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Buying bedsheets online: Seven things to consider

The first factor that catches the attention of anyone who enters your bedroom, is the bed. Now a beautiful bedsheet can definitely amp up the entire look of the bedroom, however, your bed can catch attention for the wrong reasons also. A dirty or rough sheet will spoil the vibe of your house. You should invest in bedsheets that add to the beauty of the bedroom, are long-lasting, and are so comfortable that you just want to crawl into them by the end of your day. 

Buying bedsheets online is easy as compared to a lot of other things. However, there are many factors that you need to consider before buying bedsheets online. Features like type, quality, fabric, dimensions, design, weave and thread count along with other features such as luxury, comfort, and style make a big difference.

We have created a comprehensive guide for online shopping for bedsheets which will help you to choose bedsheets that will last longer and bring definition to your bedroom.

Points to take care of while buying bedsheets online

Check the fabric

The first you need to consider is fabric as the blend defines the texture of the bedsheet and it directly affects the comfort. There's a wide range of fabrics like pure cotton bed sheets that are soft and breathable, easy-care cotton that is long-lasting & less prone to wrinkling. Egyptian cotton offers fine variety and high thread counts. Cotton Silk is available in the minimalistic matte-sheen finish whereas Linen offers a dual quality of keeping cool in summers and warm during winters, and Cotton Cashmere is whisper-light and comfortable to sleep in.

Opting for a 100% cotton bedsheet is the best bet that you can make to own the finest bedsheets online. Be ready to spend more as it will be a long-lasting investment and the texture of the bed sheets is solid and comfy. Always check the content that is used in the product for the bedsheets because some use polyester which makes the product durable, soft but cheap. Falling on the expensive side, cotton bedsheets can last almost two times as long as any synthetic substitute, so you will not have to change them often.

 Size: It matters

With different colours and patterns, you will find different sizes of bedsheets also like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King etc. Categorising the product page according to size will help you to narrow down your options. 

Standard sizes, like queen-size bedsheets or king-size bedsheets, don't take mattress depth into consideration. So if your mattress is tall or you use a topper, make sure to measure before you buy. 

Colour & Pattern for Charm & Personality

It is important to choose a colour and design from the wide range of bedsheets available online as bedsheets play a vital decor piece to add spunk and personality to the interiors of the bedroom. They help in expressing various moods naturally. You can choose a knitted bedsheet to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, whereas for the kid's room, you can choose cartoon printed bed sheets. 

Beautifully handcrafted bedsheets are getting famous for their beautiful design and appeal. Our block-printed bed sheets online will add some richness and royal aura to your room  that can come in different prints. 

Reviews: Warning or a heads up

Reading online reviews before buying anything online has become one of the vital strategies for online shopping. It allows you to see the actual colour of the bedsheet along with the design and texture. Many online sites allow customers to share their reviews. 

Read the reviews posted by other people before buying bedsheets online. They will either warn you from buying the specific bedsheets online or give you an affirmation to buy it for its good qualities. . 

Purpose: Know its purpose

Choose the bedsheet according to the occasion. For daily use, you can choose a monochrome bedsheet, or a stylish, loud bedsheet for special occasions when many people are going to check out your bedroom. If you want to gift your loved ones, a set of bedsheets and pillowcases will be a brilliant idea.  

Return Policy

Receiving a wrong or a different product is normal, however, you don't want that to happen to you. If you are purchasing the sheets online or offline, make sure to examine the return policy because it is not easy to feel the quality of the product until and unless the product has been tried. Make sure that you keep the receipts safe, in case of any complaints regarding size, shrinkage; fading etc as receipts are needed to return the products. You can make sure that you have a beautiful shopping experience by reading return policies before buying bedsheets online. 

Check the return policy of EK here.

Thread count: More the merrier is a myth

Thread count gives you the number of vertical and horizontal threads used per square inch. A high thread count means better and soft fabric. Many manufacturers use techniques to stuff low-quality thread into small spaces which increases the thread count but doesn't increase the quality of the bedsheet. For a remarkable experience, you can look for about 300- 500 thread count. You can find good 200-thread-count sheets, but they may not be as comfortable.

A very big takeaway on this point is that the quality of fabric should be the first consideration that you take, followed by size and thread counts.

Frequently Asked Question:

1) Why are cotton bedsheets so popular?

There are many reasons for cotton bedsheets' popularity, they are as followed:

Cotton sheets last longer:

Along with enhancing sleep quality, cotton bedsheets last longer than sheets made from other materials like satin, microfiber, polyester, etc. 

Less maintenance:

Cotton bedsheets do not require special care as they can be washed using normal detergents and easily dried using the tumble dryer. However, we would recommend you wash the cotton bedsheets separately and not mix them with other clothes to maintain their beauty. 

Cotton sheets are  good to your skin:

If you have a sensitive skin, investing in cotton bed sheets is a must. It is natural, hypoallergenic and will not cause any itchiness or irritation, thereby improving your sleep quality. 

2) How long do cotton bedsheets last?

With proper care, a premium cotton bedsheet can last for years. However, if it's not used properly, you can start seeing the signs of wear & tear within a week of usage. 

3) Are online stores a good option for purchasing bedsheets?

As we mentioned above, read the reviews before purchasing bedsheets online which will help you to make a wise decision. However, we can assure you that you will not be disappointed with our handmade 100% cotton bedsheets. Designed by using premium quality fabrics makes it better and softer giving a beautiful and versatile vibe to your room. 

4) Which bedsheet is better: microfiber or cotton?

Microfiber is a widespread alternative for cotton bedsheets made of materials like polyester, nylon, and cellulose from wood pulp. The fibres are thinner than silk and tightly woven together to create a lightweight, making it lightweight and breathable. However, they trap more body heat than cotton sheets. 

Cotton bedsheets are more expensive than microfiber bedsheets, and their longevity is also different. Cotton bedsheets will last for 5 years whereas microfiber bedsheets will last only for 2-2.5 years. Microfiber bedsheets are lightweight, smooth, and silky, whereas cotton bedsheets are coarse in the beginning and get soft after wash, breathable, and crisp and both are machine washable. 


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