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Dazzle in Ethnic Wear in Office

When it comes to office wear, the first choice is western wear.  Power suits and pencil skirts are always our first choice. But many think these are only our options to wear in the office which may become boring after some time. But you can wear ethnic wear in your office too! It’s time to add a little sizzle to your office wardrobe, and add some  dazzle to it without going overboard or looking like an eye-sore! 

Are you questioning if ethnic wear is for you? 

Well, you can either be someone who spends a whole night before the office day contemplating what to wear while sifting through your entire wardrobe or someone who wakes up at the last minute and rushes to get dressed and run for the office. But one common thing is that you have complained more than once that you don’t have enough clothes to wear or that you are wearing the same clothes again every day. 

So, trust us when we say that Ethnic Wear is for everyone! From vibrant prints to muted floral motifs with a vast color palette, there is so much potential that we can choose for our office wear!

But there are ways that your ethnic wear can be too loud and may cause a fashion gaffe. We will guide you on how to wear ethnic wear in the office, which is subtle yet makes you look elegant! 

Ways to Wear Ethnic Wear at Office

Pair your Kurti with a pair of Jeans

You can pair two pieces of apparel in so many ways that you never get tired or complain of redundancy. This pairing works the best if your office doesn’t have a specific dress code. Now, if you have a plethora of long Kurtis with long sleeves, pair them up with fitting jeans and finish your look with a pair of Jaipuri Juttis. If you have short Kurtis, you can pair them with flared jeans too! 

Now, keep in check that your Kurti is simple. It should not have a lot of handiwork like Zari borders, etc. Also, choose muted colors like indigo cotton Kurtis or Kurtis with subtle floral motifs that make you look royal. 

Now, once you pair them with jeans, do not accessorize heavily. Go for a pair of drop earrings or a simple pendant like the Evil Eye pendant. Play with colours to look elegant

Colors can make or break your whole look for your office. We recommend always using muted colors like white, beige, blue, maroon, and brown for office wear. Don’t go for loud colors. You need colors that accentuate your skin tone and always bring out the best feature of your outfit. For instance, if you wear a Kurti, which has simple motifs in Indigo color, pair it up with white pants or palazzos. If you are in a hurry, choose neutral colors like black and white. You can never go wrong with these two colors. Also, keep in mind the season. If it’s summer and humid, choose light colors like white, simple yellow, beige, etc. If it’s winter or fall, then choose colors like black, navy blue, dark brown, etc.

Again, do not choose any color or fabric that shimmers or can be an eye-sore in the office.

Play with colors according to your skin tone, body type, style, and who you are. The right colours make you look elegant and chic! 

Play with palazzos! 

Another way where you can wear your ethnic wear is with palazzos. Now, palazzos are comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere. If you are someone who loves comfort over anything, then start adding palazzos to your cart. This can also be a nice change after wearing tight pants and skirts in your workplace for a long time. You should always have a black and white palazzo as your go-to for the days when you are unsure which would look better! But you can also try maroon, blue, and dark green colors for palazzos as well. Pair them with short Kurta or long Kurta. Palazzos look perfect with Kurtas which have three-fourth sleeves. Always go for contrasting colors while playing with palazzos. 

Straighten up with straight pants and light jewellery
If you are someone who has got bored with power suits and wants to add some sizzle for their Monday meetings, then go for straight pants! Parallel pants are chic and can go well with long Kurtis. Wear light jewelry like a simple Hamsa Hand Jewellery or an Evil Eye pendant. If you want, you can add a simple dupatta with simple jharokha motifs or floral motifs that match almost every type of Kurtis. 

This whole look is elegant, royal, and subtle enough for an office look! Now, ace your presentation! 

Tips to Wear Ethnic Wears! 

Wearing ethnic wear for offices needs a lot of panache. If you don’t wear the right kind, it may look inappropriate for office wear. So, there are three basic tips that you can follow if you feel like being Desi and don ethnic wear for the office. 

Neat and Pressed. 

Now, who loves wrinkled-up clothes? Office wear, whether casual or not, you need to ensure that whatever ethnic wear you choose to wear, they are well-pressed with no wrinkles. So, it will be better if you dedicate at least an hour of your weekend pressing all your kurtas, salwars, and bottoms so that you don’t have to look for ways to iron them in the morning before you rush for your office. 

Next, keep your office clothes neat. Wash them frequently and check if they are stain-free. 

Chuck Sneakers! Time for Jutis and Heels! 

Whether Kurta with straight pants or Kurta with jeans, jutis, and heels look the best with any Indo-Western ethnic wear, avoid shoes like sneakers when wearing ethnic wear for the office. 

Less Accessories 

Usually, we tend to wear a lot of accessories with ethnic wear. That would look amazing if it was for special events like an Indian wedding. But that would be a fashion gaffe if you wear such accessories in the office. Fewer accessories are best for the office. 

Tip: You should always choose one type of accessory. For instance, if you wear jhumkas or any other pair of earrings, avoid wearing any other accessories for the neck. If you choose to wear a pendant, avoid wearing any heavy pair of earrings. 

Let’s make Ethnic Wear the new norm in office!  

An office is an important place in someone’s life where you spend most of your time. You must be comfortable and confident in what you wear. Now, choosing ethnic wear for offices makes you comfortable, but the colors and the sudden dazzling color make you creative and productive. These small psychological factors also affect your overall performance and appearance in the workplace. Also, you can wear ethnic wear when you feel like making a statement with minimal effort. It’s such a balance of formal and casual, without being flashy yet looking trendy. 

So, what’s stopping you from adding ethnic wear to your office? You can also explore World of EK’s collection of ethnic wear, which is contemporary and modern, perfect for such an occasion! 


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