours together on details to get the perfect look. They have an excellent eye for detail which makes them very good at doing with almost no clutter involved. 

  • Since Virgos love organizing and have great storage ideas, they invest in cupboards, tables with huge storage space, or wall-to-wall drawers. However, these would not be randomly picked up. Instead, anything in a Virgo's home will be picked because it is elegant and serves a purpose. 
  • Hues of muted colours will suit the sensibilities of a Virgo. Sun-light and wooden decor and furniture will add to the elegant atmosphere they prefer. 

Libra: Luxury & Comfort

Libras are known for their fondness for aesthetics, and their homes will always reflect that side of them. Their high standards can easily be defined as a taste for luxury merged with comfort. 

  • Think oriental minimalistic themes for your homes. Low seating, neutral lights, cool- comfort that provides clarity. 
  • Librans love low-key interiors with an understated elegance but a definite style theme.  
  • As far as colours go, muted pinks, beiges, creams & off-whites, and toned-down blues & greens will be perfect for Libras. 

Scorpio: Mystic & Hidden

Scorpios are the most fierce of all zodiacs and guard their privacy like no other, perhaps it is thanks to the mysticism that surrounds them. They are some of the most charismatic of all the zodiacs. 

  • Colour palettes of fiery reds, maroons, and darker pinks find favour with them. 
  • Curtains in rich fabrics will bode well for scorpions. 
  • Scorpions also love having a space just for themselves, so consider adding a den to your house. An area where the Scorpio goes to be, such as a garden shed or lounge-type room.
  • Bif leather couches with an opulent feel will undoubtedly appeal to them.

Sagittarius: Open Spaces

Sagittarians love open spaces and the freedom that comes with them, so their homes need to be open about them. In addition, they love playing with different themes that merge well together. As a result, their design choices are usually based on things that appeal to their intellect. 

  • The colours favour the Archers are shades of dark purple & blues. 
  • However, they love a bit of countryside and feel the need to be close to modernity in their homes. 
  • Eclectic artefacts, rugs, and exotic-old furniture will find a place in their homes.
  • A bohemian theme will be perfect for Sagittarians.

Capricorn: The Practical Goat

Goats love a traditional look for their homes. They emphasise the structure and form rather than the beautification of their home. They prefer trustworthy and reliable materials with an understated touch to them. 

  • Since durability is an important factor to Capricorns, they always look for better quality items. 
  • Being an Earth sign, colour palettes such as sap greens, greys, and browns will bode well with a Capricorn. 
  • They love window-dressing so that the goats will appreciate curtains in fine fabrics. 
  • Not much for intricate-design elements and frills, Goats would rather buy and maintain a sturdy, well-constructed property, than go for some outwardly ornate and new but inherently unreliable one. The attached facilities will have to be impeccable,

Aquarius: The Individualistic Home

The Aquarians love to mix themes. They do not mind experimenting with decor. They love structural elements in design and love big open spaces. So their homes will have both aspects of tradition and modern decor. 

  • State-of-the-art gadgets will be found aplenty in the house, along with bookshelves that reflect a side of their intellect. 
  • Aquarians love beautiful bold shades of blues such as indigo and violets. So think of including them in your home decor. 
  • Since you have an eclectic taste, invest in art that speaks to you.
  • Aquarians love socialising, so plan space for entertaining your friends. 

Pisces: Chic and Beachlike

Pisceans love their homes and spend a lot of time finding ways to decorate their house. They are blessed with an exquisite yet easy taste, and their homes will always have a warm & cosy vibe. They love being organised and keeping their houses clean. 

  • The perfect colour scheme for a Pisces includes soft whites, pastel shades of blue, and green. 
  • Adding an aquarium to a Piscean house will have a calming effect. 
  • Pisces love their sleep, so invest in a comfy bed and thick bedroom curtains for a relaxed and rejuvenating sleep. 
  • Furniture should be minimalistic with clean cuts that don’t take too much space, so cleaning becomes easier. 


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