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A Fashion In Blue!

It was not a long time ago India was known for the Blue Indigo cultivation during East India Colonisation. And now again, when people look for sustainable and eco-friendly clothing, indigo fashion is returning to the industry. 

Indigo or also known as Indikon, has been famous for time immemorial. From the Mesopotamian ages to the Cleopatra era, this Indian dye, Indigo, has made a mark globally. The unique blue color symbolizes royalty, social status, heritage, and culture. And that’s the reason why Indigo has always been the sought-after color globally. This color has become a trend for the past two years as we see runways covered in Indigo fabric. 

But why is this color making its way back into our closets? Does Indigo color suit you? 

There is much more to this special dye, Indigo, beyond the unique, mesmerizing color. And it’s good to know how Indigo not only suits you but enhances your complete outlook. And why this color is a must-have in any closet. 

What Makes Indigo Dye Unique?

This Indian dye is an actual color that many consider the color of our country. It is one of the oldest dyes that derive from plants. From Indian royals to the Queen of Egypt to the Queen of England, they all wanted a fabric dyed in Natural Indigo. But the Indigo plant was a rarity and needed a unique climate and soil conditions to grow healthy. Only the Indian subcontinent was perfect for Indigo Plantations. 

Because of these conditions, Indigo was rare and expensive and became a sign of aristocracy and royalty in the past. In the 18th century, the demand for this particular dye became high, and exporting Indigo fabric increased. But this caused a lot of rifts during the British Raj, and thus, we had the Indigo Rebellion. 

Post-independence, the indigo plantation decreased due to several reasons: 

  1. People-focused more on Agriculture. 
  2. People started using synthetic Indigo dye. 

But recently, with the ongoing debate on climate changes and sustainable ways that we can take up to reduce the number of harmful effects on our environment, opting for the natural dye became the first choice in the fashion industry. 

Do you know that synthetic dyes do not get easily blended into the fabric? And that’s the reason why we need to use twice the amount of the dye to get the basic color. At least 18% of the synthetic color gets wasted and mixed up in the water streams, polluting the water and causing hazards for the survival of marine life. You are also prone to several skin diseases due to the synthetic dyes. 

But nothing can compete with the plant-based, eco-friendly dye’s color and overall feel that makes any cotton, silk, or other organic fabric more durable and comfortable. 

Indigo: Is it for me?

Before you plunge into Indigo Fashion, you must be questioning if this color suits you! 

Indigo is an excellent tone color that suits all skin tones and hues. In fact, due to its mild cool tone, it makes other colors pop. So, for instance, you have an Indigo Kurti with some fine thread work on it. Now, with other colors, one may not be able to see the detailed work. But with Indigo, one can see every detail in every design. Also, Indigo is the only color that works for any season. This color is perfect, whether it’s a summer dress, a winter trench coat, or fall indigo pants! 

And the best part of it? 

You can pair the Indigo color with every other color. For instance, you have an Indigo kurta with bobby prints. Now, there are two ways to pair this: 

  1. You can wear it with a white or black color palazzo. 
  2. Wear it with leggings and pair it with a silk dupatta or dupatta with heavy handiworks. 

Indigo kurtas and Kurtis are versatile, and you can wear them with colors and clothes as per the occasion. 

Time to Get Ready with EK’s Indigo Kurtis! 

Kurtis  are perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s a marriage function or an office day, Kurtis fit every setting perfectly. But you need to know the types of Kurtis and how to pair them with other apparel to make your look chic, classy and perfect! Otherwise, you may have a fashion police situation! So, let’s avoid any gaffes! And with the Indigo color, you must bring your A-game while styling! 

  1. Kurtas with Sleeves. 

Kurtas with three-quarter sleeves are a rage and a trend currently. These look elegant and perfect for every setting. If you wear an indigo kurta with sleeves, you can pair it up with white or black leggings for an office setting. If it’s a party, drape a cotton or silk dupatta like white or yellow. This is perfect for people with hourglass figures and triangle-shaped bodies. 

2. Long Kurta

If you are wearing a long indigo kurta, you can play according to the style of the kurta. For example, if you choose an Indigo Long Kurta with Flares, you need to wear simple leggings. But if it’s a straight, simple Indigo long kurta, you can pair it up with patialas and palazzos. Play with color combos if you want to. 

3. Straight A-Line kurta

These Indigo straight A-line kurtas are perfect for a casual and office environment. Whether summer or winter, these clothes are perfect for every season. People with hourglass, pear shape, or rectangle body types can choose to wear this type of Kurti. 

Pair them up with Palazzos and leggings. You can also wear heavy, long-drop oxidized earrings if it's a party. If your Kurti has a round or V neck, these earrings would look perfect and add oomph to your whole outfit! 

4. Block Printed Kurta

Indigo Kurtis itself can make someone stand out in the crowd. And printed Kurtis have been a trend for decades. One of the fan favorites is the Indigo block printed Kurti. 

Since the kurtas have heavy block prints, you don’t need much to pair with. You can go for simple necklaces with pendants or oxidized earrings. Try wearing these kinds of Kurtis with simple cotton palazzos in white colors. 

5. Stitched and Zari Kurti

With heavy work, especially with Zari, Indigo Kurtis look royal and ethereal. These are perfect for weddings, parties, etc. You don’t need much to pair such a Kurti. So you have to play with colors. 

You can wear simple palazzos in white or black. Ensure they don’t have any handiwork to avoid any kurti gaffe. You can go for mulberry silk dupattas in either beige or white color. 

Pair it up with a simple earring of your choice. Don’t wear gaudy statement pieces. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that your Indigo Stitched Kurti is the main element of your whole outlook! 

There can never be enough for Kurtis! And with the ongoing fashion in Blue,EK by Ektaa Kapoor is coming up with more styles of Kurtis in Indigo color. And we ensure that it is the natural dye making clothes more comfortable, rich, versatile, and durable! We also have Kurtis in various contemporary designs that you can choose from according to your occasions! 

Don’t you believe us? 

Check out our collection now! 


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