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“EK is my humble tribute to India’s great cultural heritage and traditions. Bring a part of India home with our ethnic wear, charm jewellery, home linens and copperware.”

Ektaa R. Kapoor

Ethnic Wear

Contemporary kurta sets for your every mood


Home Linens

Beautiful hand block prints on 100% cotton

Home Décor

Blue Pottery, Brassware & Woodenware to brighten up your home

Great finds under Rs. 500/-

Our Story

A tribute to India by a true-blue Indian.

No one gets India quite like Ekta R. Kapoor. The culture, the values, the spiritual awareness, the vibrancy, the soulfulness that is India, is ingrained in her wholly and profoundly. EK is her way of bringing everything she loves about India to your homes.

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Wellness-inspired collection of indo-contemporary apparel, jewellery and home furnishings

Ektaa R. Kapoor is the visionary director and producer of India's most popular shows. From Balaji Telefilms, an entertainment company she founded in 1994, Ektaa has created a world of drama with her unique vision and incredible storytelling skills. Her success on television has helped her go beyond the small screen. Now, she has come up with the EK brand which has a wide variety of products primarily centered around home decor, wellness accessories/jewelry, kitchen items, home furnishings. Through this, she aims to bring products, that are thoughtfully designed using Indian wisdom on designs and materials, to your home and improve your home wellness.

Revamp Your Home with wellness-infused products for good health & positivity

Home is your personal space to unwind and rejuvenate. Hence it’s important to surround your home with products that radiate positive energy and take away negativity. 

Do you want to revamp your house with lavish yet thoughtfully designed home furnishings & decor? Of course, but don't know where to start?

EK can be your perfect choice. Here, we have the best selection of premium home decor items that add indo-modern style to any room in your house. Also, we have luxury kitchen decor items, decorative items for the living room, and premium home accessories that make a difference in your interior design solutions. We have an immense collection of exquisite home decor items in different styles and designs to match every budget, defining your personality and taste. These products will enhance your home interiors with style and uplift the decor game with the wellness-inspired Indian ethnic decorative accessories. So get ready to make a change! Just explore our website and find the premium home decor & furnishing item you love the most.

EK - Your One-Stop-Shop For Everything Home!

The latest home accessories collection of EK is your one-stop shop for all your home decor needs. We house a collection of exclusive, difficult-to-find interior decor items and bedroom accessories that elevate your space with home decor items. EK strives to reflect India's rich culture and heritage through its exclusive design range, keeping in mind all aspects that can enhance the decor and style in your home. Each product we have crafted has been made with great attention to detail and put together to form a beautiful blend that defines worldly elegance. The range of decorative items at our store will make you fall in love with their beautiful finish, handcrafted designs and material that is good for your well-being

So, turn your home into a cozy oasis with room decor items like wall art, frames, and lanterns. We have beautiful bedsheet sets, cushion covers, dining options, and more home decor accessories to serve you the best. Shop now for your place of comfort.

Collection Category Available at EK

A diverse range of traditional, and modern designs that fit with any decor will appeal to all. . So whether you want something elegant or a little edgy, current, trending or heritage, EK has an extensive collection of classic and contemporary designs for everyone. 

EK offers an extensive collection of bed sheets, cushion covers, and curtains. Unique Mandala patterned bedsheets in texture add cultural richness to your bedroom. You can choose between Jharokha Prints, Bagh Journal, and Neel, which offer beautiful regular and abstract patterns for the bedsheets. An assortment of cushion covers is available in soothing colors and textured boho designs. Finally, the curtains have eye-catching aesthetic designs that adorn the rooms with a solid Indian feel.

The Blue Pottery Collection is a handcrafted collection that exhibits some of India's most beautiful designs for plates, decorative bowls, boxes and vases. . While the Brassware Collection keeps your space glowing and filled with positivity at all times. It has handcrafted brass pieces such as lanterns, wall art, incense burner, and other home décor essentials.

The Wooden and Ceramic collections would give you new inspiration for art platters, bowl sets, and coffee mugs and prove a perfect gift for your friends or families. Each product is hand-finished by our professional artisans, who have years of experience crafting various art plates, bowls, and coffee mugs.

You can also browse through the Jewellery, Copperware, and Incense section to get the best stylish pieces of neckpieces, kitchen accessories, and charcoal-free incense sticks.

Shop The Celeb Favourites

Celebrities love their homes to be stylish, unique, and a reflection of their personality. If you’re wondering where to buy such products, we’ve got you covered. 

EK hosts a range of home decor products loved by popular celebrities. If you like beautiful pottery, you can pick EK’s handcrafted blue pottery vase that is recommended by Nakul Mehta, one of the most loved Indian television actors The Jharoka Dohars, which have decorated the homes of timeless actors like Mallika Sherawat and Riddhi Dogra, are yours to take home. Choose Sumeet Vyas' and Ankita Lokhande's personal favorite Bagh Journal prints if you want to add a fresh floral vibe to your room. . Aishwarya Khare and Divya Agarwal are fans of our personal favorite Evil Eye Necklaces which carry the trending symbol of evil eye . Likewise, there are many other exclusive products from EK that are adorned by many other celebrities like Abhinav Kapoor, Ankita Lokhande Jain, Dheeraj Dhooper, Rohan Mehra, Ritwik Dhanjani, Karishma Tanna, Krystle D'Souza, and Harleen Sethi.

Believe us, you will not be disappointed with our range of products but only find reasons to shop more and more. EK brings a star-studded interior with celebrity favorite home decor items. So, get exclusive access to your favorite style and home decor items delivered to you by the star-choice.

Variety Of Home Decor Items Available Online

You can also shop by browsing category-wise at EK.

Home linen

You will find all the latest designs of curtains, cushion covers, bedsheets sets, table linens, and Dohars at EK. These are carefully designed keeping in mind the special benefits of different motifs, colors, fabrics and our beloved customer’s choices. Available in diverse soothing colors and multiple prints and designs, these items are made from high-quality material and have never failed to fulfill our customer’s needs and demands.


Maximise the joy of dining with EK’s attractive range of dinnerware and serveware made of the highest quality material and craftsmanship. The best quality hand-painted ceramic and wooden dishes are crafted to add color to your mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Let us introduce you to the rich colors and patterns of the Dining collection that features a variety of abstract, aesthetic, and artistic designs to bring the best pieces of mugs, plates, and bowls for you. Most of EK’s ceramic range is dishwasher safe and microwave safe to easily fit our customer’s modern lifestyle. The range of copper products ensures that you benefit from the goodness of copper-infused water.

Home Décor

Home is where the heart is, and with this collection, you can express all of your emotions with style. So, bring the best quality home decor to your home or workplace from the EK. This collection brings exquisite designs and colors from beautiful Blue Pottery to a Metal Platter, Lantern, Wooden Platter, Wooden Bowl, and Vase. In addition, this collection includes many dazzling, unique, and beautiful home décor items to take your decorating style up a notch.

Decorate Your Entire Home With EK Home Decor Range

Packed with premium quality room decor, EK will keep you feeling stylish. To make your interior look gorgeous, we have a fantastic variety of home decor products. The vast collection of house decoration items and premium room decor pieces will keep you amazed. The aesthetic and abstract interior home decor items will make the best additions to your interior. If you look for perfect room décor and modern home decor items, EK will be your ideal choice.

Design Your Home With Lavish Room Décor

Amongst the extreme diversity of EK modern home decor, you will find a variety of designs and colors that are perfect for your home. The range of house decoration items includes cushion covers, curtains, kitchen accessories, jewellery, decorative items, and other premium room decor items. The Indian wellness-inspired collections from EK have been designed to cover all possible interior aesthetics and aesthetic needs within a budgeted range. Its bold and free-form designs will add an aura of class and beauty to all kinds of homes and enhance the room decor. It is easy to add beautiful aesthetics to your home decor with EK’s wide range available in multiple prints and patterns! You can also find many celebrity favourite interior home décor items in our diverse collection.

Types of Home Decoration Items: To Visualise Your Home in an Appealing Way

Your home means the world to you, and your decor reflects that. The EK Home Decor collection empowers you to create bold, beautiful spaces with materials that reflect your style. This collection delivers whether you're looking for something quaint and traditional or modern and eclectic. Choose from the bedsheets sets, cushion covers, table linens, dohars, and curtains to buy the best home linens for yourself. If you are looking for premium quality bowls, plates, and mugs, then the dining section is the right destination for you; which has excellent quality dining pieces in ceramic and wooden crafts, including mango wood. And if you are looking for something for the home décor, you can browse through this Home Decor category for the beautiful vase, wall arts, and other decorative items.

Uplift your health with the wellness accessories

Within the term “wellness”, the concept of health is not restricted to a medical approach but is defined in a broader sense globally. Wellness includes concepts like maintaining a positive outlook, surrounding yourself with positive energy and having a purpose. EK brings you the celebrity's favourite wellness accessories to leave you with an assured and satisfactory purchase. Try out the evil eye necklace, known to ward off negativity, which is adorned by many of our star celebrities. It is said that the evil eye necklace promotes good health because it is thought that if the actual 'evil eye' were to cast its misfortune over you, you would suffer from mental and physical issues. . Thus, wearing an evil eye charm would keep you healthy and happy. Then we also have our best seller Mandala bedsheets which can be a true savior for all your stresses. The Buddhist monks believe that mandala has a spiritual significance. It's a way of experiencing meditation. So, if you're looking for a way to bring positivity, balance, and spirituality into your bedroom, try using mandala patterned bed linens. Likewise, we have many other soothing home decor items that can work magically in cheering up your mood, thereby promoting wellness. 

Shop the Ayurveda inspired artifacts to get the best health benefits

The benefits of using copperware in the kitchen are plenty. Ayurvedic home remedies say that placing a copper vessel with water overnight and using it to drink water the next morning can help balance your doshas. Not only is it highly beneficial for your skin, but also aids in weight loss as well as aids digestion. Since drinking water from a copper vessel helps cleanse the body of toxins, it is becoming a popular choice for many people again. Whether you are looking for a copper bottle, copper glass, copper mug, or copper jug, - EK has it all.

Why Choose From EK’s Collection of Home Furnishings?

EK is a curated collection of all things indo-contemporary Indian homes stand for. We love to infuse our modern lifestyle with elements from India's traditional crafts and designs, rooted in how these products have been crafted for centuries. Our products are made with 100% cotton, natural dyes, brass, wood, and ceramics so that you can shop carefree. Imbued with calming, energizing, and rejuvenating vibrations, these products will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. 


1. What are the best home decor items available online?

EK has the best home décor items available online. The range is made from wellness-inspired design sensibility. Here, you can find the best cushion covers, bed sheets, mugs, vases jewelry etc suited for gifting and for your own use.

2. How to choose the best furnishings for your home?

Consider your existing home interior and complement it with a similar color palette of home furnishings. After that, when choosing a choice, look for the furnishing material and then select the colors and prints.

Furishings should reflect your personality, so pick the aesthetics that suit your choices. Consider your existing home interior and add products that accentuate that decor. Material, color and print are important things to consider while finalising the products.

3. How can the interior of your room improve quality of life?

Beautiful interiors are not just to please your guests —they can also improve your mood and energy levels. The way you arrange the things in your home affects how you feel and what you accomplish. It's all about establishing an environment that makes you feel relaxed, at ease, organised, and at peace. EK offers a wide range of eye-catching home decor items that are not only attractive to the eye but also serve as stress relievers and invite positivity and prosperity. You can get Mandala bedsheets, evil eye, hamsa hand, etc which are popular wellness accessories. Other EK products, such as beautiful pottery, lanterns, vases, curtains, dohars, and many others, will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic environment of your home and bring to you good vibrations.

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