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Copperware: All You Need To Know (Guide)

The practice of using copper drinkware has been prevalent in India for thousands of years and finds its genesis in Ayurveda. Copper is a naturally occurring metal and it is needed by our bodies in some quantity to function properly. (1

Copper health benefits are supreme and owing to its amazing properties, it is coming back in trend in Indian households. 

Copper Drinkware:

Copper drinkware is a cumulative term for copper mugs, jugs, bottles, jars and glasses which are used for drinking water. The stellar nature of copper water benefits has made drinkware a preferred option for many households. 

  •  Copper Mugs

Pure copper can infuse a plethora of health benefits into our water. In addition to that, these mugs look super cute and they enhance the aesthetic appeal of kitchenware. Furthermore, you can serve water and various other drinks in copper mugs. The charming mandala-printed copper mug available at EK by Ektaa Kapoor will be a great addition to your drinkware collection.


  • Copper Glasses 

Copper glasses have been in vogue for many years. People usually pour water into these glasses, keep them overnight and have that water the next morning. It is believed that copper can purify water and infuse it with antioxidants. (2) EK by Ektaa Kapoor has a charming range of copper glasses including a beautiful Mandala engraved copper glass

  • Copper Jugs 

Copper jugs are a great option for serving water at a dinner table. The exquisite designs of copper jugs available at EK by Ektaa Kapoor will enable you to choose a design that matches your cutlery. This will help you in putting together an attractive table spread. The dark blue enamel print copper jug can significantly amplify the appeal of your kitchenware

  • Copper Bottle 

Copper bottles are great for keeping water in your rooms at night. This particular metal will keep the water cool and nutrient-rich. You can even use copper bottles to carry along with you while you are out and about to run some errands. 

Benefits of Copperware:

Copper has a lot of benefits. We have put together a list of impressive copper health benefits:

  • It helps in fighting off the effect of free radicals 

Copper is a very potent antioxidant which means that it can help your body in mitigating the effect of free radicals that are responsible for causing cellular damage. (3)

  • It regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland 

Lack of copper in one’s body is attributed to faulty functioning of the thyroid gland. By consuming water and other beverages from a copper vessel, a person can regulate the copper levels in the body and therefore take care of the functioning of the thyroid gland. (4) 

  • It can protect you from bone problems such as arthritis

Copper content that gets imparted in water and good from copper vessels has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and an ability to take care of one’s bone health. This can be instrumental in protecting one’s bones from problems such as arthritis. 

  • Copperized water is full of antioxidants 

When water is kept in a copper bottle, it gets mixed with the benefits of copper and therefore it turns into a natural antioxidant. This in turn can have numerous benefits for a person’s body. 

Points to keep in mind while using copperware:

You should keep the following things in mind to reap the full extent of copper water benefits:

  • It is advisable to not store copper bottles in a refrigerator. Copper drinkware should always be kept in a cool and dry place. 
  • Have copperized water not more than twice a day because excessive consumption of copper water isn't recommended. 
  • While putting water in a copper bottle, make sure that the water isn't too hot or too cold. 
  • Pure copper vessels tend to oxidise when exposed to oxygen. Clean your drinkware with salt and lemon juice after regular intervals.

What is EK’s copperware made up of?

EK’s copperware is made of pure copper which can spruce up your hydration routine in the most effective way. While taking care of your water intake you can also ensure that you replenish necessary nutrients in your body and empower it to be healed and healthy. 

Some good Copperware by EK by Ektaa Kapoor

EK by Ektaa Kapoor has an impressive collection of copper drinkware and copper kitchenware for you to choose from :

If you like to include copper bottles in your drinkware, this maroon enamel copper bottle by EK is found to add a touch of calm to your place. The subtle Mandala print on this bottle is a total eye-catcher. 

The multi-coloured copper mug by EK has been made by local artisans to preserve the rustic charm of this mug. 

The Lotus white printed copper bottle looks super dainty and divine. You can carry it around or keep it in your room to keep yourself hydrated in style. 

The Mandala engraved copper jug by EK by Ektaa Kapoor is super classy. The articulate Mandala design on the jug preserves the rustic copper colour of the jug while giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


When we talk about interior decoration, cutlery selection or revamping the tapestry and upholstery, ‘going back to roots’ is the theme that's in trend. You can choose from EK by Ektaa Kapoor’s most articulately designed and thoughtfully put-together copper drinkware to add a dash of traditional and old-world charm to your abode. Having said that, the health benefits of using copperware are hard to be discounted. 


Is copperware good for health?

Copperware has been lauded for its amazing health benefits and Ayurveda propagates the use of copperware for the consumption of food and water. It is known to have numerous health benefits. 

How do you care for copperware?

Pure copper gets oxidised when it is exposed to air. In order to care for copperware, you should clean it with lime water and salt regularly. 

Do copper pans need to be lined?

To prevent acidic food from reacting with copper pans, they need to be lined with a non-reactive material such as tin. This also inhibits copper from leaching into food.


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